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Bobby V, Sammie and Pleasure P singing One Wish while Ray j just standing there looking at them will forever be pure comedy. 😭😭😭 #Verzuz.

This week’s CWSR feels like a warm blanket, or maybe I’m feeling this way after watching Bobby’s MINDSET episode on iKON. Please watch it guys! 😘.

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They should’ve added Omarion to Ray J and Bobby v and Mario to Sammie and Pleasure P and let that be the versuz because this ain’t even a competition. Mario is destroying this man lol #Verzuz.

Nouvelle Vidéo disponible: Bungie porte plainte contre un escroc! Bobby Kotic réélu! Disney et la censure nulle!.

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That was a wild ride, but I enjoyed being able to relive parts of my youth listening to some of these ballads and bops by Omarion, Mario, Pleasure P, Bobby V, Sammie and Ray J! See y’all at the next #VerzuzTV #VERZUZ !.

【全制覇】ディズニーランドのポップコーン すべての味と場所を一挙ご紹介!(これ見ればOK) @YouTubeより ディズニー行きたすぎてディズニー動画毎日みてるんだけど、Bobbyさんツボすぎて1人でゲラゲラ笑いながら見てる🥹.

Anonymous (that was a big word for Elmo) by Bobby v use to be my shit I’m glad he played it.

Ray J, Omarion, and Bobby V all need to work on their vocals after last night. I’m still trying to figure out what that was… #Verzuz.

Bobby V keep slowing down the end of every song like a repentant worship leader sir please #verzuz.

@SheKnowsSports Girl they just came on. They had Ray j and Bobby v vs Sammie and pleasure p all this time lol.

Ray J looks annoyed while Bobby V, Sammie, and Pleasure P sing “One Wish” on #Verzuz [VIDEO].

Bobby V eatin them keys up tho!!! He still don’t sound good tho 😭 turn the page used to be my ish, let me go download that #VerzuzTV #verzuz.

@JakeJacobsVI Mario the only one who did a solid enough job. Bobby V wasn’t too terrible either.

I just want these artists to dress for the weather. Bobby V had a pea coat in May in this TX heat, then here go Mario in a coat in June #Verzuz.

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@dagreatest33 I gotta watch the replay because I missed most of the undercard because I was watching the draft. It looked like it was so much classic foolishness going on with Ray J + Bobby V + Sammie + Pleasure P 😂😂😂.

No please i need to know what that guy with dread said to bobby v that made hin say ‘thats fucked up’ 😂.

@ahmetbke17 Bestecisi Bobby Route, bu yol bir uçtan bire uca Amerika’yı bağladığı için ve Gazap Üzünleriyle evet ünlü olmuş..

@splashdagoat713 scouts hit again D Ham gon love could be our Bobby Portis.

Lloyd would’ve been a way better pair w/ Bobby V … Ray J was entertaining tho #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

The opening act for #Verzuz was a shit show because them niggas was as egotistical as supervillains last night 🤣. I know it’s a competition but GAH DAMN!!!!! I couldn’t hear any vocals anytime that Bobby V performed unless he used the mic that was by the piano 🤨..

@Lady5Headley Man nobody but Mario was hitting them notes Sammie was on Molly Ray J was PISSED Bobby V was being Bobby and Pleasure P was truly outta shape it was terrible 😂😂.

はじまる 【原神】爆発型しのぶの真理 @YouTubeより.

@maracharese @incogneglo Sammy and Bobby V song is song better than him and he felt a way 😂.

@JustStacie5683 Bobby Fuller DIed for Your Sins–Chuck Prophet #EarWorm.

I didn’t even realize Bobby V was Ray J’s tag team partner. He turned on him and joined the other team 😩😩😩 #verzuz #OmarionVsMario.

@ThatsThatIsh Y’all was dead set on Omarion, Ray j, and Bobby V. Mario sung Omarion and whoever he brought out with him into a casket. They act like they smoked backwoods before the set.


@AshleyShann_ He did sound horrible. I was not impressed with his performance. Omarion & Bobby V was horrible too! Mario & Sammie both still sound pretty good!.

Not Bobby V & Pleasure P trolling Ray J with One Wish 😭😭😭😭😭 #Verzuz.


@NOflexZONE191 @RahizOfficial That pre Verzuz was the most ridiculous thing I saw in june. Only Mario and Sammie were on point. Bobby V felt it was his only show in the last 4 years. Pleasure P was angry. Ray-J was out Felt like a zouk show 😂😂😂😂😂.

@Brit_Nic3 I didn’t see any of his clips lol. Just Ray J & Bobby V 🤣. But I wouldn’t doubt it because he was already starting off as not the best singer in my opinion lol..

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