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BASE HIT! WALK OFF! Hardman lines a single to right to score Tredaway, and OU defeats Auburn 4-3! #BoomerSooner

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Kendall Rogers
Kendall Rogers ()

For the second-straight day, Kason Howell is having a nice afternoon for @AuburnBaseball. He had another strong defensive player earlier today — and he has a pair of singles an RBIs, along with a walk. A bright spot on an otherwise gloomy day for #Auburn.

The Daily Beacon
The Daily Beacon ()

Tennessee’s basketball team continued to sputter Saturday, losing to undermanned Auburn, 77-72.

Caulder Taylor
Caulder Taylor ()

@TN_Wolverine Auburn is trash this year. We aren’t great but a lot of teams are under performing. He is acting like we lost John Wooden.

Joe ()

@TheChadWithrow Kansas, LSU, and Auburn don’t seem to care about those investigations too much do they. Tennessee sure does though

The Daily Beacon
The Daily Beacon ()

Tennessee stayed true to form coming off of the Wednesday win against Vanderbilt by following it up with a loss at Auburn. Here are three takeaways.

Ben Metz
Ben Metz ()

@ClayTravis What are you smoking? Don’t you understand Pearl is a cheat and let’s not a liar! If you like him so much do us all a favor and go write for Auburn!

Southern Independent
Southern Independent ()

@notkdk3 That statement applies from 2010 -2019 Do I need to remind you about LSU in 2011 or Auburn 2016 or .....

WBRC FOX6 News ()

Preservation of Selma’s Bloody Sunday site a passion for 2 Auburn professors -->

Dalton Jones ®
Dalton Jones ® ()

Tennessee lose to Auburn ✔️ LSU lose to Arkansas ✔️ Next up Ole Miss lose to Vandy We have to beat Florida

Trey Wallace
Trey Wallace ()

No. 25 Tennessee continued to struggle on Saturday, losing to Auburn 77-72 on the Plains.

Samuel Childs
Samuel Childs ()

Why can you not update @AuburnBaseball Twitter. This retweet is for Auburn fans who just want to know how Tigers are doing. You have 1 job. #whydoifollow

Auburn Tigers Wire
Auburn Tigers Wire ()

Five starters led by Allen Flanigan help Auburn continue dominance of Tennessee

Tyler Doyle
Tyler Doyle ()

Between this game, Memphis, and Vanderbilt, and the governor being an Auburn graduate, Auburn owns the state of Tennessee

Matt Smith
Matt Smith ()

@AshleyAllgaier Coolest family in NASCAR. Tell Justin good luck from the Smith family up here in Auburn, IL.

King Picks
King Picks ()

NCCA BASKETBALL: +15Units 5U LOCK ⚒⚒: Michigan ✅ 5U LOCK ⚒⚒: Texas +4❌ 5U LOCK ⚒⚒: Auburn + live bet ✅ 5U LOCK ⚒⚒: Liberty Flames live bet✅ We are back boys!!!! Want the picks 1 hour before the game it’s only 10 dollars a week!!!! 🤑🤑🚀🚀

Jim Graves
Jim Graves ()

@TheBadgerNation The god news? The game ate of the 1st. 10 minutes of the game.


@bsummersell1 @Vol_Hoops Singing in front of Kansas mascot boy that auburn final four team was so confident boy I miss those guys

Advertiser Sports
Advertiser Sports ()

5 starters in double figures lift Auburn basketball over Tennessee without Sharife Cooper

Austin Price
Austin Price ()

@thejboyshow Damn you know Auburn is recruiting really well when teams are poaching on our 3 commits

TheSportsPlug ()

2/27/21 Picks of the day 3-0 (so far) +5 Units #NCAAB Michigan -7 W Michigan under W Auburn +330ML W Gonzaga -25 #NBA Washington Utah -9 Brooklyn

Patrick Whalen
Patrick Whalen ()

Auburn is 12-13 The whole throw takes against the wall and hope they stick schtick from Clay is so tired.

🔶BKvols🔶 ()

Pearl has only been coaching at major D1 for about 12 years. 1/3 of the time of Barnes. And he already has a Final Four AT AUBURN

JohnnyBGoode ()

@PanicMamaLover Tennessee and Missouri are identical. They play down to the other teams level. Shit Auburn didn’t even have Cooper. I think one of them can make a run when hot.

Austin Stiles
Austin Stiles ()

@baysidemuffin8 I’m so tired of the lame excuses he gets paid 5 million a year and he loses to a shitty Auburn team smh

DJ Ramirez
DJ Ramirez ()

Alright y’all. Signing off Twitter to watch Southern vs LA Tech on my phone while Baylor wraps up with Auburn. Catch the recap on the Lariat website later.

Steven Wilson-Maggard
Steven Wilson-Maggard ()

@AARPCA - Hi there. I am hoping to contact someone with the AARP branch in Auburn, CA. I heard the tax preparation services for seniors will not take place this year and I wanted to confirm. Can you please help connect me?

Jaylin Williams Fan Account
Jaylin Williams Fan Account ()

Auburn started 0-4 from the free throw line but made 24 of their last 33. Tigers did a great job getting into the paint today and forced Tennessee to foul them and put them on the line.

LeHomERA ()

🏀 Celle là elle va faire pour Tennessee à Auburn, dans le cadre du top 25. Belle victoire de Texas Tech over Texas et la ballade continue pour Michigan

NCAA March Madness
NCAA March Madness ()

WAR EAGLE 🗣 Auburn downs No. 25 Tennessee for their sixth straight win against the Volunteers!

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Oklahoma Baseball
Oklahoma Baseball ()

BASE HIT! WALK OFF! Hardman lines a single to right to score Tredaway, and OU defeats Auburn 4-3! #BoomerSooner

Auburn Photo,Auburn Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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