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Red Sox have DFA’d Matt Barnes to make room on the 40-man roster. Barnes came back for the final two months of the season and posted a FIP. Still, the strikeouts were down with a K/9. Also is due $ MM for 2023. Ryan Brasier somehow survives..

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Red Sox Players left on the roster that appeared in the 2018 World Series Rafael Devers Chris Sale Ryan Brasier That’s the entire list.

@Bleis2026 yes, brasier has underlying metrics in his favor, they have not translated in a long fucking time though..

@BeyondtheMnstr I would trust Barnes always before Brasier… both should have middle name “boom boom” regardless….

@alexspeier Ask him why Brasier is still employed. Fans have had enough of him. We don’t wanna see him pitch in a game.

Bloom says Ryan Brasier finished the season really strong and notes the plenty of upside of their young pitchers..

How the HELL does Ryan Brasier keep avoid getting DFA’d!? Gonna miss Matty Backpacks!.

@redsoxstats He had tough games, definitely think he’s a middle relief guy on a championship team but what the hell does Brasier have on this ownership group to continually not get released over some of these guys?.

What does Brasier have on the Red Sox front office?? It’s gotta be huge..

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@middlebrooks Sox willing to eat million to open a spot on the 40 man…and yet Brasier somehow is still on the club..

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@aguilucho_real1 @BostonStrong_34 Que timbales. Barnes después que lo enviaron a las menores fue mejor que Brasier. Que 🥚 de Bloom 🤦🏻.

@millbrewer @LouMerloni This is the right take. No plan. Exposed Ward to Rule 5 and kept him and Brasier. Neither likely are on the roster come April.

@BallParkBuzz Honestly no idea how you can justify keeping Brasier over Barnes. Unreal. You have to pay him anyways barring some team actually wanting to take on that contract..

@redsoxstats Brasier is a human surrender flag. The winning run is at second and less than 2 outs and the call to the bullpen is for … Brasier?! Just tell me you’re ready to go home. 🤷🏻‍♀️🏳️🏳️🏳️.

Genuinely believe it was Barnes over brasier because of how nice it’d be to have that extra room under the tax. The two were probably competing for the same innings. Clear the space, bring in a quality lefty and it’s a job more than well done..

@redsoxstats By comparison, Brasier’s fastball received Something is obviously up with Barnes arm like you suggested in another comment. Brasier’s “projection” seems to be based solely on fastball effectiveness. Hoping to develop that slider to be a real weapon..


Seeing “Ryan Brasier” and “well valued” in the same sentence is absurd.

@ChrisCotillo Tell me this, is Ryan brasier still on the roster? And if so, how many dirty photos of Chaim does he have?.

@redsoxstats Ryan Brasier is not a vibes guy but he fits this roster more than barnes because Brasier is 35 and half years old and 3 years older than Barnes. 👎.

Tweets like this will surely enrage me when Brasier blows his first game of the 2023 season.

queria entender o Red dispensam o Barnes mas mantém o Brasier que foi um dos que mais afundaram o time na temporada passada 🤡.

@iTalkStudiosYT Thank god cause I can’t stand Barnes but should’ve been Brasier first.

@tylermilliken_ And with that the 2018 World Series Champions are survived by Rafael Devers, Chris Sale and none other than Ryan Brasier..

@ChrisCotillo Didn’t the team burn Brasier’s last option in May 2022? Absolutely not a justification for keeping him over Barnes.

@ChrisCotillo And yet Brasier remains. Dude must have incriminating pics of Red Sox ownership..

So Josh Taylor for Mondesi and then Barnes DFA to make room for Duvall… nice 🙃, why tf is Brasier getting so much protection 🤣, “We’re not finished”.

@DanKelley66 And you know it would be 2 if Dombrowski didn’t give Sale the lifetime extension on his way out. Brasier who tf knows.


Does Ryan Brasier have like black mail material on everyone? The only players from the 2018 Red Sox team left are him, Sale, and Devers. One of these things is not like the other..

Barnes今切ったのか? なんか何をやるにもちょっと引っかかるねぇ。 ほんでもってなんでBrasierじゃねぇんだよ。.

@LouMerloni Barnes had a ERA in his last 24 appearances and Brasier is an abomination so Bloom chose Brasier because of course..

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