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Updated: September 19th, 2021 02:37 PM IST

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Correct decision to overturn pen but Ben White has been sloppy on several occasions today.

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Paul Merson gives contrasting verdicts on Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White after Arsenal win

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what i will say for ben white is that gabriel was also total dogshit after covid and now look at him

Here’s a reminder that Arsenal fans called Gabriel ‘the new Mustafi’ after he looked a bit rusty in his first few games post-COVID. So ofc it’s no surprise they’re doing the same to Ben White who also just recovered from COVID ☠️☠️. They never learn…..

BURNLEY 0-1 ARSENAL : Olu-Bakare 🗣️ The defense is shaky! Especially Ben White! FULL VIDEO HERE 👇🏽 #BURARS EFCC shameless Greenwood Kanté auba

People writing Ben White off after just three games is crazy. I thought he looked solid yesterday, aside from one dodgy back pass. Held his own in the air. Really excited to see what him and Gabriel can offer as a partnership this season.

Ben White breaks silence on Burnley vs Arsenal performance after £50m signing makes huge error.

The end credits from #DadsArmy Series 2 were faithfully recreated when we filmed the three Lost Episodes at Pinewood in 2019. Great care was taken to match the action in the original black and white sequence, with director Ben Kellet comparing the live action to the

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Arsenal just won two games back to back and all I’m seeing is moaning. The usual experts have their mind made up on Ben white as well after 3 appearances.

@ThonisileG @KingDon_za Look at her, gloss red lips stick, no white hair, eyelashes, make up. She is real up to it. Ingabe wema Ben 10 nisithathaphi isibindi sokwehlisa ipitikoti

Muhesh hiyo gate utalipia itengenezwe poa? Ata arsenal walinunua ben white.

Ben played all right in hoops today. Forced a travel, played good D and made some good passes. He will get there.

My seeing some Arsenal fans slander Ben White, when he conceded no goals and kept the Burnley strikers quiet.

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A stunning goal from Martin Odegaard secured the vital three points for Arsenal #AFC

I’m still struggling to understand why everyone thought Ben White was awful. I thought he helped us move the ball more smoothly from the back and he also put in decent defensive display I think people expect “ball playing cbs” to have the technical ability of Messi or something

Diperkuat dg pengakuan dari Ben White yg komplain, backpass nya jadi lebih lemah karena lapangan yg kering.


Ben White/ESR and Saka being Unorthodox on the ball today and Burnleys pitch being long and dry for me is not a coincidence for me sorry

All of the casuals laughing over the Tomiyasu signing: shock horror, in his first two games they’ve kept two clean sheets in a row. He’s averaged 5 aerial duels won per game so far at right back. He’s basically doing all of the things Ben White’s terrible at.

People always want to speak about how we brought Ben White for 50 million but never want to speak about how we brought Gabriel for £27 million. Absolute bargain for someone so young and so good #COYG

- Loved the starting 11 -Oodey is a progressive 8 -We now have an effective bench -Ramsdale is a beast -AMN is a midfielder -Ben white is unimpressive -Auba is a lazy striker who wants everything to come to him and make unintelligent runs. -Artetta is showing me something

Arsenal fans frustrated with White after pass resulted in overturned penalty.

@FPL_Connect 2 goals from Ismaila Sarr and a clean sheet for Ben White would be nice.

Get it on YouTube @mistardrey Omanyala Mpesa Malala Leon Bailey Ben White

oha karşılaştı yagmurum savcım o sarılış o baba diyiş ben elendim siz devam edin #SonYaz

Arsenal are building for the future Check our average age of the squad today versus Burnley years Saka 20 ESR 21 Ødegaard 22 Tierney 24 Gabriel 23 Ben White 23 Tomiyasu 22 Ramsdale 23 Subs Lokonga 21 AMN 24 Nuno Tavares 21

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#afc Arsenal had to fight against Burnley and Gabriel led the way. Tellingly, he seemed to relish the battle too. Live piece from Turfmoor:

Bunu Maureen Freely, Sabahattin Ali’ye de yaptı! Dahası, çevirdiği Kürk Mantolu Madonna üzerine korkunç Oryantalist bir yazı yazdı The Guardian’da. Üç gün sonra ben (Hamid Dabashi’nin “Can Non-Europeans Think?”inden mülhem “Can White People Read?” diye bir yazı yazdım ve…

Correct decision to overturn pen but Ben White has been sloppy on several occasions today.

@AFCJonathan1 @SalibaEra_ Yeah that angle too because pepe isn’t involved much in the game cuz Tomi isn’t overlapping for him he’s busy covering Ben white aerial fragility

Ben White is so fragile in the air I will never understand why Arsenal wasted the 50m on him they should of kept Saliba and spent the cash on someone else. That pu$$y can’t win a header dawg

Ben White has literally won 2/2 aerial duels, which game are you watching?

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