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Updated: January 12th, 2022 03:37 PM IST

DOWN GOES THE LAST UNDEFEATED TEAM ‼️ @TexasTechMBB storms back from down 15 to upset No. 1 Baylor.

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@ImJoostin It all depends on how the game is officiated. Flagler got in foul trouble for us this game. I think they are very similar styles to Baylor. I think Baylor is more talented but Tech is stronger or at least they were this game

@echo_chamberz This lunatic needs to be stopped and Baylor needs to be raided like the Chinese Consulate in Houston was in 2020

No more unbeatens in college hoops with Baylor and USC losing Tuesday AGBU/Canoga Park still unblemished at 13-0 after a 61-50 Independence League victory against Buckley Granada Hills-transfer Andrew Keshishian has been instrumental in the Titans start AGBU at de Toledo, Thur

@AlexVita9 @Bill_Maxwell_ I taught at Baylor in the late 1980s, and I can vouch for the fact that there were some students there in those years who grew up to become rightwing idiots. They were definitely not the good students.

NCAA CBB: Texas Tech upsets No. 1 Baylor on road for second top-10 win this week ...

cc: @TreBos10 look at that 3rd quarter production! The guy from Baylor knows how to make adjustments baby

@WVUhoops Kansas and Baylor couldn’t come at a better time! Let’s Gooooo!!🔥💛💙🏀

🏀 @AuburnMBB is tied with Baylor for the best record in the country at 15-1. #WarEagle

Just saw the number 1 ranked undefeated Baylor bears lost today. So how many times have the 1 seed lost this year??? This is why I tend to stay away from CBB

@Diva4Speed @BTurnt Not gonna lie, I bought Baylor season tickets just to watch that fella play. Worth every penny.

@CameronCBlack my 21 team parlay didn’t hit. I hate Baylor. This baby did though. I have another one in the works I’m just waiting for a tennis match to finish 😂

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@BaylorMBB Tough battle for Baylor tonight, but honestly I wouldn’t be worried@if I were a Bears fan. This just proves that every single team is beatable It’s not a bad loss, but it’s not great that they lost at home That being said, I still expect Baylor to win the Big12

Wait wait wait they put BAYLOR in front of us??? Lmao😂😂😂

w no shannon this is a impressive win. but piss poor performance by baylor in the 2nd half

@MitchellCox15 I absolutely think you have a strong argument for #1 given Baylor went down tonight and #2 Gonzaga we throttled and y’all went into Coleman tonight and got the dub. Might not be the best team in CBB but y’all absolutely are the hottest/best team rn.

@BaylorBears247 That happens in Women’s basketball (last week in fact), but not in men’s basketball. A 2-loss Gonzaga will pass a 1-loss Baylor. Those are the rules.

Can’t imagine what Lubbock is like this evening…wait I lived there for 10 years and it was desolate. Baylor fans need to hang their heads high this evening due to not having to wake up every morning in the middle of BFE. #SicEm #WreckEm

@eisner_ryan @TBracketology for a team like Loyola, it’s hard to teach that lesson after another win like this. Somehow Drew Valentine needs to figure out how to get that message through. Baylor learns that lesson in a Q1 loss where they stay a number 1 seed.

There is no team in college basketball more uneven than Alabama. Definitely seems like they peaked, but they could roll Baylor tomorrow. So weird.

No. 19 Texas Tech ends No. 1 Baylor men’s basketball’s 21-game win streak

And now that Baylor lost, Gonzaga will remain number one until March because they play NAIA teams for half the year.


@kyleloker Just started as well, immediately made me think of the Bunkie-Baylor tweet thread

If Auburn played Baylor right now what would everyone set the line @ReedWallach not directed at you but thought of this question because of your tweet

NEW POST: This weren’t we up by like 17 points tho?

NEW POST: Closest Undefeated Team to Each US County (January 11, 2022)

Found out which one of my new Baylor shirts is cursed tonight though, so that’s a plus.

Congratulations to the @TexasTechMBB team who defeated #1 Baylor tonight!! 👏🏻🏀‼️😮

Before baylor fans try and spin this; This sucks. It sucks that we lost. Fake Dave is sad that we lost.

DOWN GOES THE LAST UNDEFEATED TEAM ‼️ @TexasTechMBB storms back from down 15 to upset No. 1 Baylor.

Baylor Photo,Baylor Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

DOWN GOES BAYLOR! @TexasTechMBB has taken down No. 6 Kansas and No. 1 Baylor in back-to-back games! 🔥

Baylor Photo,Baylor Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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