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Been talking to Brandy about stacking and I will never not be completely in awe of the ear and range required of it. Ariana is such a student of the craft. I would love to see more clips of studio sessions..

Today’s #HeardonSet “Is that brandy?” 🥃 to be clear, this is a scripted line. We don’t drink on set :) @Outlander_STARZ.


UP NEXT | R&B superstar Brandy (@4everBrandy) seals off our series of shows with Motown Records (@motown) with a timeless performance. 💋 Set reminder for premiere:.

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Generous hospitable reception as ever in Wakefield…..lovely pre lunchtime offer of nip of brandy 😎….

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This has been gone since 2017 an nothing has replaced it for me 🥺 Brandy, Queen Latifah, Wendell Pierce, Hillary Clinton, Janelle James a few of the many guests. A classic for real, for me, in podcasting. #AnotherRound.

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Cheeky tot of Brandy before bed. Strictly medicinal of course 😜.

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My wife Michele turned me on to his music. I put a backing track together with help from @thehipkido Cheb wrote the poetic in the studio took a swig of Brandy and nailed it in one. I still have his beautiful handwritten lyrics ..

@Nynzi My young daughter once told people we met on holiday that she had to do all the housework( complete with actions) and mum just drank brandy. In my defence she was obsessed with Cinderella at the time and my brandy drinking came later 😂.

Idk why we have to keep reminding people that Brandy is a legend, and she be acknowledged as such..

Whew Chile y’all being this Ghetto in front of Brandy…. The Vocable Bible. Cause this verzuz is GHETTO!!! 🤣 #Verzus.

@prettypwise n megan is brown skin but she also passes for lite as well depending on the time of year/way the camera captures her… like i had to go back n realize brandy was dark skin to me my whole childhood but that was how the media warped my concept of complexion cuz she also brown skin.

I liked wine, both red and white, and especially Champagne; and on very special occasions I could even drink a small glass of Churchill -~#~IHERB.

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@lynchIevy meu deus que lendaa o único filme que sabia dela era aquela adaptação de cinderela de baixo orçamento com a brandy.

Shopska salad. This will be the first dish I order when I get to Kiten, Bulgaria in early July. Usually a sheeps cheese, the climate makes the tomatoes taste amazing. Often served with Rakia, a seriously hard-core white brandy - sometimes for breakfast.

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Y’all I’m cracking up somebody said brandy come out and help your brother nowwww😭😂.

@VictorishB123 Its a real problem though for those who have to do work in sketchy areas. My attractive ans petite wife would gladly take a class so she could feel more confident up there. Shes drove up to a hotel in sf then ubered to avoid being accostef by CHUDs..

@naima Standing on line for Skate Key in the Bx. For the 11pm-2am session booming out the front door was Brandy’s “I wanna be down” Remix. Latifah’s verse dropped and the line lost it!!!!.

@erikastruth I agree. He’s most known for being Brandy’s brother. She brought him around almost as much as Bey bring Jay around so that’s a lot. She took that nigga everywhere. Never left the house without him, like a purse..

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