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JUST IN: Judge McFadden has ruled that Pauline BAUER, a sovereign citizen who represented herself in a bench trial, is guilty of five charnges related to Jan. 6, including obstruction..

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Atención, Televisa, Javier Tejado y Michel Bauer, nos vemos esta noche en el #MartesDelJaguar a las 8 pm..

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Meanwhile, upstairs Judge Trevor McFadden has convicted Pauline Bauer, of Pennsylvania, on all five counts in her Jan. 6 case, including one felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding. Bauer chose to represent herself pro se. Sentencing set for 5/1..

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Sad but not surprising at with of a.

🚨BREAKING-Another one bites the dust!! Pauline Bauer has been indicted on major federal felonies!! These J6ers refusing to accept plea deals are really not panning out well for themselves, but we who want justice are elated!!#NeverForgetJanuary6th.

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Also, if you still want Trevor Bauer in a #Reds uniform, I’d recommend checking to make sure the carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working properly because clearly your brain is not functioning at its full capacity..

@Horst512 Da handle ich lieber nach dem Grundsatz: Wos da Bauer ned kennd, des frisst er a ned!.

@tyler_sledgemlb @yanks_meg I had a feeling cause every time I saw him, he squicked me in a way that was similar to Bauer. There was something off about him and maybe 2023 is when abuse gets cracked open.

@nalbeadz @soxmachine_josh No, they suspended Bauer indefinitely while waiting for the investigation to complete. That lasted 2 years; then they finally cut him..

@SuckaFree1on1 @TalkingFriars Bauer and him both outta the division. We don’t need those bums, ruining a good division rivalry.


not surprised one bit about clevinger. he was close with bauer. both are scumbags. hope he rots.

@DevineGospel bauer is in the league. anyone could sign him at a moments notice. same cant be said about the child abuser bashing bauer over some dumb lying bitch in 2023 is crazy to me.

@tyler_sledgemlb @yanks_meg And the fact that he and Bauer were friends really tells all.

him and bauer being best friends in cleveland makes perfect sense now.

It is honestly wild that Trevor Bauer and Clevinger were on the same Indians (Guardians) team in 2019, and now both will have/are about to serve long DV suspensions..

@ShaunV78 The only good pitcher on the market is Bauer but that wouldn’t be a good move.

@POTUS Some of the items dated from Biden’s tenure in the Senate, where he represented Delaware from 1973 to 2009, Bauer said. And some of the items were from his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration, from 2009 through 2017..

Getting the Koze/Bauer treatment here. Can he overcome the death sentence that is pre season praise from Gary for a very young player?.

Cut the POS and treat him just like Bauer. He should never see another mound again..

@MetalClassicist Isn’t that an adjective? So it would properly read: Gregory Nansiansus? (Instead of “of”).

Just cut Clevinger and eat your losses This organization is fucking BRAIN DEAD Go sign Bauer next you fucking jabronis.

@Pads1818 Urias was punished for pushing his girlfriend down to the ground during an argument. He was suspended, had anger management courses and therapy, showed remorse, and has been a model citizen since. Bauer gets off hurting and humiliating women, had the longest suspencion in MLB.

Der Bauer aus der Mark - Was ist mit dem Satz zur Erhaltung der Energie?.

Mike Clevingers accuser is also not sparing that human shit stain Trevor.

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Nobody tell Rick Hahn that Trevor Bauer is currently available please.

Der Bauer hatte noch eine 100€ Rechnung beim Dachdecker offen. Zack- schnell ist er schuldenfrei. Der Dachdecker erinnerte sich an seine Liaison mit einer „freizügigen“ Dame dieser Stadt für die er 100 € anschreiben ließ. 3/6.

@BigTontoLove Obviously insignificant compared to this, but it reminds me of when they forced Clev to be accountable for covid protocol violation and Bauer for throwing a hissy fit on the mound in KC.

Josh Mach has resigned as head coach of the Rapid City Central girls basketball team, school activities director Jordan Bauer announced Tuesday afternoon..

Check out this listing I just found on #Poshmark: ✨HOST PICK✨ Eddie Bauer men’s winter gloves NWOT!. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp.

@MrJonasDanner Es sollen doch gar keine Russen getötet werden, nur russische Bestien, Vergewaltiger, Kinderschänder und Folterknechte auf ukrainischem Grund und Boden. Ein gewaltiger Unterschied! Der gemeine Russe darf gerne weiter als Bauer in Russland arbeiten und seine Kriegsschulden tilgen..

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