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Said Sefa
Said Sefa

O dönem tapelere yansıyan bir gerçek vardı. Bu manşetleri Bilal Erdoğan, babasına sorarak attırıyordu. Kendi kardeşini, kızını böyle bir kumpasa alet eden bir ailenin başkasına yapamayacağı hiçbir şey yoktur; nitekim her şeyi yaptılar..

“We can even tolerate the abuses, but they beat him so badly he couldn’t even sit or stand on his own. They have done this to all detainees,” Sarfaraz, brother of arrested youth, Bilal, on the police brutality detainees faced in custody @arbabali_jmi reports.

🎙Bilal Sonses Kahramankazan Belediyesi Yaz Konserleri Etkinliklerinde Sizlerle Buluşuyor… 🗓️ 25 Haziran Cumartesi ⏰ 20:00 📍 Kahramankazan Milli Egemenlik Parkı Tüm halkımız davetlidir. @bilalsonses.

🎙Ömer Faruk Bostan 🎙Bilal Sonses Kahramankazan Belediyesi Yaz Konserleri Etkinliklerinde Sizlerle Buluşuyor… 🗓️ 25 Haziran Cumartesi ⏰ 20:00 📍 Kahramankazan Milli Egemenlik Parkı Tüm halkımız davetlidir. @omerfarukbostn @bilalsonses.

Erzincanımızda düzenlenen müsabakalara katılmak üzere İlimize teşrif eden, Dünya Etnospor Konfederasyonu Başkanı Sn. Bilal Erdoğan ile birlikte, sporcularımızı ziyaret ettik. Geleneksel sporların gelişmesine olan katkılarından dolayı Sn. Bilal Erdoğan’a teşekkür ediyorum..

Bilal Photo,Bilal Photo by Süleyman Karaman🇹🇷⚡,Süleyman Karaman🇹🇷⚡ on twitter tweets Bilal Photo

سماحة قائد المقاومة المؤمن... أرجو وأنتظر أن تكون ذكرى الأربعينية محطة قوامها نداء تاريخي تطلقه وتلبية يقوم بها الأحرار في لبنان والاقليم، على مثل الاربعينية الأولى..

Bilal ex wife bringing up the prenup seems like something he discussed with her & that would piss me off #90DayFiance.

Think the last person I’d want to hear from for opinions is Bilal’s sister #90DayFiance.


Bilal’s ex wife is horrible too. She knows he’s wrong but she’s making sure his new wife doesn’t get anything because it’ll probably mess with her alimony or whatever money she gets for the kids. She ain’t slick. #90DayFiance.

Bilal & the ex wife are disgusting. They need to just get back together since she’s so worried about Bilal’s assets #90DayFiance.

Bilal lives in Kansas City and appears to live a veryyyy middle class life. Is there some secret wealth we’re all missing that requires a prenup?! #90DayFiance #90DaysFiance.

“It protects both of us” - Bilal What planet are you on, dude? She gave up her business on Trini to be with your pranking, OCD self. #90DayFiance.

Bilal listening to shaeeda express her feeling “right, ok, i got you…………………………………………… God forbid we don’t work out are you gonna take everything i have?” Like the narcissism is REAL. #90dayFiance.

Bilal is talking to shaeeda like she’s “babe look we were alll the way up there and you did it!” #90DayFiance.

I would fight Bilal & Emily ON SIGHT. I spend 70% of the time I’m yelling at the TV. I can’t stand Ari, Kara or Thaìs either. #90dayfiance.

I may be overthinking this, but besides ruining a “romantic” moment, does anyone find Bilal bringing up the prenup on top of the Ferris Wheel manipulative? Like “I’m giving you no way out until I get an answer from you” kind of situation? #90DayFiance.

Why is Bilal Ex in their relationship? Ma’am she owes you nothing! Mind your business #90DayFiance.


I don’t think a prenup is unreasonable. She doesn’t have to sign whatever Bilal puts in-front of her. Read it, get a lawyer and make changes if necessary. #90DayFiance.

Shaeeda needs to leave Bilal. He plays too many games and clearly don’t want kids. #90DayFiance.

Wow, innovative solar car. Great work by Bilal Ahmad. Good article by @InshaLatiefKhan in @RisingKashmir Kudos.

Bilal Photo,Bilal Photo by Sunjay Vishvasrao,Sunjay Vishvasrao on twitter tweets Bilal Photo

I wish Shaeeda would stop confiding in Bilal’s sister. She is a snake/not to be trusted. 🐍 #90DayFiance.

I didn’t like how shaeeda acted when she first arrived because of her expectation to come to America and act like Queen of Kansas City . But the more Bilal talks the more he should shut the fuck up. #90DayFiance.

@SherriRush @90DayFiance Who would you trust to sell you a house bilal or Kara? Yikes.

Bilal’s sister has never seen the abusive, condescending side of him? #90DayFiance 🤔.

@SJCatMom @90DayFiance And if she gets pregnant, where will her children stand? His prenup seems to only be accountable for his 2 existing children from the previous relationship/marriage. Not good Bilal.

Tiktok said Bilal is filming in a staged house & the run down home is the only one he owns #90DayFiance.

Bilal is a perfect gentleman and it appears that a conversation was not had about kids and the as a successful person you want to assure you end up with your life intact if things go left. Sign the damn prenup and move on! #90DayFiance.

#90DayFiance Ok… Thaiis is using Patrick & treats John like something stuck to her shoe☹️ Bilal will never find anyone who is as PERFECT as he is 🤦🏻‍♀️ Emily=biatch, but Kobe should never tell her STFU disrespectful. Mohammed needs to go home. Kara just wants a f-boy!.

Bilal is extremely ridiculous. He knows Shaeeda can’t take the assets he has prior to their marriage. I can’t stand the word games he plays! 🙄#90DayFiance.

( المنون) الموت جمع لاواحد له من لفظه ، وقيل : واحد لاجمع له ، وقالوا جمع منية مأخوذة من ( المَن ) بمعنى النقص لأنها تنقص كل شيء قال الهذلي أمن المنون وريبها تتوجع … #شرح_أشعار_الهذليين.

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