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🚨 URGENTE: Panic! At the Disco anuncia disband após 19 anos de banda..

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Panic! At The Disco are officially disbanding after 19 years..

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After an impressive 19-year run, Panic! At the Disco will disband following their upcoming European tour..

Spotify Monthly Listeners #198. (=) Panic! at the Disco— — Peak: 32,572,407.

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🚨 ¡NOOOOOO! Después de 19 años juntos la banda Panic! At The Disco anuncia su separación ☹️.

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funny how men accused of abuse love to put my focus and energy on my family.

@ArrtyyTV Panic at the disco hasnt felt the same for me in years :( I will forever jam to their older stuff and a few of the new songs though.

Fall Out Boy releasing a new album while Panic at the Disco disbands as a band of inside of you are two emo bands.

it’s the end of panic! at the disco (as far as we know) but life changes. he said, “there’s nothing wrong with taking time away”.

Are there any young existing panic at the disco fans that wanna buy any of my box sets and signed stuff collected from 2006 to 2016 tho???.

Let us not forget the greatest accomplishment of Panic! at the Disco: after years of struggling past their prime, they released High Hopes, a powerful contender for the single worst song of all time. RIP.

Chocada com o velório do Panic! At The disco. Ainda mais agora, que estava em processo de CD novo. 💔.

Всем приветик в этом чатике panic! at the disco больше не существует.

thank GOD brendan at the disco decided to pull the plug on the tragedy that has become panic.

live image of brendon talking with panic at the disco about ending the band.

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Estou arrasado que Pânico! At the disco vai acabar! O que me deixa mais conformado é que consegui ir em um show. Nossa, eu tô arrasado 😭😭.

Panic at The disco acabou tem uns 10 anos,hoje apenas o vocalista anunciou o fim da banda 🤧🤧🤧🤧.

panic! at the disco se juntando ao grupo de bandas que gosto muito e queria ir pro show mas ela acabou antes que eu tivesse chance da minha vida, sério que tristeza.

The whiplash of waking up early from a nightmare to Oscar nominations and Panic! At the Disco being over.

¿Cómo le digo a esta morrilla que cuando tenga 27 años su banda favorita (Panic! At The Disco) se va a separar? :(.

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Rip to my favourite band, panic! At the disco been a while ride, all the best for the future B.

En mi mente Panic! at the Disco se separó hace cien años y estaban próximos al reencuentro..

Panic! At The Disco is over! They will disband after current tour following two decades together.

N to triste com o fim de Panic! At the Disco pq por mais que eu ouvia demais numa época ai, as últimas músicas deles eu n aguentava mais ouvir nem por um minuto.

PANIC AT THE DISCO HAVE SPLIT UP. Fuck me, they really got it wrong. They do write tragedy’s..

panic at the disco anunciando que se separa y yo ni sabia que seguian juntos jkajskasjdas.

Panic! At The Disco breaks up as the lead singer shares personal news.

Panic! at the Disco announces split: ‘It’s been a hell of a journey’ via @nypost.

dios mio no se como sentirme, la noticia de q panic at the disco dejara de existir m tomo DE SORPRESA :(( nunca pense q esto pasaria, me ayudaron en momentos muy difíciles y siempre estaran en mi corazoncito, y que felicidad q bren será papá 🥹🥹🥹❤️‍🩹.

@pidor_19 iDKHOW это название группы, которую основали бывшие участники Panic At The Disco.

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