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Happy 25th anniversary of the day Barney the Dinosaur exploded on live TV. #MacysThanksgivingParade #Macys.

PDC Darts
PDC Darts

BARNEY HAS DONE IT! 👁🐅 Raymond van Barneveld beats Gerwyn Price to reach his first TV ranking in almost six years! Unbelievable scenes in Wolverhampton! #GSOD | QF 📺.

PDC Darts
PDC Darts

BRILLIANT BARNEY! 👏 Astonishing scenes in Wolverhampton, as Raymond van Barneveld recovers from 8-3 down to dump out reigning champion Gerwyn Price and secure his place in the Grand Slam semi-finals! #GSOD | QF.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by PDC Darts,PDC Darts on twitter tweets Barney Photo
PDC Darts
PDC Darts

157 FROM BARNEY! Quite incredible things are happening on the stage right now, as Raymond van Barneveld lands a 157 checkout for a seventh straight leg! #GSOD | QF 📺.

Richarlison’s balletic barnstormer is a great Brazil World Cup moment | Barney Ronay.

@slimeboiss Same with Henry from nmh, Wheatley from portal, Barney from half-life, and Gabstablook from undertale.

🅱️🅱️ Smith 9⃣-8⃣ Van Barneveld Bully Boy crashes in a brilliant 1⃣0⃣8⃣ checkout, but Barney breaks back immediately with 56. 📺 Watch live! ➡️ #GrandSlamofDarts.

Fare thee well Dad. A long life, lived well, loved by many, respected by all. RIP Barney x.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by Paddy McPoland,Paddy McPoland on twitter tweets Barney Photo



@fluffval i never have a good comp on breeze. it’s like the three fuckin stooges and barney.

@TheDartsReferee I’d rather give you a sack back and crack than see the biggest moaner in darts since Barney win a major #anybodybutsmith.

Mam wrażenie, że Barney każdą podwójną kończy ostatnią lotką w ręce. Niesamowity jest pod tym względem.

🅱️ Smith 1⃣0⃣-9⃣ Van Barneveld Another 12-darter, another break of throw as Barney punishes two missed darts at a double from Smith. 📺 Watch live! ➡️ #GrandSlamofDarts.


@_B___S This is Barney rescue dog with issues, this is how he met us then rolled over for a belly rub, still got issues, he’s a lovable pain, wouldn’t change him.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by Dave Newsham 🇮🇲,Dave Newsham 🇮🇲 on twitter tweets Barney Photo

Ma Barney nelle pause prende qualche ricostituente? Ogni volta che rientra guadagna leg come contro Iceman#DAZN180.

Nicole Violet Nydia Theresa #北京 Ethel Barney #武汉 Curitis Hoover.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by 实 体 门 店 惠州/宁波/盐城/郑州/大连/烟台/山东/武汉/南通/佛山/泉州/天津,实 体 门 店 惠州/宁波/盐城/郑州/大连/烟台/山东/武汉/南通/佛山/泉州/天津 on twitter tweets Barney Photo

TF2 Fact: Team Fortress 2 was banned from England, because Barney Calhoun done did it..

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by Cool TF2 Facts!,Cool TF2 Facts! on twitter tweets Barney Photo

Freda Barney Victoria Patience #深圳 Erin Ivan #成都 Howar Ingersoll.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by 实 体 门 店 惠州/宁波/盐城/郑州/大连/烟台/山东/武汉/南通/佛山/泉州/天津,实 体 门 店 惠州/宁波/盐城/郑州/大连/烟台/山东/武汉/南通/佛山/泉州/天津 on twitter tweets Barney Photo

Gianni Infantino does his Football Jesus act during bizarre monologue on Qatar | Barney Ronay.

@dragons_tips @OfficialPDC Presume a bit of animosity from Smith’s comments when Barney got in PL ahead of him a few years ago.

Por qué la canción dice una flor celeste, del Jacaranda? Si es más violeta que Barney.

bu hayatta hep marshall gibi biri olurum diye düşünürken artık barney gibi biri olmaya karar verdiğin o evre.

1⃣SONGS of 1923: Je cherche après Titine, Rose of the Rio Grande, Weather Bird, Dipper Mouth Blues, Angry, Amapola, Mi viejo amor, Mexicali Rose, Sleep, Old King Tut, Stella, Barney Google, Wolverine Blues, Kitty Clyde, Oh Baby, Tears, Mad, The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else.

Barney Photo,Barney Photo by Henri de Lagardère,Henri de Lagardère on twitter tweets Barney Photo

i expected to hear “GBOAH!” and for buildings to be leveled and everybody within a 25M radius going deaf. Wait — am i thinking of a Barney float or a really wicked bomb —.

@KrigorLM q o ted e o marshall ficam chapados num festival e a robin e o barney traem seus respectivos companheiros.

@Super70sSports How can you have a picture of Barney Miller and not have Fish in there?.

I can’t believe I’m “Remember that time I saw #Barney explode right in front of my family and heartbroken baby cousin when we went to the #MacysThanksgivingDayParade 25 YEARS ago?” years old….

@RandomTraderGuy @DannyDeraney I remember Barney but I did not remember the human drama at ground level.

@DannyDeraney Very sad day! Do any of you know how much it money to have a balloon in the Macy’s parade? Barney was a very loved character by kids..

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