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The Nets are incredibly high on Ben Simmons’ return to play following his recovery from back surgery in May, @ShamsCharania writes. More intel:.

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REPORT: After a game 3 loss to the Celtics, Nets players asked Ben Simmons in a group chat if he was going to play in game 4. Simmons did not answer the question and then proceeded to leave the chat. 😳 What is going on in Brooklyn? 🤔 (via @RicBucher on @TheHerd ).


@Anthonysmdoyle yeah it also changes the value of the trade cuz now it’s - a ben simmons lol.

Anyone who watches basketball knows Simmons could never play with Kyrie and KD lol they’re not the nice guys and Simmons is a bitch, it wasn’t Embiid and Doc, it was Ben 🤷🏽‍♀️.

@Sappen5 @AnthonyIrwinLA Good trade for both teams. Nets get a Uber-athletic PG which they desperately need to pair with Ben Simmons. Also Nunn who is a solid backup to Russ, THT who has a lot of upside and all-star potential and a lockdown defender in Stanley Johnson. Win-win trade if you ask me. 🔥🤷‍♂️💯.

@GenzerOfDade Hahaha! Ben Simmons is such an f-ing mope, he leads the league in mopery every year..

@RuFan130 @HPbasketball Yes, Nets are going to casually dump Ben Simmons. Heard it here first..

Assuming Tsai decides to keep Durant (and fires Marks, Nash)…which team would take Ben Simmons? - his market would have to be rock bottom at the moment..

Ben Simmons got to the league and was like yupp that’s it’s for me 😭.

This reminds me of that year I had 9 jobs: Ric Bucher says Ben Simmons left Nets group chat after team asked him to play in Game 4 vs. Celtics -.

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