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Arteta: “It’s great that Kiwior is joining us. He’s young versatile defender who has shown huge potential and qualities, he will give us strength and quality to our defensive unit”. ⚪️🔴 #AFC “We welcome Jakub and his family to Arsenal and look forward to working with him..

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🤷‍♂️ “I don’t know why there’s less irritation about Klopp’s antics at #LFC!?” 😡 “Arteta should not be judged by any [higher] standards than anyone else!” Simon Jordan isn’t happy that Arteta’s touchline behaviour at #AFC is scrutinised far more than any other manager!.

Wait a minute, Mikel Arteta is the favorite to win January premier league manager of the month?.

📌 Arteta 📌 Kompany 📌 Xavi Gli allievi di Guardiola sono tutti primi in classifica 💪.

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Arteta: Football is about habit & angles. It’s much more simple for a player if you can process the image of where your team-mate will be before receiving the ball. If I am in the kitchen and I know the glasses are always in this cupboard, I get my glass of water more quickly..

Sebut Man City Favorit Juara, Mikel Arteta Akui Arsenal Masih Anak Bawang.

@Markafc87 We will make plenty of use of both. They can play together or in rotation according to fixtures, etc. Good problem for Arteta..

@FBlidir Beklemeyi öğrenecek o sene hoca değiştirmekle hoca getirip sabır gösterilir Erol Bulut ile Arteta aynı değil. Erol Bulut da Barcelona -Arsenal de oynayıp Guardiola nın yanında eğitim alsa sabredilir. Biz lig bitmeden gönderiyoruz..

The 2022-23 Premier League campaign has been immense and the second half of fixtures has commenced. Hence, it can be stated that this is a point where a fair assessment can be done..

I know this guy will be better off on loan for like 3 seasons than staying in the squad. Please Arteta and edu do something before something do us. Can’t watch another episode of lokonga ball. #Caicedo.

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@PLUS__MONEY @gayforgambling 2 coaches who know each other better than anyone + arteta fielding a B squad. Had city and as well as match total.


Is Arteta the manager to bring Arsenal the European glory for the first time ever? I think so, probably in 2-3 years time perhaps, provided the board backs him with the right players. He has done a phenomenal job this season..

@AgboChukwuma Factos, I think he hates the idea of Arteta, edu and kroenkes there and want his preferred coach and owner like the club is exclusively for him.

@DailyAFC What arteta has done to the club the players reconnected the fans created a awesome atmosphere is deserves a OBE 👏👏.

@Jeba_OG Anamuonea wivu arteta …. Yeye alijaribu ukocha akapigwa chini…. By the way… kumbe man u wana miezi sita 😂😂😂… nilidhani ni timu kongwe.

@LuliAriasL Y no tiene conocimiento del proceso que tuvo que realizar Arteta en estos 3 años. Donde muchísima gente pedía su salida porque las cosas no se daban..

Arteta is going to be in this kitchen for a decade 👨🏾‍🍳.


Jamie Carragher thinks he can advice Arteta from sky studio with his touchscreen tv. lol the audacity of these English pundits.

Said this having just ETH and Arteta in mind. Forgot about Kompany, and some would say Xavi..

@UPYOURARSENAL04 The only way united win that game is if arsenal are down to 10 men - Arteta neutralised their only chance. Bring back Andy Gray.

Arsenal, Arteta su Kiwior: Giovane forte e versatile, lo ha dimostrato con lo Spezia, in Serie A.

@SuhailChowdhary Always backed Arteta to the point I was getting into spats with our own fans.

@scrapytweets I think Arteta allows him to do so because he doesn’t lose the ball, so he just becomes like an extra pass option, and he can also send the ball in a good position to create something. He’s really press resistant and so so technical, I think he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.

What makes you think we won’t compete financially? We have the richest owner in the league and he’s backing Arteta like no Arsenal owner has ever done! We are here to dominate, this ain’t no fluke….

@VipArsenal The man is just using sentiment Arteta will be the best manager but finish third ,,,,, the most stupid human on earth 🌍 keeps saying shit all time.


He did not advice Arteta on how to get his team playing the way they do rn, I think he should not try advising him on how to maintain their level as well. Thanks Jamie, but no thanks..

@ade_north @dmightyangel This is genuine and fair response and I like it a lot. I like what Arteta has been able to do with this team, but truly it is vlstill early for any fans at week 19/20 to conclude that 5 or 8 point gap is enough to win the EPL. The Leicester year is still fresh in memory..

@ColombiaArsenal Confieso que siempre fuí de confiar en Arteta, pero hubo un día que me harté y no me habría importado que cambiaran de entrenador, aunque me duró muy poco. No recuerdo con que partido fue..

@abzzinhoo @TrujistaSancho Difference is, a huge reason for our stunning come back is due to Saka himself Being the best player on the pitch almost every time even when we were shit in Arteta’s early reign.

@AFCWalter_ Why is everyone also forgetting. Arteta had to deal with Peak Liverpool and Chelsea. Only reason man utd are in top four is due to the drop of three rivals..

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