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my guy…having been in your position <9 months ago there is not a single aspect of my game/how i conducted myself that the live feeders are not aware of. and what is your commentary what we did see? ik you’ve gotta be more creative than the “you don’t see everything” excuse #BB24.

Let me just say something: All these grown fake sensitive HG’s acting like Taylor is offensive when they have dragged her underneath hell, need to just admit that the problem is THEM. #BB24.

now what i never had on my bingo card was kyle & joseph being the best schemers and the only ones to clock the microaggressions against taylor…¿cómo se dice…expect the unexpected? #BB24.

Daniel Durston cemented his place as one of the most reviled houseguests in recent memory. #BB24.

i’ll be waiting with this tweet when the notes app apologies inevitably come from jafar & bruno neptune after the season ends #BB24.

it’s giving “i have 2 black friends in this house, therefore i can’t be problematic toward taylor” also when i said i wanted more delusional HGs i didn’t mean the second coming of jack & jackson #BB24.

That Leo and Capricorn combination. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏻A Big Brother Classic. #BB24 #BBTwitter.

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ima need: kyle to get an - E joseph to get a - G brittany/michael to get an - O & taylor to get a - T for this masterful performance #BB24.

Terrance to Turner- I think that there is an official alliance with them (Ameerah/Daniel/Nicole). How can you say you want me to stay but I dont got your vote? #BB24.


Kyle tells Taylor when she watches the show back it’s brutal. He mentions that she needs to watch out for Jasmine. #BB24.

Turner- I think Ameerah can win this game with her hands tied behind her back. Daniel- Easily. Turner- There is a nice dude and a game winner on the block right now. Daniel- She is clearly here to compete. Turner- Ameerah has been second is almost everything #BB24.

Taylor and Alyssa bonding about guys and their organs 💀 Alyssa about to call her a swinger tomorrow to Kyle #BB24.

After losing both Paloma and Ameerah, these girls are screwed #bb24.

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If Alyssa wasnt an obessed and jealous bitch she would actually be friends with Taylor #bb24.

I really feel like if Alyssa wasn’t such a follower, her and Taylor could’ve been good friends. Because they get along when it’s just them two bc they have similarities. And I think that’s why she gets jealous when Taylor is around Kyle bc she’s a nicer version of Alyssa #BB24.

I’m not gon slander monte tonight, he been on his best behavior tonight, so imma keep my comments to myself 💀💀 #bb24.

Terrance to Turner: How do you (Nicole) tell me Im safe but I don’t have your vote?! #BB24.

Mike saying he doesn’t get why the girls don’t just include Tay. Britt saying it doesn’t make sense #BB24.

If Nicole would’ve never done that dramatic speech he wouldn’t be mad omg JSHBSHDHDJDJDJKDJDNDJDJDJDKKSKSKSKDJDKKDKDKD #BB24.

I don’t think Alyssa has talked to Taylor this long in the 20 something days they’ve been in the house #BB24.

Monte got his HoH letter. Mama said: No chicas Mama knows what’s up 😏😂 #bb24.

Joe told Taylor he switched beds with Daniel so she doesnt have to sleep next to Daniel 🥺 #bb24.

Jasmine cracked her tooth on fries that she was complaining were too soft #BB24.

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monte naming the girls who ameerah can influence but not naming brittany and taylor, king of protection #bb24.

Idc I want Brittany gone first out of the leftovers. She’s so fucking annoying #BB24.

game talk with kyle michael brittany and taylor in the kitchen, theyre questioning if joseph is really with them bc of whats going on #bb24.

I’m trying so hard not to slander el negro tn , but man he’s making it hard #BB24.

They still trying to meet. Nice to see Monte actually wants the leftovers opinion and agreement. #bb24.

The boys are impersonating Nicole lying 😂 Monte: She just says nothing (nothing thats valuable) Y’all the girls made the target on their backs huge. Barely heard anything from or about Daniel #bb24.

The only non cookout woman that deserves the love ❤️ @britinidangelo #BB24 #TheChallengeUSA.

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