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Updated: January 12th, 2022 07:37 PM IST

This dude is just JUDGING this Bama band… ““The Best Damn Band In The Land” is about 10x better”

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Lost over 150 on Bama Monday but as Matt Damon says on that crypto commercial fortune favors the brave and more specifically parlay gods like myself #RoadToEven #OnlyWednesday

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Wait, John Petty isn’t at Bama anymore? Thought sure he’d get that 8th year granted because of Covid.

Transfer portal week has already been as crazy as advertised. But now you get to add Bama/UGA players, whew, get ready.

Would love to see these young gun Bama WR reach out to @terrellowens and get some tips and training. is one of the greatest of all time. Hall would get great info with the similar body types. #RollTide

“Imma let y’all have this win but Bama still has more” 🍅🍅🍅 We do not care!

vs year-end AP ranked opponents this year: UGA, 5-1 Bama, 4-1 Baylor, 4-1 OkSt, 3-1 Cincy, 2-1 Pitt, 2-1 Ohio St, 2-2 Mich, 2-2 Miami, 2-2 Purdue, 2-2 Wake, 1-2 Clemson, 1-3 Oregon, 1-3 Iowa, 0-2 ND, 0-2

I just want to say again how impressed and appreciative I am of the way Nick Saban handled the loss. My respect for him grew far more from those actions than if Bama had won the game. A great example of grace and class in a painful moment.

Bama January 2018: “Two freshman beat UGA to win the natty!” Bama January 2022: “We lost our experienced guys last night. No wonder Georgia won.” Go Dawgs. #FTMF 😂

Then beat Bama in the Natty last night. These fans are pathetic at this point lmao

@mjohnsen23 @Joshes_Journal You finished with the same division record and lost to UT. That’s called a head-to-head tie breaker… Granted Kentucky doesn’t play Bama and the 2nd best SECW team every year.

@JS_Bama_Fan Feel free to charge and block grown babies that are not positively supporting those incredible hard working young men ♥️🐘💃🏻


@DSDeputyMarshal I’m gonna blame this in Sabans offensive coordinator in Bill OBrien. He sucked in Houston and sucked in Bama

@BonafideBreaks Praise Publicly, Criticize Privately. Reason why he is where he is. Likewise not a huge Bama fan but respect Saban.

@katelyn_heffler Got his worst Bama roster in the playoff era to the Natty with a lead late and a million

A little disappointed, yes… mad at the world or sad enough to cry like a baby, absolutely not! BAMA had a great season despite all the injuries, but guess what… we still have the 🐐 Saban and an incredible team returning. I love our chances for next season! #RollTide 🥋🐘🏈😤

@ron_humphrey I know. I should have more faith. Especially after the routing they gave Michigan, but Bama has a sneaky way of pulling wins out of their ass in the end. Will never forget Clemson

Congrats to my Dawgs friends! Been a long time for you and I know it means so much. I know Bama can’t win every year but always good when the SEC takes it all. It’ll take a minute to move on so I appreciate your prayers during this difficult time. 🤣


@SwitzoSN i mean he’s definitely right about control the line of scrimmage and even when bama won their 1v1s they dropped em so he has a point

Lol facts kirk sucked UGA🍆 the entire He aint have nun good to say bout Bama💯

@_Juice_80 Yea you gotta understand matchups man they don’t understand UGA probably don’t beat Bama if just one of them WR’s healthy

@SportsGuyLance I can’t either. Which is why I’m at Waffle House listening to a Bama fan whine.

I get it…..year after year Bama wins the natty, so seeing them lose it this year and to Georgia feels good to the majority. But if they had won….folks would be talking about how Saban is a once in a lifetime coach and we’re watching history in the making.

Live: Bama ML/Club America W DC Trust that no one else in the world has this parlay going


I just want 1 spring in a UGA/Bama conditioning program. Get me right with some deer spray too, lol.

@Wookiee4ND The kind of speed and athleticism we have coming in, it’s similar to what Bama has out there tonight

Great catch from George Pickens for a monster gain after the 1st down. That was followed by another 1st down. Dawgs are in business at the Bama 19.

This dude is just JUDGING this Bama band… ““The Best Damn Band In The Land” is about 10x better”

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Let’s go, Bama!!!! Let’s get that natty! #NationalChampionship #RollTide

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All money today has been on Bama folks. We’re probably gonna end up needing Georgia

My final @AP_Top25 poll: 1/2-Bama/UGA result 3-Michigan 4-Baylor 5-Cincinnati 6-Okla St 7-Ohio St 8-Mich St 9-OU 10-Kentucky 11-NDame 12-Ole Miss 13-Utah 14-Arkansas 15-Pitt 16-BYU 17-Wake 18-Louisiana 19-Houston 20-Utah St 21-NC St 22-A&M 23-Wisconsin 24-Clemson 25-San Diego St

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