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Where does our full-backs Aurier and Reguilon rank in the Premier League list of full-back pairings?

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Benzi ()

Highkey Aurier played fantastic this evening - probably his best game in a Spurs shirt

Andre uceda corro
Andre uceda corro ()

@DeportesKC Y lo que me sorprende es lo mucho que aurier también ha mejorado , está más cercano a lo que prometia ser cuando apareció

Alex ()

@auriaired That was the best aurier performance I have seen joint with the OT performance. Fantastic result 👍

Paul Weller
Paul Weller ()

@HoylandJamie All good here big man 😊 Dier keeps playing like that, then all is forgiven 😄 Even Aurier played well 🤪

Jack H
Jack H ()

Honestly aurier > Doherty ngl. Don’t think Doherty plays well at just RB. He needs to get forward in a wing back role. Needs a season to adjust I’d say

JB ()

Where does our full-backs Aurier and Reguilon rank in the Premier League list of full-back pairings?

Rock 🗿
Rock 🗿 ()

[OFFICIAL] Congratulations to Serge Aurier this week as his wages rise from £77,000 to £77,001 The rise is said to be down to the extra Sterling in his back pocket.

El Balón En Los Pies⚽
El Balón En Los Pies⚽ ()

Victoria del Tottenham que se coloca líder con 20 puntos y que parace que lo vamos a ver competir en una da las Premier más abiertas de la historia. Gran partido de Kane, Dier, Aldeweireld, Aurier y Hojberg. Por parte del City no puedo destacar a nadie, diría Joao Cancelo.

Aurier Photo,Aurier Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Zoe Rinõ
Zoe Rinõ ()

@EthanCOYS Serge Aurier particularly sticks out to me. Why? Because despite being known for an attacking player, he was EXCEPTIONAL on the defensive end.

Fernando Hidalgo ✍
Fernando Hidalgo ✍ ()

El partidazo de Aurier ha sido tremendo. Uno de los llamados a salir en el último mercado. Se quedó y el nivel que ha exhibido ha sido fantástico. Hoy, se ve un equipo totalmente comprometido y que creen en lo que dice Mourinho.

Ben Horsfield
Ben Horsfield ()

@city_rabin Both Mahrez and Bernardo have had stinkers today. Wish Torres would go more at Aurier. Can’t carry anyone anymore

𝙉𝙀𝙔𝙈𝘼𝙍𝙏𝙄𝙎𝙏𝙀 🇧🇷 (soT 3k) ()

Lo Celso, Lucas, Aurier, Rabiot. Imaginez seulement si on les avait tous retenus, la profondeur de banc qu’on aurait pu

Clint. ()

@crispyrubino Great shout, but Aurier has been phenomenal! 4 tackles won (2 which were very important).

Frank Saint
Frank Saint ()

@JesusRoIe It is Pep’s fault. Why would Cancelo play inverted instead of running at Aurier vs. Kyle running at Reguillon?

カイ ()

@Cthulhufhtagn00 刺激しあっていいライバルになってくれましたね。これが見たかった

Goke.ipnyb ()

@_akuma_s Oh, that’s true sha. Aurier just looks like he’s enjoying and it’s vexing me, lol

カイ ()

@ut_xvm (スパサポの思ってても口に出さなかったこと言わないで)


Zlatan serait titulaire chez nous Thiago Silva serait titulaire chez nous Aurier serait titulaire chez nous Lucas foudroie Sarabia Digne serait titulaire chez nous Rabiot serait titulaire chez nous Nkunku à sa place dans la rotation Lo Celso serait titulaire chez nous

Shivam ()

@lbvegz Has dealt with Ferran and Cancelo admirably till now but it’s Serge Aurier he can give a pen even when the game has finished


@SUZUKA_AURIER ドハーティ獲得がいい影響が出てるんでしょうなあ。

🪐 ()

look at how much City are trynna attack through the left because they know Aurier is dodgy. I am desperately hoping Pulisic is fit next week

Iván López
Iván López ()

¿Cuantos duelos individuales lleva Aurier en esta primera media hora? Que potencia y con que concentración está jugando el francés.

Arkantos ()

Muy sólido Aurier y Sissoko cuando el City ataca por la banda derecha del Tottenham, las mejores opciones del City pasan con la asociación Mahrez / De Bruyne en la banda izquierda del Tottenham. Por cierto, si Messi llega al City creo que De Bruyne debería salir.

Shaikh Hamdan
Shaikh Hamdan ()

When son makes a run inside, aurier is in bags of space, the midfielders could play him

Coysyidcoys ()

So worrying when Aurier mark opponent on our penalty box, but he’s been playing well 👌 #COYS #THFC

Down the Pub Podcast
Down the Pub Podcast ()

Everytime Serge Aurier goes to make a challenge in the box, I have a panic attack #coys

cainã moraes
Cainã moraes ()

a contratação do Doherty foi boa, só que ela teve uma consequência muito maior que só dar mais profundidade ao elenco. A competitividade por posição geralmente causa isso. Hoje Aurier, finalmente, talvez seja aquilo que era pintado desde a época do PSG.

Sam ♠️
Sam ♠️ ()

Serge Aurier is one of the most under rated players in the league, he’s actually quality

Paul King
Paul King ()

He’ll probably still concede a penalty and it’s not a knee jerk after that challenge, but so far this season I’ve preferred Aurier over Doherty.

Miles Taylor
Miles Taylor ()

Aurier making a tackle in the box without giving away a penalty, wonders never cease! #TOTMCI

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