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@kendalIroys depends on ur type but there’s a bunch of sexy guys, william saliba (loml) xhaka, martinelli, ben white, ødegaard etc, and our dilf is mikel arteta, but other teams also have hot ppl.

Kiwior x Ben White center back pairing would be actual insanity!!!! Arsenals defense is looking set!.

@MARSAYLAH_ @BigFDawg2 Bruh trae young got a white mom ofc he married a white woman so he don’t count ben simmons (also white mother) is mostly tied to maya jama who is black and kyrie is literally married to a black woman.

@Welbeast21 I think you should stick to cricket, how on earth did Martinelli and Ben White get there?.

The Timing Problem for Dualist Accounts of Mental Causation Ben White Erkenntnis.

Wait so Ben is gonna sleep with all the non Katie blonde white women on the boat before the end of the season? #BelowDeck.

Sometimes it’s very clear a “senior writer” doesn’t have a clue about a player & offers hot takes solely based on one bad game. Enter @MarkOgden_ & his senior thoughts on Ben White. Bravo my guy..

Zinny plays almost as a free role player. Gabriel, Saliba and Ben White (Right back) will always form a back 3 when he’s roaming around..

@ben_kew Hair Gel Hitler is planning on running for President. He knows liberal White women are the dumbest voters in America..

Traffic Injury Pri 4F | 5700-6213 E BEN WHITE BLVD SVRD EB | AFD | 22:45:25 |.

@UPYOURARSENAL04 Besides Ben White is being used out of position, because Arsenal need a right full back as well Iván Fresneda, sign him soon as possible! 😉.

“ 𝒐𝒉, ” he waggles a playful brow. “ mr. 𝒑𝒐𝒑𝒖𝒍𝒂𝒓 over here. ” a white and perpetually grumpy british man ... it was no wonder constantine was a hit with the masses. ben has to sneer to himself, turning away. “ yeah, ... ›.

@UPYOURARSENAL04 Ur not coach en u will never know such tactics,if world players are being benched then who is Ben white..

@FPLCrateDigger Botman is Ben white but on steroids as an fpl player. And I believe botman can actually get goals unlike white, they just haven’t come yet..

@subannejc77 @ltarsenal Saka is world class RW!!!!???? Agreed on LW and CM. If this team had Khvicha and Bellingham for example, it would be a whole different story. I disagree that we need an upgrade at RB. Ben White has been our best defender this season, and Tomi showed on Sunday he’s almost equal.

@MartinWhitman1 @fullback03 Yea we really haven’t saka is better than Kulusevski, partey is better than Hojberg and saliba is better than dier, Gabriel better than Davies, Ben white better than royal, zinchenko better than peresic, odegarrd is better than our whole team bar kane and an inform son..

@kajucukk yağa bulanmış iş pantolonunun oscar ödül töreninde will smithi delirtmesi ve ben robot muyum oçlar diye bağırması üzerine gelişen gerilimin tavan üzerinde açtığı gediklerin walter white tarafından küllükle hesaplanmasıdır.

@Worrido_SK @PhiloeEsq Any fullback can cross with space, we wouldn’t be talking about this if Eriksen had a little dawg. Shaw did a better job on Saka than Ben white/Tomiyasu did Rashford and those ones had HELP..

@mzeewakaliua Hapana sio Sterling aliondoka world cup bcoz family Ben white.

@Bradjamhyd @WelBeast I didn’t say Ramsdale didn’t make a mistake I just think Tomiyasu was as shaky as Ben white . You lot are funny lol we still won who cares.

@UPYOURARSENAL04 @GNev2 you be Mugun nah, Ben white was on yellow and you expect the coach to leave him on the pitch? Make Rashford dey continue bullying him Abi. Ozuor.

Manifestliyorum mart’daki turan konserine gideceğim. Kulise girip foto çekileceğim. Ben bugüne bugün white buffalo’nun imzasını almış bir kızım..

GW20: 80 pts and a 🟢finally! - Newcastle AGAIN! 👌🏻 - Ben White made it over 60 mins - Mitro kicked himself - Brought in Mee and Toney. Genius - Kulu 🎉 - Norwegians 🤌🏻 #FPL #FPLCommunity.

Ben white Photo,Ben white Photo by How Not to FPL (Tom),How Not to FPL (Tom) on twitter tweets Ben white Photo

@2010MisterChip El gran nivel de Saliba, Zinchenko, Ben White, Xhaka, Ødegaard, Martinelli, Nketiah y Saka❌ La mala temporada del Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham y City ✔️.

@htomufc We use ben white for overlaps which helps the 2v1 and the dynamic advantage can create some crossing and cutback opportunities.

@CebiUzumaki @BeritaArsenal Tdk untuk Salina ya. Dia kan awalnya pas diloan diambil ben white.

Martinelli wasn’t anywhere near his best. Xhaka wasn’t optimal. Partey made lots of mistakes. Ben White wasn’t at par. Others had good to excellent game. If Arsenal played same way versus Liverpool, Man U will be going back home with basket loads of goals..

Bielsa has brought through numerous talents in his career, most recently the likes of Ben White and Kalvin Phillips. He would serve our youngsters well, and after a few sessions with him would be massively changed footballers should they buy into his methods..

@MohawkCarpetNYC @PillarsPullup White supremacy is what losers call it; other people call it reward for hard work. Try working hard yourself and see what you can become, just ask Morgan freeman, Candace Owens and hundreds of thousands of others with a winning attitude like Ben Carsons for example..

Senin white annen benim brown annemin beni yetiştirme şeklini onaylamazdı ama ben onaylıyorum..

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