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You either die a vampire, or live long enough to see yourself become The Batman.

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あんかけ@Batman damned ()


Down trodden average man (not an elite) ()

@spacetwinks @tomkatsumi I would love them to make a childish daft Batman movie like the Adam west one

Foxy🐀year of the fat rat👑 ()

10 films to know me: batman: mask of the phantasm scooby-doo on zombie island the fantastic mr. fox transformers aquaman star wars: a new hope the great mouse detective the land before time sequels (any) the lego movie godzilla vs. king ghidorah

Yamirah ()

I don’t hate it and the design itself isn’t bad. It’s just so stiff for me and I don’t think Batman is a character who should look stiff unless he is purposely wearing a Batsuit that take away his agility.

DC Comics MX ()

¿Cómo que Selina Kyle no ha sido la única que ha querido llevar a Batman al altar? El Hombre Murciélago ha tenido más bodas de las que imaginas. Conócelas aquí

Collier “CJ” Jennings ()

Batman is all about Bruce Wayne taking the pain he’s suffered and forming it into a weapon to use against evil. So I’m cool with that.

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Antonio Lentini ()

@riotqueer666 Spero che la buttino su Batman from the future, così avrebbe minimamente senso

Gabriel - Batcaverna ()

Queria entender porque as pessoas não gostam do seriado de 66. Não é meu favorito, mas se não fosse Adam West e companhia o Batman não seria tão conhecido e talvez nem fosse assim tão popular na DC. Tem que respeitar sim.

Daniel ()

@enigmamermaid It’s really good but I need to hear the whole thing It’s obvious better than Junkie’s Batman theme

DC Comics MX ()

¿Notaste estas influencias en el traje de #RobertPattinson para #TheBatman? 😯👇🦇

Heroina do lixo ()

Se for no presente a Dc oficialmente mandou um vai se foder pro Batman do e que o chororo comece.

Julieta contemporânea ()

@thiaguinho2206 Não tem lado negativo do RoBAT ser o Batman depois de “The Lighthouse”

NiceGuy48 ()

Strangest thing, after the procedure the doctor said “Bigfoot and Batman are coming to dinner.” Well, it sounded more like “you should avoid alcohol today”, but either way I interpreted it as ‘some shit that just ain’t gonna happen’.

That one Spider-Guy ()

This This is is Batman Cosplay

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Mark Tha Monk ()

I would LOVE if this batman character is a cocaine addict lmfao!

GothamKnightReturns ()

As mentioned by @dccueva_bdc, what if @mattreevesLA is going to release a camera test for other characters in different colours? Reeves has said Dark Victory is one of his favourite Batman stories.

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O roteirista do filme, Mattson Tomlin, curtiu este tweet 👀 - Batman: Vermelho - Charada: Verde - Catwoman: roxo - Pinguim: Azul Todos inspirados nas capas de Batman: Dark Victory!!! Que isso realmente aconteça! #TheBatman🦇

Príncipe Payaso del Crimen ()

@soybatfan Sí, a mí los costurones en el traje de Catwoman me encantan, con su contenido metafórico Sin embargo, en el de Batman creo que restan parte de la majestuosidad a la que estaba acostumbrado n trajes cinematográficos

ファニング姉妹 ()

ロバート・パティンソン版バットマンのビジュアルが初公開! 『ザ・バットマン』のスクリーンテスト

Priyank Parmar ()

The Batman (2021) 🔥|| Sound 🔊 . Reminds me when we got that test footage of Joker (2019). THIS movie is gonna be lit af! Well at this moment we can only hope. I am getting the Arkham Knight vibes and I am loving it♥️ #RobertPattinson #TheBatman

Red Lantern Reviews ()

@BenliciaWarrior The more I look at it the more I can get into it. Especially as an old and early iteration of Batman’s costume. I do agree though I feel like it’s time to step away from super armored Batman and let him be sleeker and more refined

Beto Philho 🌐™ ® ()

@mariadegoladah Desculpa, mas enterrar? Jura que não falou isso brincando? Kkkkk porque pode ter certeza que levando em consideração o fator fidelidade de postura, interpretação e figurino, o batman do affleck não fica atras de ninguem, mt pelo contrario, vai ser dificil superar e enterrar ele.

🔞 themasochist 🔞 ()

@JAcklesFakes yas kings! was this a batman vs superman thing or a hunter vs witcher thing?

Já se lida? ()

Christian Bale vai ser sempre, para mim, o melhor Batman. Eu respeito as vossas opiniões mas tenho a minha obrigado

GileadRoland - Ciaphas ()

@mattreevesLA First time ever I thought I could beat his ass about Batman. He would be a good Terry from Batman Beyond, but this is not Bruce.

Superheroesrock ()

@ruthless_sucka2 @DiscussingFilm kind of but in origins he was already batman for two years and was in his third year but in this movie he’ll be in his second year

MovieAddict Malaysia ()

Pandang pertama #RobertPattinson mengenakan kostum rasmi #Batman untuk penggambaran filem terbarunya.

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IGN ()

You either die a vampire, or live long enough to see yourself become The Batman.

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Return to the world of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES in BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE — a new digital-first series beginning this April 🦇 @EW shares a first look:

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