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Bill Walton to Roxy Bernstein (@roxybernstein): Has Naheim Alleyne been in yet? Alleyne is a starter for UConn..

The Bill Walton thing has run it’s course. It was cute and quirky for a little bit, but this whole thing has jumped the shark a while ago..

Bill Walton calling an Iowa State-UConn game at 9:00 PM on a Sunday might kill a few of our older fans.

Trying to close this game out is looking as difficult as Bill Walton eating that whole cookie last night.

MSU squeaks by a team more battered and bruised than us. Bill Walton is still ringing in our ears. It’s early morning. What have we become?.

I loved Bill Walton as a player BUT I’m so glad he’s not calling our game! WHEW!! 😀✔️.

“I’m gonna say there’s more water here in western Oregon than there is in West Mali” -Bill Walton ?????.

Bill Walton. Singing Happy Birthday. To a beaver. Named Phil Knight..

Everyone who sat through both these Bill Walton games are eligible for compensation under the Geneva conventions fund for victims of cruel and unusual punishment..

Bill Walton just asked if a collegiate athlete was 16 years old on national television. What is happening right now..

48 hours ago an uneducated me thought that Bill Walton was hilarious and great for college basketball viewers.

@JonRothstein Bill Walton is a national treasure and any slander of him will not be tolerated.

Love how Bill Walton snaps back into reality every 5 minutes and talks about the actual game for 30 seconds.

No Bill Walton slander. The greatest play-by-play analyst the basketball world has ever seen..

Watching a college basketball game and heard Bill Walton say “I’ve never spent the night in bed with a mosquito” other announcer responds “what does that mean” and Bill says “…think about it👀”.

Bill Walton: “The championship game is tomorrow night! It’s going to be GREAT!” Roxy Bernstein: “No, it’s Sunday.” Bill: “Yes, tomorrow night.” Roxy: “No, it’s Sunday!” Bill: “What day is it?”.

extremely insane hearing Bill Walton joke about doing drugs on the broadcast while he excoriates and aims to imprison homeless people for doing drugs.

Wife - In Hotel Room: Are you on a call? Me - In Hotel Bathroom: What? No. W: I thought I heard facetime. M: I was watching Bill Walton eat a giant cookie with his face on it..

Kept fighting, nice W, and good night to everyone except Bill Walton cheering for OT 🤦🏼‍♀️.

@RobDauster I respect your take on college basketball but I will not tolerate any Bill Walton slander. He makes bad games watchable..

@BpenfieldJ @NutmegStOfMind Bill Walton is amazing when he isn’t calling your teams game.

As much as I wish I was in Portland, getting to watch this game and hear Bill Walton say the things he says somewhat makes up for it. A national treasure..

In talking about Nate Oates’s success at Alabama, Bill Walton mentions JaMychal Green. Green went to the NBA in 2012. Oats arrived at Alabama in 2019..

If you’re up, please go listen to Bill Walton during the second half of this basketball game on ESPN2… how in the hell does this guy have a job @ESPN??? Constantly arguing with his PxP guy and talking about everything besides the basketball game? I think Bill is on drugs.


“When did you stop growing?” - Bill Walton with 8 seconds left in the half😂☠️☠️☠️.

My apologies, no bad vibes allowed tonight. Only Bill Walton tweets and peanut butter..

MSU really about to make us sit through 2 hours of Bill Walton just to blow the game in the last minute.

Only upside about having Bill Walton on the call for two straight late af games is people are now realizing how donkey shit he actually is.

Bill Walton is a national treasure, he’s the reason why I’m watching this UConn Oregon game and not the Minnesota New England NFL game..


Bill Walton talks like the basketball that is happening in front of him is an inconvenient interruption to whatever story he’s trying to tell.

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