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Ben Shapiro is a bad person. There’s not really any more to it. He’s just a bad dude..

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No Ben just happens to be right. Does anyone study econ anymore If team A brings in $20 in revenue And team B brings in $10 In revenue Team A can pay more Stop with socialist bs Ben Shapiro Is Very Very Scared of Megan Rapinoe via @Splinter_news.

@walkinintheyard @slpng_giants Sean Hannity isn’t a bigot he’s a kooky right wing conspiracist. Tucker Carlson is he did stop us from going to war with Iran. Ben Shapiro is ok, I don’t see why his soccer opinions matter, especially to all the people sounding off who don’t even watch soccor😂.


@KellyannePolls no dear. not a catfight. aoc is an eloquent and articulate speaker. a catfight, is when lindsey graham has a hissy fit with anyone else. or when ben shapiro has a tantrum over a female soccer player..

Ben Shapiro slammed as ‘very outspoken bigot’ for calling World Cup champ Megan Rapinoe an ‘outspoken lesbian’.

Not a ben shapiro mark, but this is so original after the 12,000,000th time someone has tweeted this exactly..

The only reason Ben Shapiro has a platform because hes a very outspoken sexist rascist white this really what the world has become?.

Damn, and I thought I was thirsty (not for Ben Shapiro though).

I’m starting to think Ben Shapiro and Stephen Miller might be related. I despise them both..

99% of what the left uses against Ben Shapiro are quotes intentionally taken out of context. They have to splice segments and make stories that aren’t there because there very little ways to debunk what he says..

@antler23 @morninggloria What a treat it would be to see Ben Shapiro try to beat Megan Rapinoe at soccer.

@realDonaldTrump Project veritas? Lol. Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro? Gaetz. A who’s who of scumbags & morons. Maybe don’t act like fascists and racists and you won’t get blocked. The tech giants have terms of service agreements that you and your ilk pay no attention to. You’re a moron & so are they.

REPLAY: Virtual Pass Conference with Ben Shapiro, Liz Wheeler, Michael Knowles,.

It looks like Ben Shapiro is all riled up after that video got out of him getting pushed over in that bagel place..

Serious is Ben Shapiro and why do I give one good damn what he thinks? IF she’s getting contracts it’s because she’s an amazing soccer player and highly charismatic. That’s how the men get.

ive been thinking ben shapiro was the victorious actor for ages i b like : 🤡🤡🤡.

Ben Shapiro should run for mayor so he can set an example of what small government is..

Ben Shapiro is smart how white rappers are good because they can talk fast.

Ben Shapiro should have also mentioned @mPinoe racist brothers nazi swastika tats and how that was overlooked simply cuz she hates Trump..

does ben shapiro realize that half the people watching him just laugh at how stupid he is.

Comedian Ben Shapiro is now a sports talk host, apparently..

Ben Shapiro, the darling fake intellectual of the right, forgets to mention that Rapinoe was the Golden Boot winner, the MVP of the World Cup, the captain of the greatest women’s team in soccer, and one of the world’s best. Don’t be like Ben..

What a treat it would be to see Ben Shapiro try to play soccer against Megan Rapinoe..

And Ben Shapiro gets paid by advertisers in spite of the fact that he’s a very outspoken bigot..

Ben Shapiro is a bad person. There’s not really any more to it. He’s just a bad dude..