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DOJ investigations/prosecutions will move forward in earnest. Trump/Barr decimated the DOJ. Garland will fix what Trump/Barr broke and move us in the direction of justice. I’m sure of it.

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Bryan Dawson
Bryan Dawson ()

“Democrat” @JoeManchinWV and Republicans oppose Neera Tanden, a highly qualified woman, for some “mean” (but accurate) Tweets but voted to confirm Bill Barr who, when asked, said he didn’t know what the Emoluments Clause was? OK. @neeratanden

Kimberley Johnson
Kimberley Johnson ()

Was it Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, M Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Jim Jordan Lindsey Graham, Gums Trump, Don Jr, Ivanka, Screamy Guilfoyle, Kellyanne, Roger Stone, Bill Barr, Stephen Miller, Smokey Eye Sanders, My Pillow Guy? So many

Sailor_Kaalia ()

@SenTedCruz @seanhannity Bill Barr literally acted as the personal attorney for the President.

Sarkar_Aditya ()

Under Shashi & Sumeet production house jinke under Rhea Tu Sooraj kar chuki hai 😌 I hope iss barr bhi offer karein & tbh it is the best running show of Bengal ❤ Fingers crossed 😌 #RheaSharma

Sheesh ()

@tedcruz who the hell do you think you are? Trump and Barr were so corrupt they both should be in prison and you have the nerve to go after Obama. You truly are a POS. Go back to Cancun.


@JudgeGarland told the crook Senators he ain’t the president lawyer but the people’s LAWYER, can Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr the fixer/trump Roy Cohn speaks loudly who he works for? 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿

Nell ()

Is Cruz fucking serious asking if Merrick Garland if he will be partisan? Does the name Bill Barr ring a bell, huh?

Cman ()

@RepSpeier Fact of the matter is he will keep politic out of the AG office as it should Barr on the other hand had no morales and demonstrated over his career that his ideas of the rule of law were distorted

TCTeacher ()

@SenTedCruz weaponizing the DoJ under Obama, but NOT A DAMN WORD ABOUT BARR??? Are you kidding??? #CruzHypocrite

Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver ()

As opposed to the famous evenhandedness of the Sessions/Barr Justice Dept.

ConsciousFury 2020
ConsciousFury 2020 ()

@JohnJHarwood Let’s help Flying & Lying Cruz remember the last four years with Bill Barr acting as Trump’s personal lawyer. #ResignTedCruz

Tina Z 🇺🇸🇬🇷
Tina Z 🇺🇸🇬🇷 ()

@RepSpeier Shameful bunch of GOP hypocrites asking this after they let Barr cover for Trump.

Hope🇺🇸 ()

I guess Ted Cruz was missing for 4 years or in Cancun Mexico and missed so much between Trump & Barr. Since Barr was working for Trump and not American People. 🤔

Richard A. Sands
Richard A. Sands ()

@donwinslow Whar he attempted to criticize the Obama administration about is everything **Trump and Barr tried doing! @tedcruz is a disastrous partisan hack!

Ky Dem
Ky Dem ()

And the fact that Barr promptly answered yes to the question and was downright criminal as AG

IrishDem ❄️🌊
IrishDem ❄️🌊 ()

#Barr told the cop that murdered George Floyd not to plead guilty.

Glenn Kirschner
Glenn Kirschner ()

DOJ investigations/prosecutions will move forward in earnest. Trump/Barr decimated the DOJ. Garland will fix what Trump/Barr broke and move us in the direction of justice. I’m sure of it.

Life Is Good Now!😎
Life Is Good Now!😎 ()

@marianne_levine Hmm. I seem to recall many extremely partisan words AND actions from Kavanaugh, Barr, and Sessions. What’s the difference between her and them? Rhetorical question- the answer is painfully obvious.

Kathy Bruno
Kathy Bruno ()

@kaitlancollins Manchin voted for Sessions, Barr and care to ask him and have him explain how THEY were not too partisan, but Neera Tanden is?? #Hypocrite

Michael B
Michael B ()

Yet, @Sen_JoeManchin voted to approve Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, and Brett Who the hell is paying him off?

Caravan Health
Caravan Health ()

The @340BCoalition Winter Conference features Caravan Founder Lynn Barr, VP Joe Iovino, & a virtual booth. Tune in to hear how to maximize your 340B potential - our own experts are speaking on Tues, Feb. 23 at 1pm ET. #340BConf

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(((Claudia Miles ❄️)))
(((Claudia Miles ❄️))) ()

@Sen_JoeManchin Senator, you voted to confirm Bill Barr. You voted to confirm Jeff Sessions. We just went through four brutal years during which time Twitter was an outlet. Neera Tanden is more than qualified. Joe Biden needs her. PLEASE confirm her. #Manchin #ConfirmTanden

Kenneth ()

@ilyseh Maybe Manchin learned his lesson after Barr. Doesn’t want to vote in another abhorrent POS.

Ernest Hopkins
Ernest Hopkins ()

@Sen_JoeManchin you voted for Bill Barr, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, etc. A President deserves to get their cabinet through and shouldn’t be stopped by you. Shame!

Noticias y Tendencias
Noticias y Tendencias ()

Una manta fue colgada en un puente ubicado en la ciudad de #Chihuahua, dirigida al fiscal de Estados Unidos, Wiliam Barr, y a Alejandro Gertz Manero, titular de la @FGRMexico, en la que señalan a varias personas como autores intelectuales de la masacre de los Lebarón en #Sonora.

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Robert Coleman
Robert Coleman ()

@JRubinBlogger @MalcolmNance But he voted for sessions and Barr. He’s to be primaried

No one is a Nasty Woman
No one is a Nasty Woman ()

@ResisterDude @JenOnTheBlock7 Apparently, he was fine with Bill Barr, but has trouble with an outspoken woman.

John W. Dean
John W. Dean ()

A compliment supported by the leading Jackson scholar, no less. See John Barrett’s comments in the thread that follows. DOJ is going from Bill Barr’s corrupt snake pit to the esteemed institution it will become under the new attorney general, Merrick Garland.

Pam Keith, Esq.
Pam Keith, Esq. ()

So let me see if I got this: @Sen_JoeManchin voted for Bill Barr, the worst AG in American history, whom Joe later claimed to regret approving; and voted yes on Kavanaugh, who was credibly accused or SEXUAL ASSAULT to be on the SCOTUS a for the rest of his life; but rejects

Adam Housley
Adam Housley ()

Durham was never writing a report. He’s expanded the investigation at least twice including last fall. Then his title was changed by Barr.

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