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I feel like Fab and Booth are going to have a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG convo after this lol. And its going to be Fab yelling at Boof #Verzuz

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#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 43673 is: The rapid red coyote bounced ahead the laying wolf and yipped: yipp, boof!

Penis Genius
Penis Genius ()

Boof on live right now telling niggas he did not approve Fab’s tracklist tonight but Fab wouldn’t listen to him 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

Zello ()

Exactly got fuckin DJ boof jumping around like he fuckin diddy ina music video

PhenomenalWoman ()

@It_isHerman Did you hear when Boof told Fab he didn’t want play a certain song and then grabbed the mic and started rapping like WTF?! Like dude if you don’t get behind that turntable and press play. He was

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#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 43672 is: The rapid black dog skipped atop the sleepy fox and yelped: Boof, howl.

Rotini | #BLM
Rotini | #BLM ()

davis got fucking high and left me alone, whore better pass the boof or im slapping him

Bianca Louise
Bianca Louise ()

@Sia I’m just here to show you the majestic princess of our house! His name is Boof and he LOVES to sunbake!

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Jasmin ()

@_XOBritmichelle Word. Boof played the good shit at the end. And like 10 secs of each.

William H. the All-Time Great 💫
William H. the All-Time Great 💫 ()

Fab and Kiss both wanted to keep performing but Boof wanted to do mini DJ sets. This nigga tryna get more bookings

Top 5 ❗️
Top 5 ❗️ ()

Boof really fucked that money up for fab lol started playing all the fire shit afterwards 😭

Hunter ()

Damn I’m sure this is right but I have no fuckin idea what any of this means like I read it 20 times and I just can’t comprehend

#LongLiveWaBeanz 🕊
#LongLiveWaBeanz 🕊 ()

They played all the Fab shit after the 20 lmaooooooo ... Get Dj Boof The Fuck Outta Here

werk that kitty 🇸🇻
Werk that kitty 🇸🇻 ()

@Tacaraaaa Based on my TL, Jada. & they also are saying Boof was in control lmfao.

IG: @BigBrotherBiz
IG: @BigBrotherBiz ()

Reporting Live From The AfterParty #Jadakiss Showed Up, Boof Nowhere In Sight ... No More Drinks Kiss

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️️️️️ღ Ty ღ
️️️️️ღ Ty ღ ()

@Ohh_Geesz I enjoyed it. Brought me back to when we were younger. Fab should NOT have let Boof pick the songs. *coughBeeniemanandbountystillthebestonecough*

Morris Buttermaker
Morris Buttermaker ()

Would love to be in the room as Boof looks through his mentions from the last hour and a half.

K.✨🇹🇹 ()

Yep and Boof is also very he wasnt understanding the gritty vibes

RIP KOBE 💔💔🐐 ()

Boof failed Fab plain and simple Jada won but Fab had way more heat Boof didn’t play #Verzuz

TheeAntiSocialite🌹 ()

You telling me Clue was there in the building & they let Boof sabotage like that?! NAH

DJ Da DJ ()

Can’t trust a nigga name Boof. I don’t know about anywhere else but Boof means trash in FL and he was definitely that tonight.

ghetto othello
Ghetto othello ()

Boof got Fab going out sad. Pack him up. Send him back to the baby showers. He not ready yet.

Low ()

I feel like Fab and Booth are going to have a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG convo after this lol. And its going to be Fab yelling at Boof #Verzuz

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