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Appears that Larentowicz is about to come on for #ATLUTD. It would be his 400th #MLS appearance in the regular season..

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Frank de Boer on a roll met @ATLUTD. Vijfde zege op rij, staat nu derde in de stand. Lekker om zo je 50e levensjaar te beginnen..

One moment during Pogba interview: Question asked in French, answered in Spanish, translated to English. #ATLUTD #MLS.

Updated with quotes and context: #ATLUTD defeats Vancouver 1-0 #MLS.

Finally somebody bringing some championships to the city 💯‼️.

@ivanovish29 @ATLUTD Pues si hacen referencia a la serie está mal 🤷🏻‍♀️🥺.

@ATLUTD yo les aconsejo que no juegue contra el equipo rival que a nosotros ya nos dejó sin clásico.

What a finish by Pity! You guys wanted him out already 😂😂 give him the time he needed, he wasn’t South American Player of the Year by coincidence..

Pity Martinez played the hero for Atlanta United on Sunday as they defeated Orlando City. #MLS #ATLUTD.

@CARiverPlate - El Pity Martinez metió su primer gol en el Mercedes Benz Stadium del Atlanta enfrente de más de 71,000 aficionados! Al terminar el juego continuo con la tradición de martillar el clavo dorado (homenaje al jugador del partido).

Orlando Twitter is bent over my tweet. They have nothing good to come back with, so they’re relying on a grammar attack 😅 It’s amusing. Wish I could relate 🤷🏼‍♀️ #ATLUTD.

Así les nuestra de una manera sutil de cómo se los clavo a los bosteros.

esto me recuerda unas voleas en un medio 😁.

First @ATLUTD game. Beautiful stadium. Thanks a ton @shakim12.


There is not a single Atlanta sports team that doesn’t have an elite social media team 🔥.


@ATLUTD handing @OrlandoCitySC another “L” Excellent Service ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.

Tranquillement, Atlanta United monte au classement. #MLS.

@ATLUTD @OrlandoCitySC Would rather have Shea In there! We are slow out there on D.

great way to spend mother’s day and my 15th birthday. thanks @ATLUTD.


Achievement unlocked. @DougRobersonAJC and @ATLUTD made #ATLUTD a trending topic in the US. beep beep, robot said..

@_milesrobinson_ you just keep getting better and better! Love watching you play for @ATLUTD #ATLUTD.

Appears that Larentowicz is about to come on for #ATLUTD. It would be his 400th #MLS appearance in the regular season..

Van a decir los imbéciles que esta mal escrito. Hahhahahahhaha.

First atlutd game and trip to the Benz for my mom! #happymothersday #ATLUTD @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

I wonder if @chivelicious is having a great time at the game? #ATLUTD.

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