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Let’s go Bayley!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DamageCTRL #WWERaw.

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Bloodline segment ran too long, Original plans for Bayley vs. Becky Lynch were scrapped from #WWERaw #WWE.

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I was hoping for a cage match, Bayley and Damage CTRL beat Becky Lynch inside the cage and the match never got officially started. First down moment of the show. I was looking forward to that #RawXXX #WWERaw.

Becky Lynch vs Bayley in a steel cage match is set for next week! Hell yeah! #WWERAW.

Becky Lynch posts throwback picture with Bayley before their Raw 30 match.

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@WWEGareth That was a epic episode. People complain about anything. Yet both Charlotte and Bianca got normal camera time and Bianca had her normal march. I’m willing to bet Bayley and Becky will main event a Raw or be on ple.

Morning everyone, especially that person who bought a book off my store 😁 I spent all my money on Bayley haha so rubbing pennies together until payday! As is custom, payday is after my birthday this year 🤣.

Butter wouldn’t melt! 🐶🦴🐾 #GeorgeTheStaffie #StaffordshireBullTerrier.

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That person thought they escaped Bayley’s sign ripping fest 😭.

Charlotte really doesn’t know how to cut a face promo. Her HOF speech is going to be a mess. How are you not going to mention Sasha, Becky or Bayley? If she’s mentioning Brie she should also mention Natalya..

Bayley vs Becky next week in a steel cage they really stacking that show up next week #WWERaw.

@Hells_Harley Bayley and Becks in leggings, then Iyo vs. Michin and now Alexa. All on a day that I took a break from simping. 🤦.

Proud of Mia and Candice, showing damage Ctrl what they are Now it’s my turn next week to show Bayley what she is exactly, just like how her buddy Iyo lost tonight..

@TrippTheBro Heck yes they will! Honestly, it would be best if they just let those two just do promo battles completely on the fly. Becky & Bayley could easily come up with better material than Creative..

We didn’t get the advertised steel cage match between Bayley and Becky Lynch since Damage Ctrl beat down Becky so that kinda sucked tbh. 😮‍💨🤦🏽‍♂️ #RAW30 #RAWXXX.

@MercinWade If it now sets up something bigger, then good. Bayley needed a great match tonight more than that segment they did.

@MichaelGillis1 Didnt feature the women much tonight. Refused to mention Sasha and disrespected Bayley & Becky with that garbage segment.


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Me during the first hour of #RAW30 : WWE is the greatest thing to ever happen to the human race Me “Bayley vs Becky” onwards: i hate Vince McMahon with my life and he will pay.

@SaifQuadri Especially for a match featuring Becky & Bayley. Two main event level women..

Bayley explains why Damage CTRL attacked Becky Lynch on RAW XXX causing the Steel Cage match to be canceled .

@TripleH I really have enjoyed your #WWEBooking in your tenure so far the past 8/9 months or so in your current regime,and it really enjoyable entertaining exciting at most times really appreciate the great long-term storytelling in storylines,feuds,but Bayley,Becky DeserveBetter.

@CatchNewz Euh dans la vidéo tu voie trish stratus, lita qui gagne le titre contre trish justement , Ronda , Charlotte Sasha , Bayley, Alexa Bliss ,on voie pas certaines catcheuse et pourtant je les voie absolument pas ce plaindre.


@WWEGareth I saw one tweet saying that the women deserve better and that they should’ve kept the Becky and bayley match on but cut the Bianca match. Like that’s still doing what the person is complaining about 🤣🤣.

@MaidenEngland96 Bayley’s tweet (even though it was in character) makes me think that she’s hears the frustration from everyone.


@ChanceOSadness For A: themselves or for the B: collective? The answer to B is…Bayley….and….. ……………. …………. Just Bayley..

Great segment between Bayley and Becky there Becky vs Bayley steel cage match next week will be a banger #WWERaw.

@TWrestlingGirls Last I checked Bayley was Latina. Did white people gentrify Karen too?.

Becky vs Bayley in a steel cage match next week. Bayley ran right into that one. She definitely hesitated after the last bit. She is scared of going at it alone against Becky. #WWERAW.

The beginning of that Bayley/Becky promo was awful with the Karen stuff. The last 75% of the promo? Amazing. Both of them brought it back and absolutely killed it 🔥 #WWERaw.

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