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BTS has arrived at the #GRAMMYs. The biggest thing tonight on social will HANDS DOWN be their presence. No band or fan base was as massive and influential on social media in my years at @GMA as @BTS_twt was. Mind-blowing. #TearItUpBTS.

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A Band deu a notícia era 13h51, depois que o Mitre já tinha informado a família. A Veja, num total desrespeito, fez isso 15 minutos antes sem a mínima necessidade.

3月27日に、asian gothic label3タイトル同時リリース! GLARE SOUNDS PROJECTIONの1stフルアルバム、sans visage限定LP、the band apart(naked)ライブ会場限定シングルの一般流通を開始します!詳細は.

So here I sound at this Italian club tonight and this guy from LRB shows up and plays piano and sings. Fuckin Little River Band in the house and all I can think about is Will Ferrell in “The Other Guys” 😂😂😂.

On the next edition of “The Darkest Hour”, Tues 1-3 am, music from Greece, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, & Armenia, a collaboration between Ry Cooder & Bhatt (playing an instrument of his own creation, the Mohan Veena), & music from jazz composer Miho Hazama & her big ,.

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I’ve said this seven times now. Eldians had the band to identify themselves as a member of a race of cannibal giants. They are not Jews..

@TRENCHKlD a vEry drunk homeless man rambled to my best friend and i about his comedy career aspirations for about twenty long minutes. he even tried to convince he was in the band. after the scariest twenty minutes of my life, a random honorable citizen got him to leave us alone..


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@austin_forney @AggieFanatico No. Flat out answer is no. Even if we’d managed to beat Kansas the answer will still be no. Over the last 5 years of seeing the selection committee screw over small schools band small conferences the wac will always be a one bid league.

o vídeo dos taxistas em frente à band homenageando o boechat é de encher os olhos d’água. se há alguma coisa boa restante no fundo de cada um, essa coisa reside onde há algum afeto..

This Wood duck was found coated in tar sands oil after the Mayflower Oil Spill in 2013. A band of volunteers including myself took to the forests to find any and all injured wildlife we could in hopes of saving them. This Wood duck was later released back into the wetland..

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@tmorello Yes. Ask this. Why didn’t Gene find our colab band title, “Kiss owes me an apology for the Elder” as funny as we did? #shandisaddiction #doctorlube.

Also on radio this morning - a South American? band said a blabla-haha joke on winter wind in the Midwest being like fire burning your skin - hahaha I thought it was a very trite saying - kind of like the end of the day which I hear a lot after I write something new.

“how can I be forgiven when I’m trying to forgive my fucking self?” always an extreme pleasure working with @xkallierose please HIRE HER TO SHOOT PICTURES FOR YOUR BAND!!!!.

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uma moça falando na band que o boechat estava vivo no incêndio pedindo ajuda 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔.

A testemunha falou agora pouco na band q o boechat chegou a sobreviver e pediu ajuda mas alguém interviu e ela não ajudou, ai explodiu e ele ficou no ções de segundos que poderiam ter salvado uma vida. Que difícil! #Boechat.

Trey Anatasio Band returns! 5/28 - St. Petersbrug, FL - Jannus Live 5/29 - St. Augustine, FL - St. Augustine Amphitheatre 5/31 + 6/1 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle For full details:.

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2015 foi um ano que ouvi muito rádio, em especial o Boechat, lembro claramente de quando ele deu uma sumida da bancada do band news e voltou contando pro Brasil inteiro da sua depressão e de seu tratamento. uma luz no nosso jornalismo, virou estrelinha..

Assistia o Band News por causa do boechat, vai ser difícil achar um jornalista em quem confiar..

Perdemos um grande jornalista hoje, eu acompanhava todo dia o grande Boechat na Band News, que noticia triste..

Chohtay bhen bhai ki aadhi zindagi motor kholnay or band krnay me guzar jaate ha ☻.

Mais um luto nessa semana na Band. E que perda trágica. O apresentador do Jornal da Band estava no helicóptero que bateu no caminhão agora a pouco em SP. Início de 2019 complicado esse..

Quando moleque, ouvia as notas sagazes do Boechat em meio a seu noticiário. Nos tempos de ECO-UFRJ, passei algumas vezes por ele na Band em Botafogo. No @JornalOGlobo, descobri seu lado colunista de muito antes. Meus pais ainda riam sempre das piadas dele com o @jose_simao. Duro..

Acabamos de perder o Jornalista e âncora da TV Bandeirantes e Rádio Band New FM Ricardo Boechat numa queda de helicóptero na Rodovia Anhanguera! Deus conforte a família e amigos..

BTS has arrived at the #GRAMMYs. The biggest thing tonight on social will HANDS DOWN be their presence. No band or fan base was as massive and influential on social media in my years at @GMA as @BTS_twt was. Mind-blowing. #TearItUpBTS.

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Do you remember adorable Koya? 💕🐨 She’s grown up a lot in the last three months! Koya received her name from the @BTS_ARMY Australia in honour of Namjoon from the world famous band, BTS, who created the cartoon character ‘Koya.’ So cute!.

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