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@NCTsmtown_127 mark do you know how to say fuck? if so, can you show us? 😁 #B96NCT.

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@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 Do you guys go home during Christmas? Or stay at SMtown and celebrate Christmast together? #B96NCT.

PRE ORDER ALMOST BLUE Ver 1 : (photocard 2) Ver 2 : (dapet gantungan photocard 2 stiker hologram) ver: taeyong and mark purple peach white #B96NCT.

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it’s been 6 years since taeyong first introduced as smrookie, how do you feel 🥺 #B96NCT #6YearsWithTaeyong.

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Can you guys please pass the skincare routine?! ALSO I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! #B96NCT.

@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 Is there a goal you guys have at the moment? Either as a group or individually? #B96NCT.

#B96NCT johnny i got you ready for christmas u excited for it?.

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Johnny I made a song for you! Twinkle twinkle little star How I love Johnny Suh Like a diamond in the sky Johnny towering at 6 foot 9 (I’m sorry) #B96NCT.

#B96NCT if you could be a cereal what cereal would you be? This is a very important question.

SO TAEIL!!! how does one go about getting your hand in marriage cause i’m ready to settle down with you😌 #B96NCT.

Johnny, please tell us some more of your incredible knock knock jokes :] #B96NCT.

literally ask any one of them if they’ll get matching crocs with me. pls i’m desperate #B96NCT.

can you tell us what is your favorite nct 127 song ever? #B96NCT @B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127.

@NCTsmtown_127 mark do you know how to say fuck? if so, can you show us? 😁 #B96NCT.

will there be another a worldwide tour in 2020? #B96NCT @B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127.

@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 What dish do you usually eat on Christmas Eve? #B96NCT.

#B96NCT are there any solo projects that will happen soon? looking forward to taeil’s solo album :D.

what’s doyoung think about dult 😔🤚🏼 (doyoung cult) #B96NCT.

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@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 How does it feel for you guys creating history as the first K-pop group to perform at the MTV EMAs and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? #B96NCT.

#B96NCT we often see Haechan and Taeil being playful together Do they have a favorite moment together?.

Does haechan know he is the sun and taeil is the moon and I love them very much? 🥺🥺 #B96NCT.

@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 #B96NCT Which one of your songs do you like performing the most?.

@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 how do you guys spend your holidays? what do you like to do? #B96NCT.

@B96Chicago @NCTsmtown_127 How is jungwoo? Is Johnny excited to be back in his hometown? Ask mark if it’s a struggle having so much on his plate with superM and nct. Also what does nct127 think of wayvs comeback? #B96NCT.

#B96NCT nct 127, and nct as a whole, have made a diverse range of music from different genres. what type of music would you like to try, r&b, rock, etc?.

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