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Updated: August 5th, 2021 09:37 AM IST

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Be sure to catch the latest episode tonight at 10 PM ET only on BET! #BETPresentsTheEncore

#BETPresentsTheEncore Twitter

Oooooo don’t know about this soprano note. I feel like it would sound good as an Alto. 😂 #BETPresentsTheEncore

I do wish Nivea would have stayed in the house. I hope someone leaks the tracks 😂 with her on them so we can hear what it would have sounded like. #BETPresentsTheEncore

I want to be sensitive to Kiley, but they’re just performing 5 songs not going on a tour. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Would actually be very dope if next season had guys and girls. A group dynamic like Fatty Koo would have drama, romance, and be interesting sonically. #BETPresentsTheEncore @thecarlosking_

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They forgot this jam when Misha was the original lead singer of the group. #BETPresentsTheEncore

omg now i really can’t wait to catch up on this episode 😭😭 #BETPresentsTheEncore


So Kosine and felicia worked together before and you had all this beef. Did y’all use to date or something as to why the animosity? 🤔 #BETPresentsTheEncore

Thanks for making #BETPresentsTheEncore trend number 5 tonight!! Next week is the SEASON FINALE where the group will perform ALL SIX SONGS!!! Don’t miss it 🔥🔥

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I feel like Pam is not comfortable in her own skin yet. It seems like she’s acting #BETPresentsTheEncore

Without Nivea and without LaMisha chain-smoking and going off on people every week, #BETPresentsTheEncore is kinda giving….meh

Everything on this show is so CHEAP!! It’s embarrassing. I really think this why Aubrey left. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Wait one in the preview of next week it looks like there are only 4 people on stage. I rewinded my TV and paused it and everything 😳 #BETPresentsTheEncore

Chile Keily know what she doing she just want attention. You in, you out. This is not fucking double dutch. #BETPresentsTheEncore

@BET we need a reunion…just a reminder. cc you higher ups lol #BETPresentsTheEncore

See, it is what Keily wanted. People to beg and give her attention. #BETPresentsTheEncore


Be sure to catch the latest episode tonight at 10 PM ET only on BET! #BETPresentsTheEncore

“You went into this not wanting to be in this group.” Why. Are. You. HERE?! #BETPresentsTheEncore

Shamari in the rhinestone top giving us Beyonce “Dangerously In Love” > #BETPresentsTheEncore

I’m so annoyed with the Chrerish twins it’s always some type of drama #BETPresentsTheEncore

It’s funny how women are demonized for being strong, assertive and even pushy. Meanwhile, the males in the industry who are tyrants are praised for their behavior. I’m still here for the twins. They understand the assignment. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Your gift will open doors but your character will keep you in. No one wants to work with nice-nasty, bad attitude, entitled folk. What a turn-off. #BETPresentsTheEncore

& Carlos King is dope asf he not holding these women against their will with any contract agreements or obligations. They ready to go home & he’s just worried about them being okay. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Keily came to this house to get a check and a break from her family. Lmao girl gtf on and go home. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Pam’s religion didn’t allow her to hug the sisters when they left? A hug goodbye means lesbianism? #BETPresentsTheEncore

The twins apology to Irish and LeMisha just doesn’t seem genuine to me, I’m sorry. They’re the type to throw stones and hide their hands. Tacky as fuck #BETPresentsTheEncore

The twins wanted the group to look and sound a certain way and ran everyone out but now the group don’t feel right?? What a joke! 🙄😂 #BETPresentsTheEncore

wait so she went into it not wanting to be in the group ? whats the point of even being on the show ? lol #BETPresentsTheEncore

#BETPresentsTheEncore 👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks for watching. Only 2 episodes left!!

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Pretty much everyone has contributed to this toxic environment. Folk gotta take accountability. #BETPresentsTheEncore

…they couldn’t get better looking clothes these pieces look #BETPresentsTheEncore

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