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Auburn got a third beneficial call to win their third SEC game. It really is remarkable.

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Christopher ()

i lost that Pitt game bookmakers can have that 1 its all gd PENN ST ML / Auburn // Texas 3 team parlay Motherfuckin WINNER !! wow what a day !!!

Evil Buster Faulkner
Evil Buster Faulkner ()

@sugurray4UGA @Stewmeister1959 I agree. But it was Kirby and staff that didn’t give him the impression he could win the job. As well as bringing in backup QB (like Mathis against Auburn) to just hand off the ball. Shit is wack and silly. A kid wants to prove he can do it in game. Give him a chance. Period. sports sports ()

Auburn rediscovers ‘hard-nosed’ identity in win against Ole Miss

Jess aka Mrs. Obvious 🧡🏈
Jess aka Mrs. Obvious 🧡🏈 ()

As much as I hate Alabama, and with ties to both tOSU and Auburn, I REALLY hate them, I feel for Jaylen Waddle and wish him the best.


This isn’t a knock. I WANT him to, but man, I haven’t seen anything different than what I saw last year. Same technique, same lack of flash with no speed. But yeah, keep throwing his name out there when you’re frustrated with Auburn’s offensive problems.

Graham Carr
Graham Carr ()

My granddad texted me during the game and said “ Bo Jackson as a freshman”. He’s never done that for any past Auburn running backs. We’ve had some good ones.

Jacob Hillman
Jacob Hillman ()

Auburn has an SEC coach retweeting tweets about a controversial call.


I don’t think a certain transfer QB from Auburn is gonna make it. I hate it for him bc he seems like a good dude and has incredible size, but he just doesn’t have it.

tucker 🐗
Tucker 🐗 ()

The difference between Auburn being 3rd in the SEC West and last in the SEC West is two referee decisions. We would be tied for 2nd.

Bryan Matthews
Bryan Matthews ()

Bo Nix and Seth Williams put a tough week behind them and reconnected on the game-winning play. We knew had to make it a gameday, a statement game. We wasn’t gonna let that game affect us and we were gonna come out and get a win no matter what.”

Clay Travis
Clay Travis ()

Auburn got a third beneficial call to win their third SEC game. It really is remarkable.

Buckwheat ()

I don’t feel guilty about Auburn Jesus paying off the refs idk why Ole Misery fans keep telling me to feel bad

Auburn Jokes®
Auburn Jokes® ()

Amazes me how quickly they can stop action so quickly to review if Najee Harris’ fumbled around the goal line or not but Auburn’s KO returner can possibly touch the ball, the ball can roll into the end zone, offenses & defenses can trot onto the field and the SEC doesn’t review.

Sara Gideon
Sara Gideon ()

I stopped by @LWShoes in Auburn yesterday, where I had the chance to talk with employees about supporting Maine’s businesses and workers, and also got to meet a future voter! #mepolitics

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This is why Auburn football has been my guilty pleasure since Cam. They ass but boy is it always fun to watch

Josh Knegendorf
Josh Knegendorf ()

I know coaches normally tend to be conservative with a lead, but #OleMiss was running all over Auburn with the hurry up, but decided to play the clock. Went 3 and out, horrible defense gives up a TD you knew they would. Keep your foot on the pedal Lane!

Colin Carr
Colin Carr ()

What leverage does Auburn have on the @SEC and @SECOfficiating??? This is becoming an every week, every year thing. It’s unreal.

Auburn Elvis
Auburn Elvis ()

@JohnGB321 @Andy_Staples Whistle blew. Ball bounced off an Arkansas player, then at the feet of an Auburn player who walked away from it, THEN an Arkansas player jumped on it. Not clearly recovered.

Amatt Bang
Amatt Bang ()

If Auburn wins this game. There have been 3 plays that should have been reviewed and been 2 TD’s for the opposing team and then a backwards pass fumble that were not called. 1 play for each of their 3 wins that could/would have been deciding factors of the out

(M)J (LB)J
(M)J (LB)J ()

Auburn now officially the luckiest team in the SEC. Two blatant missed calls about to hand Tigers two victories (probably).

Andrew ()

@BuckeyesBengals Yeah it’s good. Auburn has all the luck in the world tho so they’ll win I’m sure

Hunter Cloud
Hunter Cloud ()

I tweet that thing about Auburn losing and they blitz down the field and score with 1:11 for Ole Miss. @JohnLPitts is correct there is a lot of time for them

Kennedy✨ ()

auburn football is literally going to cause my hair to turn gray. they are the reason for the bags under my eyes. i have never felt such stress.

Captain Renault
Captain Renault ()

It is clear @SECOfficiating has bet heavy on Auburn. Every call this season. Bad at their jobs and crooked as hell

CarolTcoach_WarEagle ()

Sick of all announcers talk about is “missed calls”. Lots of missed calls AGAINST Auburn!!!

Graham Coffey
Graham Coffey ()

I gotta The horseshoe that’s firmly lodged in the ass of Auburn Football was much more frustrating when Georgia didn’t beat the crap out of them every year. At this point life is just finding new and creative ways to keep Gus Malzahn employed and I am all for it

Football Dwain
Football Dwain ()

@SECOfficiating has screwed another team for Auburn!!! Ole Miss had a TD and yet again, Auburn gonna squeak by with a W! Shameful! @SEC needs to get it together!

Al West Coast
Al West Coast ()

I never ever ever ever give up! Touchdown #Auburn let’s finish it! #WDE

stephen fowler
Stephen fowler ()

Before heading back to the airport, @KamalaHarris visits the 65-foot John Lewis mural on Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, where @bluestein asks how she plans to honor the legacy of the Civil Rights/Voting Rights icon. #gapol

WBRC FOX6 News ()

Our hearts are heavy this morning as we remember Aniah Blanchard, who was kidnapped in Auburn a year ago today. 💙 -->

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☚ #鬼殺隊士名簿 शरद पूर्णिमा ☛
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