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Peeking into the future and realising seeing @AnneMarie at #BigWeekend is only 72 days away 👀.

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Os ingressos para o festival #BigWeekend já estão esgotados!.

Os ingressos do festival #BigWeekend, no qual Miley será headliner no dia 25 de Maio já estão sold out. O evento irá acontecer em Middlesbrough, Inglaterra..

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It makes me laugh. These people complaining that the website crashed when getting #bigweekend tickets & they missed out, yet they’re sat there with 6 phones and 2 computers wondering why it’s crashing, imagine if everyone was doing yeah that’s why it was.

Me: Because I didn’t get #BigWeekend tickets and won’t get to see Hannah Montana.

Never been so gutted at the fact we couldn’t get tickets for the #BigWeekend acc heartbroken I won’t see catfish 😭😭 @sophiexmaei @jodieleafe.

O festival #BigWeekend, no qual Miley será headline no dia 25 de Maio, está com ingressos esgotados. O evento acontece em Middlesbrough, Inglaterra..

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Fans fume at website crashes and catchment area regulations as Radio 1 #BigWeekend tickets sell out.

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With #BigWeekend selling out in a couple of hours, for some, trying to get tickets was an exercise in frustration..

DO NOT BUY A TICKET UNLESS ITS ON @TicketmasterUK fan to fan! You won’t be let in😂😂 so all these people that have brought tickets you’ll have a wasted journey! @BBCR1 #BigWeekend.

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can you cope with the prospect of party in the USA echoing around the Stewart’s park llama enclosure BECAUSE I CAN NOT #BigWeekend.

#BigWeekend all my friends are going to see my fav band and im not??? rude.

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Boom! Fun fact: Megan and I met about 3 days before we both went to @BBCR1 #BigWeekend separately two years ago. So thanks for throwing this big party to celebrate two years of us knowing each other..

@BBCR1 people already selling #bigweekend tickets for over £200 per ticket. So unbelievably wrong when there are genuine people that didn’t manage to get tickets and then you get scumbags like that who take advantage..

To everyone who didn’t get #BigWeekend tickets it’s fine we’ll all sneak in anyway x.

Selling 2x Sunday tickets for Radio 1 Big Weekend face value, don’t ever use this so message me 07957 947506 #BigWeekend #Radio1.

First Brexit and now #BigWeekend tickets selling out and kicking everyone off the site. Can the UK do anything right?.

I’m fucking heartbroken no way i’m getting these, been in pot 2 queue since they came out and people who got into the queue after me got theirs ? joke #BigWeekend.

@BBCR1 i spent an hour in the queue for the #BigWeekend tickets and my friends spent 5 minutes in the queue, even tho ive been waiting since 5 and they joint the queue at 20 past. piss take 🤷🏼‍♀️.

🎟 #BigWeekend POT 2 TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! 🎟 There are still some Pot 1 tickets available 👇.

Selling 2 BBC Radio 1 big weekend tickets for Saturday and Sunday. Selling £100 each, special offer £150 for both #BigWeekend #UTB.

Tried for 50 minutes to get #BigWeekend tickets but couldn’t. Best mate managed to get tickets for both days. We are no longer friends.

catfish round two in boro 🤙🐊 only took 47 #bigweekend @BBCR1.

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I can’t believe I’ll be seeing Miley Cyrus, Stormzy and the 1975 in the park I used to work in 😂😭 #bigweekend.

#BigWeekend @BBCR1 tickets should be available to anyone who wants to buy them not depending on where you live!!.

Peeking into the future and realising seeing @AnneMarie at #BigWeekend is only 72 days away 👀.

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