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Ben White has now provided as many assists in the Premier League this season as Trent Alexander-Arnold (2 assists). 😏 [@Squawka] #afc.

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🚨 Ben White is set to MISS OUT on an England call-up for the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifiers after returning early from the World Cup. [@johncrossmirror] #afc.


Ben White will NOT be called up-to England squad by Southgate after returning from the world cup. (@johncrossmirror) 🌓to🌖.

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Bukayo Saka & Aaron Ramsdale both included in the England squad for the upcoming internationals. Ben White has not been included. William Saliba has been called up by France..

The damage done to our client by growing up in a loving household under two white parents is incalculable, said Attorney Jim Grifton outside the law offices of Grifton & Grift. JUSTICE ✊✊✊✊✊.

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Why Gareth Southgate selected Ivan Toney and not Raheem Sterling, Ben White or Trent Alexander-Arnold:.

🟢 TEAM GREEN 🟢 is your “Back-to Back” Green and White Series CHAMPIONS! Dash Lanzilotta ( IP; 1H, 0R, 7K) led Team Green with another strong performance on the mound, but was matched pitch for pitch by Ben Chesser (3 IP; 2H, 0R, 5K)..

Sasaiv tumezoea performance za Ben White 8/10 -10/10 imekuwa kawaida sana. Gareth Southgate sijui kwanini hamuoni..

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Sijui beki wa kulia kwenye timu unayoshabikia akini hawezi kumfikia Ben 💪🏿.

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@CFCMod_ Ben white alone who doesn’t even love football is miles clear😭 Not to speak about saliba or Gabriel who a miles and miles clear.

@afcstuff This is how we look without Partey & Ødegaard, it doesn’t even matter at long as we win & go through. I truly hope Saliba is fine, I would’ve moved Ben White to CB & played Tomiyasu RB but Tomiyasu is made of egg shells.

As escolhas de Arteta para defrontar o Sporting esta noite. Gabriel Jesus regressa à titularidade mas defensivamente o treinador não facilita e só descansa Ben White. COYG!.

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@ben_kew We’re going to hand another four years to the current occupant of the White House at this rate. It’s nauseating..

@Gunnersarg_ La verdad es Ben White, por eso necesitamos a Fresneda o cualquier otro lateral para este caso que Tomiyasu murió.

Ben White is most useful player at Southgate’s disposal. Play right back and in centre back and midfield. Him and Walker two best right backs in league and Southgate just ain’t it.

Are people still denying there was a fallout between Ben White and Gareth Southgate at the World Cup?.

@BACKJCGNIAC @GoonerGrizzly Which is probably what Ben White told him before he left Qatar 👀🤣.

South gate is You pick Maguire and Philip who are not playing for there clubs and drop Ben white who is playing wkin wkout and performing.

@LFC_EMP1R3 @The_Gerrard_Era Both Reece and Walker are out of form, the excuses people use to defend him are crazy, Ben white isn’t in the squad and he’s our most inform rb, I don’t think Trent deserves the call up but the way he’s been treated by Southgate has been ridiculous.

@aaron_graft Ben white cried his way out of the World Cup so why would he be picked? Should never be picked again..

@StoolFootball Wheres the premier leagues best english right back this ben white???!!!!!!!!!!!.

@bobobilton Ben white playing every week arsenal top of league gets Maguire starts for England next game!.

@England This is why I don’t like England internationals, team selection that has no relevance to current player form . Ben White has been brilliant all season but no place !! Philips hardly kicks a ball for City and Maguire has been awful all season but they’re in the squad !.

@DailyAFC Cant help but think whatever issues caused him to leave the WC squad have not been resolved for Ben.

@RobOMalley8 Remember Godden was 3rd striker at Peterborough when we bought him & Ben White was only a youngster on loan from Brighton. Toney obviously is class-ultimately 3 good players don’t make a team. Didn’t we win it about 3-1 ???.

@C_Spurs_ @Ndombolo20 The difference is Arsenal followed their managers vision and they didn’t mess about .. I want Partey, Odegaard book money paid they in he wanted Ben white 50mil even says “what a joke” but they paid it .. spurs gives the manager Spence instead of Porro then had to back for Porro.

Worrying getting 2 injuries 1st half. International break could be coming at the right time. With Tomiyasu injured as well, Ben White can’t even be considered as centre back for Sunday..

Exactly. The majority of pedophiles,child molesters and rapist are located in the conservative evangelical Christian churches where they actually promote these sins saying white Ben are entitled ( by God)to raise and molest others and kill them if necessary to aid themselves..

Zinny, Ben White, Jorginho and Xhaka defending transitions vs Madrid and Bayern in the UCL next year..

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@akarsenalnews Naah take it easy. Ben white does this every weekend 😂😂. Sporting put in the work they deserved to go through.

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