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Updated: August 4th, 2021 01:38 AM IST

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Re: Holding Blizzard Employees and Content Creators accountable

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Speaking of people resigning when an investigation showed what they went along Blizzard president is leaving amid harassment lawsuit against the company

I guess big AAA studios have Presidents so that they can take the heat while folks in the C-Suite stay safe and collecting multi-million dollar paychecks and bonuses off the backs of mistreated employees. Cool. Cool. Cool. (not fuckin cool)

El presidente de Blizzard renunció y salió la nueva expansión de HS, creo que es un buen día para streamear, en un rato abrimos paquetitos

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Le patron de Blizzard quitte l’entreprise après des semaines de fronde des salariés La direction de l’entreprise qui publie, entre autres, le jeu vidéo World of Warcraft est accusée d’avoir favorisé une culture de harcèlement sexuel et de discrimination.

A timeline that will help clarify some things: 2007-2008: Activision and Vivendi Games/Blizzard merge. Blizzard largely left autonomous. 2013: Bobby Kotick buys out Vivendi and seizes total control of Activision Blizzard. Soon begins installing his own lieutenants at Blizzard

Blizzard is gonna continue to fire names the public might know then do nothing more, if they can help it


Blizzard president J. Allen Brack has stepped down, shortly after the company was served with a lawsuit alleging widespread discrimination and harassment.

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BREAKING: Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is leaving the company, Activision Blizzard just told staff. Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra will take over as co-leaders of Blizzard. Filed to Bloomberg Terminal, story will be live shortly

Activision’s CCO, Fran Townsend, really went ahead and tweeted an article about “the problem with whistleblowing” right after the Activision-Blizzard lawsuit went live. I have no words.

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Nearly 500 current and former Ubisoft workers from 32 studios have signed an open letter in solidarity with Activision Blizzard workers -- and calling out Ubisoft management for its handling of its misconduct scandals over the past year.


Activision Blizzard employees announced they will stage a walkout on Wednesday, July 28 to protest leadership in the wake of a lawsuit highlighting harassment, inequality, and more within the company.

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Patch Notes - The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit! Jon and Trev selflessly return from vacation for an EMERGENCY Patch Notes covering the big Activision Blizzard news.

@Xploiterr Black Blizzard Low Death Sonic Wave Yatagarasu Heartbeat Zodiac Bloodlust Digital Descent Glide Too many more I can’t be bothered to put here lmao

Of course Blizzard are censoring people whom talk about the more disgusting specifics of the sexual harassment case, and silencing discussion.

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Mike Morhaime, who co-founded and worked at video game studio Blizzard for 28 years, has apologized publicly for toxic work conditions at his former studio, which is now the subject of a discrimination and harassment lawsuit by the state of California.

A gdyby tak zbudować bo mam 4-piece blizzard Slayer i w miarę spoko

@StonedDropBear Just took my girls yesterday to DQ and had to tried their new thin mint Girl Scout cookie blizzard It was pretty bitchin 🤙

pspsps oomfs what would be best on ayaka -2pc blizzard 2pc glad -2pc blizzard 2pc noblesse -4pc blizzard

List of things Blizzard Entertainment hates: - democracy - women - quality video game remasters

@RoraPickles Every point in this was so well thought out and elucidated. A LOT of people are waving the “Boycott Blizzard” flags because they want to virtue signal to other people. But it’s exactly like you said; you don’t realize the people are still fighting for that change from within.

@EstBuzz Putain les gros 🙄 C’est quoi ce scandale chez blizzard ?

@memes_cdl Even as an unbiased OpTic fan, literally no views is the best thing that could happen this weekend. Boycot Activions Blizzard ffs

La conducta de la empresa de la desarrolladora blizzard deja mucho que desear, incluso ya no por la denuncia actual que es muy grabe, también otras más conductas en fin asco

Working for Blizzard is weird. Because day to day the group of people I work with is typically small. Between 5 and 20 people. Most of the ICs (Individual Contributors) I work alongside are amazing, and working with them is inspiring.

i love the diablo franchise, and I still have wow characters with emotional attachment to, but again, the core values of blizzard are hate and misogyny and that isnt going away overnight or after two years

「さあ、決勝戦です…」 「おっと早くも勝負が決まったー!」 Lose… 期末の対策 vs 五輪を見る Win!! 「五輪を見るの圧勝です…!」

Blizzard employees have publicly criticised the corporate response to recent abuse allegations -

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@blizzard_idol それでも君が好き! もどかしい気持ちと期待してしまう気持ちが歌詞に入っててthe片想いって感じが好き!

Re: Holding Blizzard Employees and Content Creators accountable

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