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#Steelers Chris Boswell on how he stays so even emotionally with everything going on ⁦@937theFan⁩.

🏈🔥 El encuentro tuvo que definirse en tiempo extra; Chris Boswell sentenció con un gol de campo de 53 yardas..

Boswell: “I always want one more shot. It’s just a matter of if I get another shot.” #Steelers #NFL.

“I always want one more shot. It’s just a matter of if I get another shot.” - Chris Boswell.

Boswell Photo,Boswell Photo by Emily Giangreco,Emily Giangreco on twitter tweets Boswell Photo

¡La NFL se pone cardíaca! En el último segundo, Chris Boswell conectó un gol que le dio la victoria a Steelers 🏈.

@AdamYearyNTWF Did you hear the sound the post made on that Boswell miss?? Gave me flashbacks.

@Hugobs73 @jonysuarez123 Heyward regresó a jugar, estuvo dentro en la patada de Boswell.

@BraedenFergus18 @Blitz_Burgh *Boswell and Minkah* just knocked off the AFC Champs in OT. It took Mitch 4 drives to get the 3 points he needed to ice the game. But if TJ is out for the season, keep Pickett on the bench. No sense injuring the future.

If Boswell kicks a field goal and no one saw it, does it count? #HereWeGo.

@TheDrewJones My first thought when Boswell hit the upright in OT was “I wonder how Drew’s holding up” 😂.

@TWWITE4 @FarabaughFB Ok. Act like he didn’t just drive the ball down field to give Boswell a chance to win it twice you freaking hater.

@ArmadaTheGreat I’ll take the W. That shit was ugly af. We should have closed em out in regulation and the first Boswell kick but, we did it.

@tumblr but if you want I can te you all about my blorbo Boswell, and how he kicked the game winning field goal, and how it tied into the lore of the game of missed field goals.

@Herr_Laurenz @adrianbb89 Und Watt ist passiert! Mit ein bisschen Cam Heyward, viel Minkah Fitzpatrick und gerade genug Chris Boswell!.

Why did I get emotional and cry when William Boswell got the ring of honor? I didn’t know the man but he seemed nice.

@kristinlee2212 I only got to catch OT and I had so many different reactions with the best being Boswell winning it at the end. Hate to hear about TJ I just bought his jersey.

Steelers Game-Winning FG 🙌: Chris Boswell knocks in 53-yard game-winner after madness of a game vs. rival Bengals 🎥.

Besides Minkah and Tomlin. Who are these dudes lol? And why is Boswell not in this video!!!! He the only one that did anything.

Boswell every game when he realizes it’s up to him to win it.

Boswell Photo,Boswell Photo by jeremy bearimy,jeremy bearimy on twitter tweets Boswell Photo

@ShereeWLWT @PaulYeckel Nail biter! Couldn’t believe McPherson and Boswell both missed their field goals!.

My haiku for @steelers My team almost lost…But Chris Boswell kicked it in…Now we have the win.

Going to try and be more carefree and less analytical and emotional. Let’s pray I can do it 😂.

I don’t like how emotional I am and how serious I take things. I think I’ve ruined a lot for myself by making a big deal out of things that should have just been FUN.

Steelers’ Chris Boswell kicks game-winning field goal after Bengals come back.

@SteelersUnite Boswell clutched all last allowed to miss one once in a blue moon😁 made the next clutch one though!!.

Ahhhhhh! #Blushing ☺️😊 Thx SO very much! I love telling this story! ✨️✨️✨️.

Joe Burrow played like first half Joe before the Joey Connors in the Peach bowl against LSU. Four Interceptions and was sacked seven times #HereWeGo #Boswell.

@MarkMaddenX Well, he didnt lose it. Boswell had to make a 50 yarder, the defense was the star of the show..

@AKinkhabwala @ThePoniExpress The Browns won because of a terrible call by the referees that gifted them the win. Also, Boswell and Tucker, the 2 best in the league, were undrafted. Bad take, Aditi..

@dNstreeeet Did Boswell miss a fg in ot to give bengals shot at winning , only to fail?.

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