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‘I fully understood what I did today when I went and voted’ This Remain voter says she voted for the Brexit Party in the European elections. #bbcqt.

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I sincerely believe that #bbcqt seeks out particular people with particular views deliberately. I sincerely believe I am not crazy and that there is an agenda..

What a sad state of affairs, when the Tories have only a sexual Deviant to offer up for #bbcqt.

#bbcqt made me realise that BAME females are still underrepresented, disrespected and not taking seriously by ignorant UNEDUCATED individuals!.

Watching #bbcqt has made me realise that our Nation is truly lost and honestly it’s quite scary to think that uneducated, ignorant people are making such rash decisions..

@reuterspictures Iran has won the allegiance of these extremist and terrorist groups and that is why it is responsible for what these groups have done. #bbcqt.

Watching the #BBCQT repeat on iPlayer. Is the entire audience made up of Brexiteers?.

...i thought ‘they’ said brexit wouldn’t lead to war? #bbcqt.

to the misinformed QT panel tonight referring to things they know nothing about, where there has been zero evidence shown , do yourselves a favour & look at the world around you #bbcqt.

I aint watching #bbcqt again. Havent watched it regularly now for a few months. Full of people. Full of fascism. And I just hate it. Thats enough..

Such A Brave Woman Standing Up To The @bbcquestiontime #bbcqt #VoteTommy.

@bbcquestiontime Bias to the point of shame. Lady taking about Tommy Robertson (not sure name) never got chance of reply. Shame on you. If I watch again and you do same again shame on me. I am out. #bbcqt.

Once again it is truly inspiring to see how sussed the great British public are, far more clued up and much better bullshit detectors than any of the muppets on stage. Well done girl. #bbcqt.

to the corrie ex star you cannot have Brexit & be in a Customs Union, the so called red lines were ensuring Brexit happened but she sold us out. It is EU that has engineered & allowed to get away with it to split the talks. They are the ones laughing at us so we must walk. #bbcqt.

Yes but never discount human stupidity or the need for some to look honourable when just #Brexit ignorant deluded. Some may think I make myself look good by accepting result no matter what. They mistake one time one vote for ever fascism for democracy. #bbcqt.

@LauraCatriona @gmpolice have a duty to publicly correct this misinformation. These continual lies fuel division hatred and could ultimately lead to violent retaliation against the police and Muslim community #BBCQT #bbcqt.

@mitsyarty @loriblue6 Yes and Bbcqt tonight had one woman can’t remember her name was downright lying about Farage and Robinson and wasn’t corrected st all . The panel on there were nearly all remain as were the audience as usual.

@bbcquestiontime Another Brexit plant #bbcqt stopped watching this garbage months ago, clearly have missed nothing!.

When the shadow secretary for early years uses this example to describe the problems facing HS2 😂 #bbcqt.

This is beyond comprehension. This voter states we need steel to make war. But the European Coal and Steel Community (set up after WWII) with the aim to make Europes steel industries interdependent, so war could NOT be waged between powers again #BBCqt.

@Alancumming @bbcquestiontime Should have seen the last one from Elgin full of Tory plants 2 Tory councillors, a Tory treasurer from Moray branch another Tory activist and an Ex Tory MSP who served for 17 years almost like a branch meeting BBCQT is so corrupt these days Alan, dinny watch this pish anymore..

#bbcqt in #BrexitShambles UK looks more and more like the Nuremberg Nazi rallies. Paraphrasing Orwell with a twist. They looked from racist Nazi to ignorant pig and wondered who was who anymore. lol.

And Fiona how much does @BBCQT pay these morons to turn up and spout absolute shit?.

[email protected] says she is more concerned about ‘the politics of hate’ than about throwing milkshakes. #bbcqt.

‘Had Remain won, that would have been the end of the argument’ This audience member says some politicians cannot accept the result of the EU referendum. #bbcqt.

‘I fully understood what I did today when I went and voted’ This Remain voter says she voted for the Brexit Party in the European elections. #bbcqt.

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