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Wish I was just sitting in front of the fireplace, cuddling with some cute dogs, sippin on a hot toddy, maybe Netflix and chillin, maybe some rom-com, ………..and thinking about how I ELIMINATED BECKY LYNCH FROM THE ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


group eliminations: roxanne, natalya, shayna, dana dakota: emma iyo: candice bayley: becky We are in control!!! #DamageCTRL.

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freen consegue fazer qualquer coisa, exceto parar de admirar a becky assim.

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📸 Becky’s IG Update @AngelssBecky #Beckysangels #BeckyArmstrong.

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@SimplePadresFan @ringthebelleds Understood but it’s irritating that the women didn’t get much of anything. A lot of people were looking forward to that cage match and the way they went about it was disappointing. It’s Becky and Bayley, two women wrestlers that are ALSO at the top of their game as well..

Happy 900K to you oh precious one 🥹 As you grow everyday, we’ll be growing with you as well. Remember, you deserve infinite amount of love Becky-chan. You will always be mami’s precious kid 🤏🏻 To this 900k pips & more: Let us love this kid 4ever🫶🏻 #900KSayLoveBECKY #Beckysangels.

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convo w my suitor him: who do u like more freen or becky? me: uhm both? i like them both. becky is someone i adore when it comes to visual but freen is my typa girl ‘c we have the same hobbies, faves and i rly love her overall aura. him: srsly? not me? me: were u in the choices?.

instagram - Becky #Beckysangels.

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hello my name is robin he/they (she sometimes) i stan twice stayc pixy lesserafim ateez and txt i listen to mokyo jey bloo devita and gemini i also tweet about bls, gls i watch (mostly tweet about first khao and freen becky).

@mundu_useful Yes! My niece. Agribusiness at Maasai Mara Uni. And, I thought that was straaaange! For real😅.

I wonder if Becky vs Bayley will happen in hell in a cell. That be pretty entertaining tbh.


@Ambreigns13 After years, Raw was From first hour till the last, all segments were great, bas hoped ki becky vs bayley v ho jata cage match toh jyada acha rehta 🤧.

The power of the Lord is here? Poor Joe thinks they are singing about him..

Imagine Becky & Bayley went out there and had a 8 minute cage match. You all would be bitching how they didn’t get enough time..

@indigo_playlist penyanyi spanish dia bnyk ala2 becky becky g ada ala2 hiphop mostly vocal..

@WrestlingHumble They could have easily had Becky win this match and let Damage Crtl/Bayley get their heat back by eliminating her in the Rumble. Now most like it will be Becky eliminating Bayley..

@MsCharlotteWWE not mentioning Bayley and Sasha that match was the start. No mention of Becky. I dont get it.

Becky Lynch is one of WWE’s BIGGEST STAR EVER and she single handedly changed the trajectory of women’s wrestling and Triple H had the AUDACITY to cut her match… this man is so sick🤬 #WWEWomenDeserveBetter.

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@Fightful All bark and no bite the Bella’s are. Becky’s bloody face was shown Sasha beating Charlotte for raw Women’s Championship was shown.

@myorarism does someone have a screenshot of the tweet that goes something like depression can get so bad people cant brush their teeth?? depression can get so bad people kill themselves becky because i think the vibe fits here.

@itsBayleyWWE Again you knew Becky would beat you so got help , you truly are pathetic. Go back to NXT.

@BeckyDust1 Harley gulped and slowly opened up her hot slimy mouth nice and wide for Becky, blushing as her meat pole laid along her cheek. “ it!”.

@StephanieHypes Considering ric flair and becky’s beef 2 yrs ago, not surprised why the match was cut short..


@MajorGroup Freen and Becky #ฟรีนเบค #gaptheseries.

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@MajorGroup Freen ans Becky from Gap the series 🤍 #ฟรีนเบค #gaptheseries.

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@MajorGroup Freen & Becky please 🙏🙏🙏 #ฟรีนเบค #gaptheseries.

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IJS we could have gone without the Hogan much rather would have seen Becky & Bayley have an actual.

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