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😐 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a relationship with Shapiro, who Zuckerberg has hosted at his home. According to a source who has spoken with Shapiro, Zuckerberg and Shapiro remain in direct communication.

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The Volatile Mermaid
The Volatile Mermaid ()

It’s great how Ben Shapiro is trying to defend Trump by suggesting he had the sound off when he retweeted the white power video which is basically saying “He’s not racist, he’s just careless and stupid! Checkmate, libs!”

Ashton Nguyễn
Ashton Nguyễn ()

ben shapiro looks like reviewbrah had a baby with the evil dummy from the goosebumps series

Micah Gomez (MPG13)
Micah Gomez (MPG13) ()

Donald Trump, a racist, is being racist Ben Shapiro: absolutely not “The left” is a conglomerate of Hollywood elites fabricating all known and accepted scientific studies, and wants a government-ran purge or something Ben Shapiro: oh yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying

Nathan Bernard
Nathan Bernard ()

Since Ben Shapiro is sadly trending again, here’s his take on conservative comedians

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Truthmonger ()

What Ben Shapiro says is always worth listening to but all these bumbling liberals hear something like abortion kills babies and then collectively lose their minds instead of actually acknowledging that he made a decent point.

P ()

@JasonSCampbell Never mind I was under-informed on the matter. It seemed plausible the way Ben Shapiro described it, but after seeing the WH spokesman’s response calling these people “tremendously enthusiastic supporters”, there’s no way trump doesn’t agree with these sentiments

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Brian - Black Lives Matter
Brian - Black Lives Matter ()

What a coincidence! Whenever I see a video of Ben Shapiro in my feed I make sure the sound is off, too. The smug, racist face is bad enough.

💥T👀N 💣 TIME$💥
💥T👀N 💣 TIME$💥 ()

@MarkLevineNYC @EleanorRandolph You are the biggest example of corrupt leftest/democrat management how do you look at your self in the mirror with all the people your misinformation has Shapiro exposes your criminal ineptitude #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

𝕛𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕔𝕒 𝕓𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤
𝕛𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕔𝕒 𝕓𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤 ()

@Robinsonpost Does trump have to explicitly say something anti-Semitic and “Ben Shapiro” for that man to get it or nah

Michael Renner
Michael Renner ()

(This also works with Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, any stupid fucking bigot with a four syllable name!)

Herb Santos
Herb Santos ()

@connorfletcher What is it about far right that produces weenies like Ben Shapiro, Charles Kirk and Jacob Wohl?

dest ✷
Dest ✷ ()

I can’t believe there are people out there who take Ben Shapiro seriously, tic tac lookin mf

JadahDoll🎃 ()

@BloatedPOTUS @JasonSCampbell Because Ben Shapiro is a joke and it is fun to make fun of him

Nader ()

What’s funny is that Trump probably doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Ben Shapiro yet here he is protecting him no matter the cost. Both of yall racist and the world knows it.

Jay Art ✍🏾️
Jay Art ✍🏾️ ()

Since Ben Shapiro is trending, he should’ve been **************** after this

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Lennier ()

@reedgalen “In difficult ground, press on; In encircled ground, devise stratagems; In death ground, fight.” Sun Tzu. So I guess Ben Shapiro is death ground.

The Daily Wire
The Daily Wire ()

[email protected] gives his reasons why his new book, How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps is so important! Pre-order your copy here:

Tom Desmarais
Tom Desmarais ()

@benshapiro Hi, I am Ben Shapiro. I am not as evil as I look but I do make daily excuses for our Commander in Cheat. Like Rush Limbaugh, it’s a


still mad i was talking to carpenter boy for a few days and he mentioned listening to podcasts thinking it would be like nerdy critical role and instead ben never unmatched so fast

sage beatlove
Sage beatlove ()

Ben Shapiro is a white supremacist so this surprises absolutely no one.

Jeff Partain
Jeff Partain ()

Actually, whenever Ben Shapiro appears on my timeline I turn the sound off.

Finnegan’s Awake
Finnegan’s Awake ()

Ben Shapiro postulates that trumps speakers were turned off. Ben Shapiro is a fuckwad.

MaeBee85 ()

@drmistercody Because Ben Shapiro uses it as his own defense. His last book was about how white people invented being good and his first statement was that that was in no way how he meant the book to come across.

I Kneel For Justice
I Kneel For Justice ()

@JasonSCampbell How kind of Ben Shapiro, to give don the benefit of the doubt. For a guy who is all facts, I smell a little feeling here. It’s fear. And that’s what facts should do to Bens feelings. Turn them into walking nightmares.

Metin Uras
Metin Uras ()

@MollyJongFast Yes, he would retweet a racist episode like that. He would b/c there are ass lickers exactly like ben shapiro falling over each other trying to provide a reason, some kind of weak rational to explain why he retweeted. And quite frankly neither ben or donald is not that smart.

Kelly Green
Kelly Green ()

@JasonSCampbell Except the guy also gave the white power fist pump. Was trumps picture off as well as his sound? What say you ben shapiro and jason campbell?

Anthony ()

ben shapiro has fooled people into thinking he’s an intellectual by just talking fast.

Xander Newguy
Xander Newguy ()

@JasonSCampbell Ben Shapiro thinks @realDonaldTrump just randomly retweets things without actually paying attention or giving them any thought? Ben Shapiro must think Trump is a complete idiot.

Ping ()

lmaooooooo I can tell Ben Shapiro thinks garlic powder is too spicy

Eric Hananoki
Eric Hananoki ()

😐 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a relationship with Shapiro, who Zuckerberg has hosted at his home. According to a source who has spoken with Shapiro, Zuckerberg and Shapiro remain in direct communication.

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