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Anyone seen or heard from Jaya Bachchan on Azam Khan’s comment on her former colleague? I seemed to have missed it. She is always very angry when women are attacked. Wonder why she is so calm now..

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@yadavakhilesh Dekhna Azam khan kahi dimple bhabi ka bhi color public ko na bta.

Bharat tere tukre hongea ka nara dekar agr Kanhaiya kumar jitta hai. Ek mahila pr sabdik tipnni karke agr Azam khan jitta hai. Aur ek emandar @narendramodi ko chor kah kar agar Pappu jitta hai. To Hum hindustani sirf gulami karne ke layak hai..

#Decision2019 | Azam Khan, who is the SP-BSP-RLD alliance candidate from Rampur, has been asked to submit his explanation within 24 hours of receiving the notice. #LokSabhaElections2019.

Anyone seen or heard from Jaya Bachchan on Azam Khan’s comment on her former colleague? I seemed to have missed it. She is always very angry when women are attacked. Wonder why she is so calm now..

#BreakingNews : Drop The Gun, Cop Orders Black Man, Then Shoots Him ⚡Azam Khan | DMYourIssues.

Implication: Ban Azam Khan- Helps BJP Ban Yogi Ji- Angers Hindus helps BJP Ban Maneka- FairPlay helps BJP Ban Mayawati - Puts a leash on Foul-Mouth Mamata, Akhilesh, Kejriwal, Rahul, Stalin, Owaisi, Abdulla, Kamal HELPS BJP! #AyegaTohModiHi.

@brumbyoz @Musanghism one must not loose his mind, what azam khan did was really bad and condemnable in stronger words. he should abandon his political career for these remarks.

@Purusharth6 @RitaG74 This is the problem with women, all these reservations r not going to help, if a women has merit she will come up,actually woman r enemies to woman itself, see which woman hav condemned Azam Khan, none in position s only bjp women, that means selective.

@ZeeNewsHindi @sudhirchaudhary Azam khan is an idiot, he stooped so low, for sure, well sudhirji won’t mention,satpal Singh (bjp) ne maa ke gaali de rahul Gandhi ko, n gujrat congress n bjp both using abusive language 4 each other, not to forget Modijis “50 cr ke girlfriend”,Sudhirji be netural for a change🙏🏻.


1. Who is contesting in Election against Azam Khan in Rampur? Liberals: Jaya Prada. 2. With whom does Azam Khan have conflicts from a long time? Liberals: Jaya Prada. 3. So, For whom did Azam Khan say he knew in 17 days that one wears Khaki underwear? Liberals: Amar Singh..

Flith from Azam Khan. The EC must take action against him..

महिला आयोग EC से करेगा आजम खान की शिकायत, जया प्रदा बोलीं रद्द हो नामांकन.

Ye kaun chutiye ka pattha hai jo ulta aaya hai madar**** SP goon Azam Khan. @khanumarfa Pl find a nice apology for this as well. He is a fellow Muslim.

@SushmaSwaraj @yadavakhilesh Yadav jee ye KAisee raajniti jismain hum sirf Chand vote kho jaane ke dar se apni MAA bahan ki izaat ke Saath kheltai is Azam khan ke against kuch action lena up to you,.

#BreakingNews : Forester says cut tiger count, stirs row ⚡Azam Khan | DMYourIssues.

@ANINewsUP @ANI Azam Khan ne Batlaa Deya us ki Ammi Towaif thi aur Baap Mahesh Bhatt ki Tarha hi Tha..

#BreakingNews : Repeated delays to Brexit a nightmare for map makers, guidebook printers ⚡Azam Khan | DMYourIssues.

Respect you mam, sorry to mention you in my previous tweet. आप एक सच्ची महिला मीडियाकर्मी है, ऐसे ही लोगो का दिल जीत ते रहिए। Shame on you Azam Khan #ShameOnAzamKhan.

#BreakingNews : Xbox One S All Digital: Price, features, launch date revealed - NewsBytes ⚡Azam Khan | DMYourIssues.

Women Commission will be sending a notice to SP and azam khan over this objectionable comment against Jaya Prada at a rally. The notice to be sent tomorrow morning. @NCWIndia.

Why Blame Azam Khan only. Aklesh who watched it without a comment is an equal partner in the statement. Women Welfare associations should send notices to both of them for this shameless outburst.

Had told Mulayam Singh that my morphed, lewd pictures were being circulated by Azam Khan : Jaya Prada.

Azam Khan is a 1948 born. So during the 1965 war, he was 17. He is not Rahul Gandhi so at 17, I am guessing he wasn’t in primary school. Find a better defence.

Azam Khan pelted stones on Army troops, dug up road to prevent troops from reaching border during 1965 war, claims journalist – Opindia News.

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