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Another #AskNASA question from @the_corbin_show who wants to know, How many times a day does the station fly around the Earth?

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Manuel Mazzanti
Manuel Mazzanti ()

#askNASA For both Bob & Doug. How confortable were the SpaceX Suites? Do you feel that they need to have some minor improvements or are they really ready to be used for next missions?

Everything SpaceX
Everything SpaceX ()

#asknasa how ill were you feeling after splashdown? Any side effects you weren’t expecting after 2 months in space?

gılı gılı
Gılı gılı ()

Hep hınzırlık yapıyorum bu selfilerde 🙈 #asknasa #NASA sende hep dönüp dolaşıp aynı yere geliyorsun bizim gibi 😂

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Cp ()

#asknasa is it a requirement that all questions be about the boats? Do you have to be a jackass to be a member of the media?

Gronet ()

#asknasa @nasa Bad cameras , I expected better transmission , so sad with all the technology today , 👎

Bob Cooper
Bob Cooper ()

#asknasa my friend at Orange Beach, AL is at the beach and heard the sonic boom. Too Far East and offshore to see the capsule and chutes though.

Holger Becker
Holger Becker ()

#asknasa #spacex Everybody is using a facemask in mission control. Only @elonmusk seems not to

Zaly ()

#AskNASA Greetings from Costa Rica. what is the ratio / distance of the capsule to the ground? What is the point where it enters the atmosphere?

Amal Biju
Amal Biju ()

a question to nasa #asknasa When is next planned mission crew dragon mission ? @NASA @Space_Station

Juliet Quintero
Juliet Quintero ()

Thank you @NASA and @SpaceX for answering my question during your coverage! Dream come true! #askNASA

Riz1 🇵🇰
Riz1 🇵🇰 ()

#asknasa will the @Space_Station have any specific role in human missions to Mars? What’s the expectation from it?

Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis ()

Will space x splashdown be live and what time are we expecting space x to splash down #asknasa

Chad Franzen WSAW
Chad Franzen WSAW ()

NASA: FunGuynKC Great #AskNASA question, Marion! Recovery ships at splashdown sites will have personnel, including spacecraft engineers, trained water recovery experts, medical professionals, the ship’s crew, cargo experts & others to assist in the rec…

Ben Moss-Woodward
Ben Moss-Woodward ()

#asknasa If the weather were to suddenly take a down turn, does Crew Dragon have the capability to return to Station?

Rebecca Mills
Rebecca Mills ()

#asknasa is the water purification system on the ISS available in any capacity for civilians? For example, for communities that don’t have access to clean water, for individual survival kits,

Suzy Head
Suzy Head ()

#asknasa the presenters are both so knowledgeable and are doing a fantastic job. Is there any reason that you are standing up through this?

_cly.de ()

Is it possible for spacex to use machine learning to control their rockets or capsules and stuff? #asknasa

Troy ()

#asknasa does the astronauts keep there spacesuit or what happens to them after splashdown?? @SpaceX @NASA

Abhi Tripathi
Abhi Tripathi ()

You all asked some really sharp #asknasa questions tonight! So great. This one might have been my favorite though. 🤔 Keep em coming.

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World News in Pictures
World News in Pictures ()

Another #AskNASA question from the_corbin_show who wants to know, How many times a day does the station fly around the Earth?. Very very very less than Earth is !

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Gourish Narang
Gourish Narang ()

#asknasa i always wonder why the heck miss universe is always from earth?????? I need answers 🤪🤪🤪

Intl. Space Station
Intl. Space Station ()

[email protected] is curious know how big the International Space Station is. #AskNASA |

Nikos Katropoulos
Nikos Katropoulos ()

If a depressurisation occures on the pod, asleep or not who is going to inform them and what steps will they follow in order to stay safe? | #AskNASA

Intl. Space Station
Intl. Space Station ()

A question from @ChanceGaston3, How are the astronauts onboard station able to workout in zero gravity? #AskNASA |

Nick S
Nick S ()

#asknasa how high of temperatures are the Dragon heat shield rated to withstand and how high do temperatures get during re-entry?

Patty Klunder
Patty Klunder ()

How long are Bob and Doug expected to be waiting in the water after splashdown before they get picked up? #AskNASA

zina kishinevsky
Zina kishinevsky ()

#asknasa @NASA @SpaceX Are the draco thrusters open cycle, closed cycle, expander cycle, or pressuer fed engines?

Falcon 9 Block 5
Falcon 9 Block 5 ()

#asknasa @SpaceX @NASA Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my question, what prevents the astronauts from accidentally touching the screens during sleep?

Intl. Space Station
Intl. Space Station ()

Another #AskNASA question from @the_corbin_show who wants to know, How many times a day does the station fly around the Earth?

Intl. Space Station
Intl. Space Station ()

[email protected] asks, Is the dragon crew vehicle visible from Earth? #AskNASA |

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