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Win or lose I HATE the way Berhalter managed this. Brought on all the MLS guys/defenders to park the bus with a 1-0 lead. Like it’s a college soccer game in the Patriot League. Have some faith in your boys to win a game going away. So regressive and so, so bad..

USMNT under Berhalter often doesn’t have a contingency plan. Subs are mostly man for man unless they’re in a desperate situation..

When asked for an update on the status of Christian Pulisic’s nether regions, #USMNT Coach Gregg Berhalter responded with “fucking massive” #FifaWorldCup.

Unfortunately probably means we won’t see much more of him but if Berhalter has any sense he’ll come to the right conclusion.

Entrenadores de 8s: NED: Van Gaal SEN: Cisse ING: Southgate USA: Berhalter ARG: Scaloni POL: Michniewicz FRA: Deschamps AUS: Arnold ESP: L. Enrique JAP: Moriyasu MAR: Regragui CRO: Dalic BRA: Tite SUI: Yakin POR: Santos KOR: Bento.

Oh so now that we are down 0-2, Berhalter is willing to play his best player? It’s a little late… #USAvNED.

Reinaldo Rueda and Gregg Berhalter when it comes to holding their teams back on the national stage:.

In all seriousness, relax on the next #USMNT HC talk. First, give credit where credit is due. From recruitment to qualification, to being the only team to not concede a run of play goal in the group stage, Berhalter did a hell of a job..

lol @ Berhalter playing multiple attackers over Reyna. That Haji Wright performance in the 2nd half, wtffffff.

@octonion Berhalter spending more time in Iowa and New Hampshire over the next 12 months.

Just think how good this @USMNT team could be if it had a good coach! Berhalter is an average coach, but to me the @USMNT are winning despite his tactics and roster management!.

@nkeller24_ Yeah I’m not sold either. Berhalter does the wrong thing a few times before the right thing. But still man I think this young team proved they can rise to the occasion. Plus being an underdog is a position of power for us now. I’m not counting us out before the game starts..

Estados Unidos: Berhalter elogia a Pulisic y se preocupa por él. ¡Toda la información aquí!.

Hot take I’ve been thinking all day — you can have qualms about the way Gregg Berhalter managed the end of today’s game, but his team qualified pretty comfortably for this World Cup, his team was organized and ready for all three games, and it advanced. That’s … pretty good..

@JeffGrahamKS I’m glad that at least Dempsey called those subs out. Berhalter is a man with a good plan going in, but his in game management is poor. With 20 minutes left, how do you not bring your best player on who can hold on to the ball in attack and relieve some of the pressure?.

@PeterFeltis @USMNT Bruh just wants to get back to his hotel room & play some FIFA cause he knows that’s the only ball he’ll be playing under Berhalter #FreeGio.

@The2RobbiesNBC Great late addition to the squad. Gave me more confidence in Berhalter..

@toddkarpovich A bunch USMNT hate berhalter sooo much that even a win punching the team through to the knock out rounds is still a disappointment and can’t take a moment to enjoy it..

hold on???? so berhalter wants to wait until the world cup to try a false 9????????????????????? HUH?.

I don’t even care that Berhalter isn’t starting Reyna. I don’t agree with it, but it’s defensible. But not playing Aaronson, the most relevant American in the Premier League, and CCV, the freaking captain of Celtic and by far your best centre back, is pure insanity..

Berhalter es el entrenador, conoce el día a día de la plantilla de Estados Unidos, pero es insólito los pocos minutos que ha disputado Aaronson en este Mundial. Y Gio Reina ni quisiera ha debutado..

@DukeDFS Yeah he was 100% out coached. Though I’d say it says way more about about LVG being an all time great and why he’s been around 30 years than specifically about Berhalter.

We can admit that Berhalter’s recruitment was class and his game management is crap. Need a coach with 0 ties to MLS.

@MaxBretosSports Arena was not an in demand coach and he was better than Berhalter. However Arena made the mistake of staying for second consecutive cycle and American coaches aren’t what they are now. I don’t know if Berhalter would be in demand outside of MLS..

I really hope US Soccer cans Berhalter quickly and hires an experienced coach to take over the team. Imagine what the likes of van Gaal could do given time to mold a side..


@TaylorTwellman And you defended Berhalter. Shame on you and your fellow #USMNT brethren for not criticizing him enough. #BerhalterOut.

Mexico fans everywhere should root for Berhalter and Herdman to be confirmed as managers for the 2026 World Cup cycle..

I thought we had good enough players to win. Tactically Berhalter was embarrassed. 4 years and a competent manager and we should be much better in 2026. #USMNT.

World Cup Recaps: Netherlands 3-1 United States | Oranje End The American Dream Our @parrettgost looks at how the #USMNT faltered once again at the Round of 16 hurdle..

@Dudesbee They way that Berhalter was hired was disgusting so they had a legitimate gripe. I think if Schmetzer ever got hired it would be through a valid search..

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