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‘They would probably vote against the Bourne Ultimatum if that ever came up as well’ @JuliaHB1 says she would be happy to leave on March 29th without a deal. #bbcqt.

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Whatever your view on the matter, asking for a 2nd referendum is like asking to replay a World Cup final cause the ref made a bad decision. #bbcqt.

@bbcquestiontime @labourlewis Absolutely right, Clive. The Tories are reluctant to take responsibility for what was an internal dispute and should never have led the country here. #GTTO #bbcqt.

#bbcqt is now trending in #Belfast.

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I’m getting all your reaction with this man to another quiet week in politics @bbc5live #QuestionTimeExtraTime #bbcqt.

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@MJH_triathlon He looks a bit like Jonathan King to wonder whatever happened to him😒 #bbcqt.

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All of this mess is distracting us from the increasing knife crime, child poverty and the endless NHS problems. Only a matter of time before we self distruct #bbcqt.

‘There are people’s futures at stake here’ This EU national says the Brexit debate should not just be about those who can ‘shout their opinion the loudest’. #bbcqt.

‘As representatives of the people, you are obliged to deliver Brexit’ This audience member says that a no-deal should not have been taken off the negotiating table. #bbcqt.

Yeah and then in another 2 years we’ll take it back to the next generation, then the next, and the next #bbcqt.

# she is right. My children said that their friends were devastated after the Brexit vote..

The Brexit referendum never precluded a second referendum so I don’t accept that a second would mean the first wasn’t honoured. Brexit was always a destination, never a roadmap, and there was nothing that said we couldn’t reverse course #bbcqt.

This should of been avoided. The Remain campaign made too many mistakes. They could of easily won. They were too busy persuading like minded people to vote for something they were going for anyway. #bbcqt.

@JamesCleverly your #BBCQT body language is that of a liar who is trying really hard not to come across as a bare faced liar..

#bbcqt Madam, indeed, there are so many youngsters deprived of a vote on the actual deal..

Have a second referendum but leave remain off the ballot paper! We voted to leave 2016, the question should now be how!! #bbcqt.

Why was there no implementation time allowed in the outcome of a no deal Brexit it would have saved billions and a lot of uncertainty for everyone. #BbcQt.

Brexiteers - we are raging the govt are not spending squillions in preparing for the No Deal apocalypse. Respect our right to have an Armageddon. Get on with it!!! #bbcqt.

No, it’s not about appeasing the 48% they are the ones who should accept the result. #bbcqt.

The Quitters are only afraid of a second vote because they know they are unlikely to get away with the deception twice.#bbcqt.

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#bbcqt voted Remain and voted Leave (turnout 72%). If there was just a 650,000 swing to Remain, then Brexit should not go ahead. Everybody (including politicians) understand much more about the real consequences to the economy and their lives #Finalsay needed.

#bbcqt. We now know what the Conservative and Labour parties truly stand for and it is not what was stated in their manifestos. With this new knowledge, what we need now, is a general election so constituents can vote for who they want to represent them..

#bbcqt Labour and SNP nothing more than posturing and engaging in some pre-election waffling. The ordinary chap understands what it is for which we voted and the soppy elected elite are out of step. Parliament is committing suicide..

Wait a minute, didn’t Scotland want independence not so long back?? Now they want to belong to something, even if it is Europe? #bbcqt.

when the vote is close in an election, we do not have another to change the result #bbcqt.

‘They would probably vote against the Bourne Ultimatum if that ever came up as well’ @JuliaHB1 says she would be happy to leave on March 29th without a deal. #bbcqt.