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MOVING ON! The @dallascowboys defeat Brady and are headed to the divisional round! 🔥.

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As soon as they put that stat up about t Brady not throwing pucks in the red zone. I knew what was going to happen.

One of Tom Brady’s biggest fans bet against him in the playoffs… @hen_ease.

“Tom Brady should walk away but no one wants to walk away on a down note.” — @ShannonSharpe.


The Cowboys have won 35 playoff matches in their franchise history. The same number as Tom #DALvsTB.

doing DMT and seeing “80 for Brady,” at the Rent-A-Center next to the Hell is Real billboard today if anyone is in..

Nevermind all this Brady talk, go trade for Mac Jones. Young QB on rookie deal who had a good rookie year with JMD..

All I can say to Tom Brady is this: Father Time is undefeated. Almost nobody ever goes out on top, and there are lots of really undignified ways to go out. Choose wisely..

Victory Wednesday 🙌 Congrats to Brett Mason and Brady Langager on winning the quick hands competition this morning!.

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Exactly. If the Raiders miss the playoffs in 2023. Both Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler are gone. It shouldn’t shock anyone they are willing to bet their jobs on Tom Brady. The greatest QB ever and the greatest to run McDaniels offense. Brady also will bring key free agents.

Lo único que va a mejorar mi blue monday va a ser ver a mis cowboys ganarle a Tom Brady 💙.

Man, a Cowboys vs Tom Brady game is the ultimate wet dream for #ESPN. They would be in heaven if LeBron was at the game, lol..

I am nervous and I’m not even a player😂 but man I’m ready for this game! Hoping everyone shows up and shows out today! Send Tom Brady packing! Let’s gooooo! #DallasCowboys.

@WedgeBuster88 My eyes are on Dan Quinn just as much, if you believe in your guys playing bump and run is the clear cut way to defend this. If he doesn’t and they sit back it’s an easy night for Brady.

I hate to ask for anything but if Tom Brady could just lose tonight I could feel joy as I recover from COVID. 🤣🤣.

I hate the but ohhhh boy is it nice to see Tom Brady lose so badly. and at home. 😈.

Sounds like all this Brady gonna destroy the Cowboys has #CowboysNation.


They go blame Tom Brady bad season on a divorce when in reality he just average now . He in his jordan with the wizards era..

Get Up
Get Up

I think [Tom Brady] is saying goodbye to football. —@mspears96.

@BiasedOregonFan @danielrpopper It would be. My #1 is probably Brian Johnson or Joe Brady..

Fuck it Tom Brady come play for the Texans & coach up the rookie while he’s still adjusting!! 🔥🔥.

@haileethehottie LFG AN EARTHGANG ENJOYER they do a bunch of weird and fun sounds, mirrorland (album that top down is on) has a ton of wacky stuff but sadly their most recent album went away from that a bit.

@RickStronghold Prescott had one hell of a game. I have been lucky to see Brady lose two AFC Championships here in Denver. I am a Broncos season ticket holder, and one thing that man does not do, is get his ass kicked like he did last night. That was an impressive Cowboys outing..

Got our candle lit for wee Brady Mullen, cant get Mick and Laura and all the family out my thoughts… sleep tight wee pal💚💚.

@StoolGreenie Amazing they found time to fit that in to their brady and Belichick daily segment.

What’s next for Tom Brady? @RealSkipBayless and @ShannonSharpe predict what’s next for the 7x Super Bowl Champ Skip: “Tom Brady will play again next year, I do not believe it’ll be in Tampa.”.

Helix Studios Models -Travis Stevens, Josh Brady, Riley Finch:.

Stunning amateurs favorite Briana Brady - @bribrady77 follow her, retweet & like She is a hot and sexy lady.

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Sharing the pregame stage with former NFL QBs Danny Kannel and Brady Quinn before the NATTY! #CFPNationalChampionship.

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Hour 3 of #JustSayingIt w/ @MrColeThompson is LIVE! Call in: 1-800-224-2004 This hour: - Two Minute Warning - #TogetherBlue together against Philly - Tom Brady’s next hom - Arizona done dealing with Kyler? LISTEN LIVE:.

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