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British humor is still alive and kicking 😉.

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Boris Johnson gives Theresa May a lift by saying he COULD back her Brexit deal if Irish backstop is limited to 18 months.

Over lunch with the FT, Amber Rudd talks Brexit, Boris Johnson, and her political ambitions.

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If cycling 10 miles a day supposedly burns 400 calories, explain why Boris Johnson is still a fat bastard..

The Sun: Theresa May vrea sa demisioneze in vara din functia de premier pentru a preintampina posibilitatea ca Boris Johnson sa preia sefia Guvernului de la Lon.

I hope it’s true that she’ll be gone by don’t believe that she has enough credibility left to have any influence on the choice of a new leader..

Boris Johnson’s right to say that people abroad are looking at Britain and saying “Wow!”. Though only in the sense that you say “Wow!” when you look at footage of the Hindenburg exploding..

@GpopIrl @daraobriain I raise you: TM Boris fuckwit Johnson Corbin (who seems to have gone mad and betrayed the idea of Labour members getting a say in policy) all ERG members.

Yet another lie from the Honourable Member of Parliament for Uxbridge & South Ruislip, Boris Johnson.

Brexit: backstop time limit essential, says Boris Johnson - Politics live.

After studying the knife crime epidemic during his tenure as London mayor, Boris Johnson came to the conclusion the strongest driver in the knife epidemic was really a perverted sense of fashion.

The former foreign secretary says UK must have ability to exit Irish backstop unilaterally GMT Here are some of the.

‘The pound goes up and the pound goes down.’ Precise economic analysis there from Boris Johnson on @BBCRadio4. Was he quoting a nursery rhyme?.

Brexit: backstop time limit essential, says Boris Johnson - Politics live.

@eamonngriffin @htwcentral Boris Johnson? Would suit him perfectly and remove him from anywhere he might do more.

@ROBERTILES4 @B_Strawbridge Rushing to give Boris Johnson prime air switched off.

@redrichie @StevieWonderBoy Fuck me, of the 40% of our food that we import, 80% comes from the EU. “WTO rules tho” is a fantasy promoted by cunts like Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson, both of whom belong in a traveling circus, frankly.

Top story: Boris Johnson backs call for multibillion cut to UK aid budget | Politics | The Guardian , see more.

What I’d love to see on programmes like Question Time, for instance, is a panel made up of Tony Blair, John Bruton, Will Hutton, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson. The first three would wipe the floor with the last three..

Boris Johnson’s trending? Hope something absolutely awful hasn’t befallen him..

Boris Johnson ridiculed by European ministers after prosecco claim.

The greatest alleviator of poverty in the world has been western capitalism backed by western foreign direct investment Huh?!? 🤨🤔 😒.

NEW Boris Johnson gives the least reassuring explanation ever for why Brexit will be fine.

✔️ Boris Johnson backs call for multibillion cut to UK aid budget | Politics | The Guardian.

British humor is still alive and kicking 😉.

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