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Take note ✍🏽 Baba Rahman & Gideon Mensah 😉🇬🇭.

Baba Rahman Photo,Baba Rahman Photo by Owuraku Ampofo,Owuraku Ampofo on twitter tweets Baba Rahman Photo

Looks like one change from the one initially shared. Baba Rahman starts instead of Gideon Mensah..

Baba Rahman Photo,Baba Rahman Photo by Owuraku Ampofo,Owuraku Ampofo on twitter tweets Baba Rahman Photo

Eder Militao sef dey give Sulia herh Baba Rahman…Gideon Mensah should be our first choice LB.

Official line up has Baba Rahman replacing Gideon Mensah. So it’s Rahman at Left back. #JoySports.

🇧🇷 #Brasil - Alisson; Éder Militão, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva e Alex Telles; Casemiro, Lucas Paquetá e Neymar; Raphinha, Richarlison e Vini Jr 🇬🇭 #Gana - Wollacott; Denis Odoi, Amartey, Djiku e Baba Rahman; Thomas Partey e Kudus; Sulemana, André Ayew e Jordan Ayew; Afena-Gyan.

Baba Rahman gets the ball and the first thing that comes to his mind is to cross. You’d think he’s a Catholic priest..

Baba Rahman shall be exposed once again 😂😂😂 Partey x kudus in the middle is very bad and it should have been Partey x Iddrisu.

We can’t go to a tournament with Baba Rahman, Dede Ayew , Jordan Ayew and Afena Gyan as starters. No #BRAGHA.

@_owurakuampofo Owura is not the system the lineup is bad we should just admit that the coach got it all wrong…. We are playing the world best team and they field their best 11 and we are playing Baba Rahman,Afena Gyan,Jordan Ayew and we are playing Kudus in our half wei.

Ghana line up for today Salisu Baba Rahman amartey world cup.

Baba Rahman Photo,Baba Rahman Photo by mac velli,mac velli on twitter tweets Baba Rahman Photo

Ah you people still complain about Baba Rahman and the Ayew brothers 😂. Year after year uno taya?.

Baba Rahman here but the other one Gideon Mensah dey top eii lineup too you make mistake eiiii .... wei😂💔 make dem go come we Dey here😂😂😂.

Baba Rahman Photo,Baba Rahman Photo by Cobbison🐲,Cobbison🐲 on twitter tweets Baba Rahman Photo

ESCALAÇÃO DE GANA G - Wollacott Z - Amartey Z - Djiku LE - Rahman Baba V - Odoi V - Thomas Partey V - Kudus M - André Ayew A - Sulemana A - Afena-Gyan A - Jordan Ayew 🇧🇷 x 🇬🇭 || #BRAxGAN.

So as Otto Addo dey Dortmund what at all he dey do for there, masa Baba Rahman in the line up against go #Blackstars.

Baba Rahman Photo,Baba Rahman Photo by SAFIANU,SAFIANU on twitter tweets Baba Rahman Photo

Raphinha n vini jr will cook Baba Rahman if they decide to be switched I feel sorry for baba Rahman 😤😤😤.

@sergiomanucho1 Som bro say dem go spin Baba Rahman like fan blade for dah side this gbeke way ano fi laf sef 😭😭😂😒.

@GhanaBlackstars You play Baba Rahman and Odoi on the flanks … against in form Vinicius And Raphinha … joke dey your eye top… u have pacy defenders like Tariq and Gideon Mensah .. Joke dey your eye top you people 😹😹😹.

@stephanyephuwa Baba Rahman Dede Ayew Dennis Odoi Amartey Afena Gyan All these guys shouldn’t be playing.

@3SportsGh @julietbawuah There’s a problem going on at the black stars camp. Partly do not want to play with Baba Rahman and the Agee brothers. Our people need to check this before the World Cup.

No wait dis Brazilians are actually celebrating 🥳 and they fielded all their top players , their seriously building team chemistry whiles Ghana is still experimenting on Jordan , Dede & Baba Rahman smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ #BraGha idc if Inaki jux came yesterday there’s no time 🇶🇦 play Him.

Favoritism nti Baba rahman go get starting 11 ahead of Gideon Mensah … Otto Addo sef a shock for Tsw … useless team #BRAGHA.

Otto Addo how much is Baba Rahman paying u? Gideon Mensah on the bench I don’t gerrit.

Baba Rahman please calm down. Please stop trying to cross the ball no matter where u receive it. Aden??? #BRAGHA.

@_owurakuampofo Very confident on the ball ….Just substitute Baba Rahman with Jeffrey Shlupp and we make a perfect team ….

@thenanaaba Baba Rahman di3 anka 3ny3 nkramo dan mu apra apra n3 dwonso dam mu twitwie na 3y3 wadwuma football fa wo ho b3n ahh 🤦🏽‍♂️😌🥹.

@sergiomanucho1 Bench Baba rahman and let Gideon Mensah ,Show u what is called football.

@sergiomanucho1 What is Baba Rahman doing . U played Gyan on one top , kept jordan all day , odoi had a bad day u should’ve chanced him whn playing 3 back system , Playig Kudus at 8 whn u could play diff player der n play kudus at 10 or on the wings . Damn.

Baba Rahman will hopefully be axed from the black stars today, after Raphina take am do okro stew🙏🏿🙏🏿.

Baba Rahman in September 2022 Otto Addo ankasa, eno be anything better he dey learn for the Dortmund there.

@sergiomanucho1 Did you say Baba Rahman????? Ah Manucho paaa😂😂😂😂😂 I laugh enter gutter inside 😂😂😂😂.

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