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We’re 5-0 in his last 5 starts. This is a José Berríos appreciation tweet 🦾 #LaMaKina.

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Jose Berrios chooses the red jerseys for the 3rd consecutive home outing (Jays have won each of last 2) as he looks to keep his groove going this afternoon, and Buck, @ArashMadani and myself are back at the helm to bring it to you. #NextLevel.

Jose Berrios Last 5 Starts: IP | ERA | K/BB Blue Jays are 5-0 in those starts..

Looks like it’ll be close to a full house for #BlueJays vs. Orioles. With Berríos on the mound, Jays are wearing red. Joining @benshulman7 in the @FAN590 radio booth once again. Join us!.

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José Berríos has had some success rocking the red jerseys recently, but it’s actually the hitters telling him to wear read, he says. The #BlueJays jersey choice today was Bo Bichette’s..

Berrios pitched angry. Chapman was a vacuum. JBJ’s catch killed Rays’ mo. Romano is an animal..

Jose Berrios now has a ERA over 13 starts this season when facing the AL East!! 👍👏🤜 #BlueJays #NextLevel.

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#IndependenciaES🇸🇻 La reconocida tiktoker salvadoreña, Yanira Berríos, también formó parte del desfile de este 15 de septiembre, enfundada en un traje azul y blanco recorrió las calles de San Salvador. Foto: David Martínez / DES.

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John Schneider praised José Berríos for giving the #BlueJays six innings after a bullpen day, especially when he was having trouble with his curveball: “I thought it was really gutsy. He competed his ass off.”.

Jose Berrios was certainly not at his best today, but he grinds through six innings and #Bluejays go to bot6 with a 6-2 lead..

WHAT A NIGHT💰😈 MLB, Strider✅ Berrios✅ Detmers✅ Bassitt☑️🅿️ Otto❌ 14-3-2 last 4 days🔥 NFL, Brooks✅ Jeudy✅ Williams✅ 🚨ParlayPlay🚨 Smith✅ Tips appreciated if I’ve been helping you!💰🤝.

Más de 15 comunidades sin acceso a agua tras derrame de petróleo en Loreto Contaminación del río Marañón afectó su fuente de alimentación. Recogen agua de las lluvias. Petroperú aún no da plazos para culminar limpieza. ✍️Milagros Berríos [@milyberrios].

That’s as close to a playoff type win as you’ll see during the regular season Huge win…Bichette is putting this team on his back right now And don’t forget to credit Berrios for a massive performance. Will need more of that in September and beyond.

Berrios telling us he deferred to position players on the jersey colour. Springer picked red for his last start. Bichette for today..

@AldoDuqueSantos jóvenes chilenos dispuestos a regar con nuestra sangre esta tierra 🤣🤣🤣 Aldo, por la xuxa, para tu comedia. En ese tiempo andabas de calcetinera de Berrí.

Berrios summons the full power of the red jerseys and strikes out Kyle Stowers with the bases loaded to end the top of the 2th. 1-0 #Bluejays.

Tempers flare after Mejía gets hit by a Berríos pitch. Watch ➡️ @RaysBaseball | #RaysUp.

i hope everyone will remember how well josé berríos performed in this important game.


Can we talk about how precious this team is for wearing red just for Berríos #NextLevel.

@AldoDuqueSantos En ese tiempo tu único combate y lucha cuerpo a cuerpo era con el químico Berrios. 💓.

BLUE JAYS WIN!!!! Massive win last night. Bo stays hot. Berríos had another solid outing (in red). #bluejays tied for 1st in AL wildcard race! 💙.

Who finishes the day with a lower ERA? Current: Dradish: ERA Berrios: ERA.

Jose Berrios: Career vs the Orioles Record 8-0 ERA WHIP #NextLevel.

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We only remember the blow ups but games like this are more reflective of Berríos’s season than starts like Opening Day..

Berrios pops up Taylor Walls and gives way to Yimbo with a runner on first and 1out in top7. Gets a nice hand from the 23,002 in the house tonight. #Bluejays down 2-1..

unfortunate to drop that game. great pitch but unlucky for adam, and margot robbed of a hit on a poor route. 1 run games are tough but it’s cool they’ll bounce back. berrios gave up the same amount of hardhit balls as the entire rays staff today. offense should be better tomorrow.

Been smacking Berríos around, runners at the corners, down by a run, two outs, good hitter at the plate. Sure, run yourself into an out..

¡José Berríos llegó a las 1,000 entradas lanzadas en @LasMayores! 👏🏻.

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Once again, Berrios takes down the top of the TB order in order. #Bluejays down 1-0 to bot3..

Berrios lowered his ERA to over the 19 starts this season in which he has recorded a strikeout in the first inning. #Bluejays.

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