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The scenes of violence in Auckland aimed directly towards a group of women speaking out about the erosion of women’s rights and child safeguarding is appalling to witness. This is what you provoke by slurring people as ‘Nazis’. This is the bigotry of our time..

I’m horrified by the disgusting scenes from Auckland. If women cannot stand in a public place and say loud and clear what a woman is without being attacked by deranged, hate-filled men, then women have no rights. It seems that women in NZ have no rights..

If you need an example of how they embellish everything PP had tomato juice poured on her yesterday and today they are saying we tried to kill her. The distance between having juice on you and being killed is about the same as a flight from Auckland to London..

Mais de Harry junto da NyOh no backstage em Auckland, Nova Zelândia. Fotografado por Katie O’Neill.

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by Central HSHQ,Central HSHQ on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

Today was joyful. Seeing a huge section of Auckland out to stand in solidarity with trans people and against hate was inspirational. We had nana’s out, dads wearing rainbows, dogs for human rights. Just full of love for my city..

Took a day off from Twitter and it was good, had to go see the dinos at Auckland Museum before I leave the country.

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by James,James on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

This is the most beautiful picture to see on the Internet today. This is the kind of leader that will transform @mkainerugaba ,Iam sure we shall be the African version of Auckland, Denmark, Singapore or London to mention but afew cleanest cities in the world..

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by Ugandan Patriot 🇺🇬,Ugandan Patriot 🇺🇬 on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

Hobart: Yeah nah Auckland: Hold my beer… Scotland: Tae fuck Ireland: Challenge accepted.

With the Blues and the Warriors playing at the same time, a quick flick between channels will tell you Auckland has spoken.

@_chloeswarbrick You clearly haven’t watched the overhead video footage then and seen an elderly man being hit in the face and head twice by a member of Auckland’s trans community. That didn’t look much like “love and affirmation”. It looked like the ugly, intolerant, and violent protest it was..

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka First ODI NZ all out 274 1st ODI at Eden Park Auckland.

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by PakCricNews 🇵🇰🇭🇲,PakCricNews 🇵🇰🇭🇲 on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

‘jk rowling is aware of what happened in auckland’ so is your mum who gives a fuck.

Some amazing sunshine in Auckland today. Squeezed in a coffee date with my bestie between stints at hospital..

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by wrecking ball,wrecking ball on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

Go fuck yourself Christopher Luxflakes. The counter protesters at Auckland were not intimidating. It was very peaceful. KJK was the agent of hate..

Auckland Pride also says there was no violence against the women who were with KJK and who wanted to speak. (And they’re not responsible for the nonexistent violence.) #AucklandShame.

It was a privilege to stand alongside Auckland’s Rainbow Community today 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈.

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by Tea.Earl Grey.Hot,Tea.Earl Grey.Hot on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

@Maggie_Sunflowe Did you see what just happened to Kellie in Auckland? It’s horrendous..

@ThePosieParker Don’t be sorry! What happened today was the upmost proof of bravery. And you lead these women in it. We, around the world, are so proud of you and the women who showed up in Auckland. #LetWomenSpeak.

@shaneellall @PatrickLenton As pleased as I am for Auckland, its sad for us she is coming home..

The level of violence at the Let Women Speak rally in Auckland today was right up there with the violence Kellie-Jay Keen encountered at her rally in New York last year. I never thought I’d see that in NZ, but it appears that it’s here now, too. This is not a good look..

YES!! GO NEW ZEALAND! More than 2000 counter-protesters - including one armed with a bottle of juice - have seen British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aborting her central Auckland rally..

Well done Auckland Well done Australia Well done everyone who helped make this happen. Now how can we get her banned from the UK events?.

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka First ODI NZ all out 274 1st ODI Eden Park Auckland.

Auckland Photo,Auckland Photo by PakCricNews 🇵🇰🇭🇲,PakCricNews 🇵🇰🇭🇲 on twitter tweets Auckland Photo

“Posie Parker has tonight been seen checking into an Emirates flight at Auckland International Airport. A witness says Parker was escorted by four police officers and fast tracked through the check-in queue”.

@ThePosieParker So scary!! I am so sorry you had that traumatising experience in Auckland. There are not enough words. Hug your family when you go home. Many women in NZ are angry at the treatment you received. We will carry on the fight. Let them dare try! #LetWomenSpeakAuckland #LetWomenSpeak.

@AKAsusangreen @ThePosieParker Germaine also said Women have no idea how much men hate us. That was what was on display in Auckland..

@ThePosieParker @Conviction19c New Zealand showed the world what it’s really like. #NewZealandHatesWomen No one deserves to meet a baying mob for simply trying to #LetWomenSpeakAuckland Shame on anyone in Auckland who sided with thugs..

That mob in Auckland did not emerge out of thin air. No, it was a brutish manifestation of a regressive idea that has been taking hold for some years. Namely, that it should be forbidden to dissent from gender ideology. That it is bigotry to state biological facts . Repeal GRA.

This is a clear-eyed, first/hand account of the events in Auckland at which women were intimidated and endangered at an event that focused on women’s rights..


@JenThePadawan @KiwiMark8 Jen there are thousands of men like that who value and respect the woman in their lives. I’m proud to be one of them. What took place in Auckland would have made my grand parents ashamed, and they fought Nazis and totalitarianism..

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