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Aggies ......I am here. I am in CStat. Let’s beat the hell outta Bama #BTHOBAMA.

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Final: Fresno State 24 Air Force 43 Since 2017, the only Bulldogs losses worse than tonight were against Alabama (41-10) and Washington (48-16). The Air Force rushing attack ran over, around and through Fresno State as easily as Bama and UW did. Stunning..

Hicks has to get rid of the ball. The pocket always looks like it’s collapsing when he gets in cause he holds it so long. We play auburn then Bama 😅.

@Ajade97 Them and Bama will hopefully be forced to downgrade stadium size one day..

@DrewBut13r @PuntandPass ...he’s too conservative. Same reason we lost to Bama in the ‘17 Natty, and same reason we lost to Bama in the ‘18 SECCG. I thought we were supposed to learn from our mistakes?🤷🏻‍♀️ #DefinitionOfInsanity.

Wtf herbie talking about top teams will have a game like UGA has never struggled vs an unranked team like uga did and Clemson did couple weeks ago.

@AR_Era Once you remove Florida, LSU, Bama, Georgia, and maybe A&M the SEC potentially looks like every other power 5 conference.

I still don’t understand why they did it Bama, Auburn and LSU are always gonna be the top of that division Doesn’t matter what changes.

@tydreon11 Tua plays for has enough talent to play with. Jalen is making OU tough, he’s making them make plays, unlike Tua; where he just sits back and throws or runs a couple of times..

NCAAF 🏈 Week 7 Bama -17 -110✅ Miss st -6 -110❌ Mem/temp over -112✅ BYU/SFL Under -107✅ Texas tech + -111✅ Ohio -6 -110❌ E Mich ML -120❌ Miss St/Ten U53 -110✅ Kent St/Akron U57 -110✅ 6-3 + YTD: 60-40 +.

I can confirm playing Bama was different before Tua, back when the Tide ran an offense from 1976..

@therealjustinf @SportsCenter Highly unlikely. Not only does that scenario have UF beating LEU twice, but they are also SEC champs when Bama doesn’t even make that game. There are many unlikely scenarios but that’s the least likely to me.

@SEConCBS are you serious Gary, thinks it’s ok for the TAMU player to throw a punch as long as you don’t get caught. A Few weeks ago he complained for three quarters about a BAMA player not being called for the same thing. #bamavstamu.

@trevorjk97 Obviously bama and Clemson. But then who else ahead of them? Oklahoma? Ohio state? Both are good but I think the Badgers Defense is better than both..

Both players threw punches & only Smith gets thrown out?? Bama gets all the calls. MFBS.

Dislike they should have tossed the A&M player too. He got away with one there..

I pray Bama does not ever have another game on @cbs. This head ache from these announcers is killing me!.

Oh good. Two players threw punches, and the Bama guy was ejected. Makes sense. #RollTide.

Awesome. Bama player gets ejected. TAMU player started it and gets to stay in. Someone again explain to me how Bama has the refs in thier pocket??? Another bullshit call against Bama. #BAMAvsTAMU.

Dude threw DeVonta down, swung at him, and when Smith retaliated he’s wrong??? These refs are T-rash!.

Fuck you 9. Talked that shit when you went to a&m. Now Bama beating that ass. Stupid fuck boy..

Gary literally just enthusiastically said Nice job to a TAMU player throwing the first punch, putting his hands up, and getting the Bama player thrown out..

@propjoesays Just want calls to be called evenly both ways. It’s not like Bama NEEDS calls to win 🙄.

This bama team is not disciplined per but saban will clean it up I do believe it.

Aggies ......I am here. I am in CStat. Let’s beat the hell outta Bama #BTHOBAMA.

Time to clear your schedule. Separation Saturday has arrived 😳 Oklahoma-Texas. Florida-LSU. Bama-Texas A&M. MSU-Wisconsin. Penn State-Iowa. USC-Notre Dame. Week 7 predictions:.

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