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For the past 2 years it feels like we’ve been living in an ongoing episode of Black Mirror..

Black Mirror plots should stay within the four corners of the television screen, please and thank you.

there was a Black Mirror episode about something similar. 👀.

Black Mirror: Porque está noticia suena tan Black Mirror..

Begging people to remember that Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone were about human hubris and morally bankrupt tech advances creating terrible dystopias we need to avoid. Not an inspiration board to emulate..

a terceira temporada de black mirror tão superior eles entregaram os melhores episódios outras nunca serão.

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P’tain la réalité c’est trop comme dans Black Mirror, on vit vraiment dans une saucisse.

BMW India
BMW India

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7. Black mirror. In an abstrusely dystopian future, several individuals grapple with the manipulative effects of cutting edge technology in their personal lives and behaviours..

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i think every mundane news event and piece of marketing is straight up something out of that would be too on the nose for black mirror.

Cuál es el capítulo que más les gustó de Black Mirror? A mi el que donde la gente podía retroceder sus vivencias como si fuera un video..

Siempre me han parecido fascinantes las ideas Black Mirror para hacer dinero..

We’re really always inching towards being like Black Mirror huh?.

@TartanLlama I turned down a contract inquiry once that involved gamification of warehouses by saying it sounded like a bad Black Mirror episode. I think I burned my bridges with that reply..

@HuffPost They should watch a brilliant documentary called black mirror on @netflix to see why that would be problematic.

Er der ingen der har fortalt Amazon, at 1984 og ikke mindst Black Mirror er dystopisk sciencefiction - ikke en manual til udvikling af produkter?.

Um episódio de Black Mirror da vida real em que um corno desses acorda de manhã na situação das pessoas que ele ridiculariza e quer ver morrendo. É tudo o que eu peço..

não teve um episódio do black mirror parecido com isso aqui? MEDO.

This is a cliche to say but there is literally a Black Mirror episode about this.

Why do they look like characters in a Black Mirror episode tho #loveisland.

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No me está gustando este capítulo de Black Mirror llamado Vida real.

The Black Mirror dizisini ittire ittire bitirdim,beynim yandı,ara ara noluyo yaaa falan oldum ama bitti .. Ben moda olan şeyleri sevmem Herkes unutunca açıp izlemek daha keyifli 😂😂 Dark dizisi kadar kafamı yakmasa da bitirdim bunu da sonunda ✌️🤗🤭😉🎬🤪✔️.

@anthonykrub ถ้าชอบแนวดาร์กๆ แสดงถึงดำมืดของมนุษย์ เป็นตอนๆ แบบตอนเดียวจบ เนื้อเรื่องไม่ต่อกัน แนะนำซีรีย์ black mirror ดูตอนว่างๆคือสนุกจริง ไม่ค้าง เพราะมันจบในตอน แต่ออกมา 5ss + 1 ตอนพิเศษแล้ว อย่างตอนนี้คือถ้าทุกคนมีคะแนน social จะเป็นยังไง สรุปจีนมีจริงแบบนี้เลย.

@fabiochiusi Dai, imitiamo qualche altra puntata di Black Mirror. Cosa potrebbe andare mai storto?.

Did we not have a Black Mirror episode about why this is bad and not at all a cool thing to do..

Los partidarios de la cultura de la cancelación te hablan de tolerancia y libertad de expresió Los partidarios de la identidad de género te hablan de los trastornados que ejercen su libertad de expresión en la Jajajajajajaja Qué capítulo de Black Mirror es este?!?.

Good morning! Say something about the dirty mirror and you’re anti black 😐.

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Ok now that Black Mirror is done, im thinking either House of Ashes, or Call of Gonna make trophy lists for both then decide.

@MrDaito_ @IGN Yeah I think Black Mirror was ahead of its time. Some of the episodes I can see ACTUALLY happening.


mvs which one is your favorite episode from black mirror? dan kenapa?.

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