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That second goal came from the belief and persistence from Benny Blanco. He’s been superb today! 💯.

🔥 Le match de Benny Blanco : 66 ballons joués 9 passes dans les derniers ⅓ du terrain 6 possessions gagnées 5 touches dans la surface adverse 4 passes réussies dans la surface adverse 3 dégagements 3 interceptions 2 centres 1 passe décisive Ne s’est jamais fait dribbler.

Benny Blanco Photo,Benny Blanco Photo by Arsenal FC 🇫🇷,Arsenal FC 🇫🇷 on twitter tweets Benny Blanco Photo

MOTM mot Sporting, og MOTM så langt i dag. Benny Blanco er tilbake på sitt aller beste. Eller hva, @Sivertpus10 ? 🥳.

Meet the family of the little boy in trending video, so it was all because of Food 😆 #gameanalyst/Benny Blanco/Stonebwoy/Thomas Partey/Mohammed Kudus.

Nah whoever said Benny Blanco was a galactico was spitting so much man. This guy is a unicorn man a truly special talent..

Ben White too. Involved in the build up to both goals with some intelligently measured passes. What a half from him, Benny Blanco..

@peteW4P A tutto ciò vorrei rispondere col meme Ben White 100 milioni, Benny Blanco 50 milioni, Benedetto Bianco 5 milioni. Per il resto sono d’accordo.

@AFTVMedia Benny Blanco 🔥🔥🔥 are you sure this guy wasn’t made to play RB… I can’t even remember how good he was at CB cus he is crushing the RB🤩🤩🤩.

#ARSCRY Benny Blanco Letting Fools Know.

Benny Blanco Photo,Benny Blanco Photo by Dougie Fresh,Dougie Fresh on twitter tweets Benny Blanco Photo

Benny Blanco, having seen @RoxyD27 in the stands, impresses with a sublime assist to Saka. … he may get more in the second half.

Benny blanco hive since day one👍🫵 Funny replies 😭😭😭.

Great win today! Rob holding looked good, Partey and Odegaard looked good! And of course Bukayo! But big special mentions to BENNY BLANCO 🤩 played outstanding today. One of the most underrated players on our squad and gets overlooked constantly #ARSCRY #afc.


@AMonFootball There comes a time when one stops expecting those in authority (politicians, sports selectors) to do the obviously sensible thing. We are at that juncture e where Benny Blanco is concerned..

What you thinking leaving Benny Blanco out Gareth? #ThreeLions Marc Guehi looking real fresh. #COYG 🔴.


Easy half of football, great response from Gabi after missing the penalty Thursday night great mentality for a young man and another combination for Benny Blanco and our starboy it’s beautiful to watch🙌🏽🙌🏽.

Benny Blanco is the BEST RB in the Premier League. If you don’t agree, come and fight me 🤔.

Benny Blanco Masterclass. Rob Holding has been very good too.

Southgate needs to be investigated for his crimes against Benny Blanco.

Missed my guyyyy! What a performance that half!! Attacking Benny Blanco is backkkkk.

Ben Blanco has had Zaha on toast this game mans been back to his usual self diving and complaining cos he cant get past Benny White #ARSCRY.

Ben white and all this benny blanco nonsense is got to stop. That goal was down to his lack of concentration. Gives away a corner, geez up the crowd and we concede..

@MandY_PlainJane Good thing Southgate left him out. 😂 More of Benny Blanco for us. For Saka to Slap the crap out of Steve Holland when he get to camp! 🕯️.

Benny Blanco! My best defender this season. Steady RB. Best in the league. Yes. Best in the league..


Comprehensive win. Benny Blanco unbelievable today. Saka goes without saying how good he is!!! Lessssgooo.

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