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We beat the ECF allegation and I know we beating the finals allegations soon #bleedgreen.

Tough finish, but one hell of a season for the Celtics. What an incredible run from January to June. Huge credit to Ime, Brad, and the coaching staff for turning the season around and getting this far. The road to Banner 18 starts now. #BleedGreen🍀.

Jaylen brown outperformed Tatum this finals series… it wasn’t close #bleedgreen #DubNation.

@BleedGreen_BR é um time que teve seus altos e baixos, mas consegiu nos empolgar torcer e xingar, mas quando olho para camisa do celtics simplesmente choro, como dizia Red Auerbach O Boston Celtics não é um time de basquete, é um estilo de vida..

@celtics Thanks for a great season tough pill to swallow but hopefully the guys put in some work in the off-season and can make another run at it we need to sign a true PG though who can facilitate the ball. #BleedGreen☘️.

@BleedGreen_BR O que tem de conta que cobre o Celtics dando hate nele é insano. São uns bostas. Ano que vem ele vem pra MVP.

Assuming both teams stay healthy it is fairly likely that we could see Celtics vs Warriors in the finals again next season. #BleedGreen.

Ancak biz bu takımı adamına göre değil ruhuna göre sevdik. Yine geliriz. Ama hep #BleedGreen ruhuyla. Peace..

Falto poco, pero no pudo ser. Ojala se aproveche la experiencia de haber llegado a las finales. #BleedGreen #Celtics.

Still love my squad no matter what but we gotta play better when it counts #BleedGreen.

We’ll be back. 💪🏽🙏🏽 #BleedGreen☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️.

We are not scared. We do not fear the Golden State Warriors. #bleedgreen #tatumisoverrated.

@BleedGreen_BR Na verdade com cabeça quente é isso. ele foi muito mal nas finais e por conta da expectativa que temos nele. Mas a esperança é que possamos ter vários bons anos com a dupla Tatum e Brown.


So sad that Tatum has become the player nobody take serious smh the new Paul George #bleedgreen.

@BleedGreen_BR Normal eu xingei pois estava de cabeça quente, mas olhando para aquele garoto que vi ser draftado em 2017 vejo que evoluiu muito,mas precisa ter sua propria mentalidade e deixar de ser como seu idolo..

They don’t value the ball. They were the best team in the NBA. They threw away a title because they’re too damn careless. #BleedGreen.

Great season Boston! We’ll get em next time! Well deserved win Golden State. #BleedGreen #AllAbout18 @celtics.

今期のNBA終わってしまったな 感動と夢と希望を与えてくれてありがとう! 来年はリベンジして! Thank you Celtics! #BleedGreen #AllAbout18.

Hopefully we can learn and grow from this experience , but nonetheless I can’t wait to watch next season #bleedgreen … also congrats to the Warriors.

The Celtics lost this series at the end of game 4. They just never had that killer instinct to put teams away and finally ran into a team that made them pay for it. Congrats to the warriors. #bleedgreen.

Warriors. I’m happy for u imma let u finish. But Boston Celtics is the greatest team of all time ☘️ @celtics ☘️ I humbly grateful 💯 through the seasons to the #NBAFinals u the real champs 🏆. Tough lost tho 😭 we got unfinished business, let’s go! #BleedGreen for life 🍀.


I’m bummed but I think you have to tip your cap to our Celtics…wasn’t an easy road to get here. The future is very bright #BleedGreen #Celtics.

@pjhelliar Cannot wait to see Time Lord get a full pre season under his belt. The man is a weapon! #BleedGreen.

Una prima volta a suo modo indimenticabile anche per il coach dei biancoverdi #BleedGreen #NBAFinals.


Just stay hungry 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤☘️☘️☘️☘️ #BleedGreen.


Will haunt me forever! Nonetheless it was an impeccable season. I trust these guys and our front office to make a few tweaks in order for us to compete in these stages going forward. #BleedGreen.

Thank you for the comeback season of a lifetime @celtics let’s come back & finish the job, unlike okc #bleedgreen ☘️.

Azt hiszem, teljesen megérdemelten nyerte meg a bajnokságot a #Warriors. De nagyon örülök, hogy a @celtics ilyen szép menetelést csinált a szezon második felében és a playoffban. Ahogy Udoka fogalmazott: It hurts that we fell short, but the future is bright, 💪🏻 #BleedGreen.

セルティックス2勝4敗で敗退。悔しすぎて目から緑の血流れそうです。 テイタムちゃんを信じる心が足りなかったかも知れない。 来季も全力応援します。ファイナルまで観せてくれてほんまにありがとう。 #BleedGreen.

Proud of my team!! Proud to be in Celtics family Next year we gonna get that championship #BleedGreen #celtics.

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