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Is there a dirty cop in the precinct? Find out on an all-new #BlueBloods tomorrow night at 10/9c..

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#BlueBloods Season 9 Episode 17 Review: Two-Faced via @HeroicMuse2016.

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This smile is my favorite🤗 (as everyone knows😁) great interview tonight on @colbertlateshow @DonnieWahlberg (took these photos on my phone from the tv😍) #VeryScaryPeople #BlueBloods.

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#BlueBloods starts in less than an hour in my time zone. Then tonight, I’ll see you on my favorite late night show, Stephen Colbert. This is going to be SO good! ❤️.

@BlueBloods_CBS Phenomenal episode. The cast doing spectacular job. Love that look between #Jamko at the end of the episode. 💙😍.

@jmfnkotb1 @BlueBloods_CBS Are you serious not until April 5? That sucks! #BlueBloods.

Wouldn’t be a Blue Bloods episode without a Reagan family dinner☺️#BlueBloods.

@BlueBloods_CBS seemed like the show was not long enough as in finished 4 before 11pm now a full hour annoying! dinner scene funny n awesome other wise whole is great.

@BlueBloods_CBS Because of stupid basketball I haven’t seen it yet! 🤬🤬🤬#BLUEBLOODS.

@BlueBloods_CBS Good episode! But sad that there isn’t a new one until April 5th 👎🏼 #BlueBloods.

Loved tonight’s episode of @BlueBloods_CBS it was awesome. Especially I loved how Jamie tells Eddie that what happened with Maya wasn’t her fault. Love how Jamie cares about Eddie. Can’t wait for the next episode to return in April. #Jamko #BlueBloods 💙💙😂👮‍♀️👮‍♂️.

Jamie’s second birthday tomorrow, #BlueBloods and @DonnieWahlberg lol.

@DonnieWahlberg I’m sad now! #BlueBloods is over and it doesn’t appear that there will be a new episode next Friday. 😢.

Is this the last season? I know i saw an interview with Tom Selleck last year saying he was ready for it to end to #BlueBloods.

@DonnieWahlberg I love watching you every week!!! Please keep doing this show until you are Tom Selleck’s age 😉#BlueBloods.

Dirty cop in the 29 th precinct. That means trouble. I wonder who it could be. Loving tonight’s episode of @BlueBloods_CBS #BlueBloods 💙💙😮😂😂.

I’m watching! It’s been my favourite show on TV since the pilot episode! Love my #BlueBloods Friday’s on @BlueBloods_CBS 💙.

@DonnieWahlberg Woo hoo all cozied up relaxing my back and watching my fave show 💙 #BlueBloods.

@DonnieWahlberg Wish it was for me! Been a rough day could use a good dose of #detectivereagan and #BlueBloods only a few hrs wait!.

@BlueBloods_CBS Me!Me!Me! Friday nights are better with #BlueBloods !!! 💙💙💙.

@DonnieWahlberg You rest up captain!! You’ve had a long couple weeks!! We’ve got you covered!!! #BlueBloods 💙💙.

All the scenes with Tom Selleck and Treat Williams are going to be really good. I can already tell. #BlueBloods.

@DonnieWahlberg Yes time to see Detective Danny Reagan chase bad guys. #BlueBloods #DonnieGirl4Life.

Will Jamie follow a lead about a corrupt officer in his precinct? Stream #BlueBloods live tonight on @CBS and @CBSAllAccess:.

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Is there a dirty cop in the precinct? Find out on an all-new #BlueBloods tomorrow night at 10/9c..