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🚨 Brendon Urie anuncia o fim do Panic! at the Disco como banda!.

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PANIC! AT THE DISCO WILL BE NO MORE Brendon Urie announces that the band is disbanding after 19 years. β€œIt has been a pleasure to not only share the stage with so many talented people but also share our time with you,” he said. | via @ysa_abad.

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Panic! At The Disco are calling it a day. Brendon Urie has announced that following their upcoming shows in the UK and Europe, the band will be no more.

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waiting for dallon weekes and ryan ross to drop their tell all on brendon urie like the tati sistergeddon.


O FIM DE UMA ERA! 😒 @BrendonUrie anuncia o fim do @PanicAtTheDisco, apΓ³s 19 anos πŸ‘‡.

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idc how redundant it gets i would take like an extended length album of JUST brendon urie diss tracks.


Look I don’t care of you hate brendon Urie or not. Please acknowledge that some of us are destroyed because this music kept us alive through some of the worst of times. I am upset, and so are many others..

Brendon Urie avisandole a los demas miembros de Panic at the disco que se separaba la banda..

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P!ATD is finally dead, no more Brendon Urie. His reign of terror and ruining the bands name instead of going solo is over. Finally. We are free..

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fall out boy, blink, mcr & paramore all coming back with new music/tours this year and panic! at the disco (aka brendon urie) splitting up was not on my 2023 bingo card.

panic! at the disco breaking up???? are they gonna saw brendon urie in half or something?????????.

β€œoh Panic! At The Disco broke up” β€œso basically Brendon Urie is going on holiday?”.

@sunmofo @PopBase yeah that was before ryan ross (the guy who wrote the songs & basically made the entire band famous) & jon walker left in 2009, after that album. the band actually agreed to fully break up, but brendon urie & spencer smith just continued to make music :/.

@callmesalem_ i love the fact that IDK HOW is comprised of 2 people who used to make music with Brendon Urie & Ronald McRadke tbh, gives me a chuckle every time..

So I guess Brendon Urie closed the god damn thanks for this one @blastbrandon_.

rest in piss panic at the disco brendon urie i hope you are never popular again 😁😁😁😁😁.

i fully believe brendon urie saw my tweet and it was his final straw.

in honour of brendon urie calling it quits on panic, i will only be listening to their entire discography today (i mean their whole discography, this is everything they’ve released since 2005, i will not be taking any questions).

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i love how brendon urie talked to brendon urie about breaking up panic! at the disco it was so considerate.

every time I see that video of brendon urie singing bohemian rhapsody I laugh so hard I almost piss my pants.

y’all are slow so you haven’t figured out that brendon urie will be the new voice for rick and morty.

does twitter know it can discuss panic ending / brendon urie being awful without shitting on taylor swift? she’s got nothing to do with this y’all just love to bring her up.

death of a bachelor was brendon urie’s last decent album. twtltrtd and vices & virtues belong to dallon weekes, jon walker, and spencer smith. pretty odd and afycso are the only real panic at the disco albums (and they slap).


@WinterICN After the last album, I’m glad. Brendon Urie literally ruined it 😭😭.

β€œafter 19 years as a band” but been just brendon urie ruining the whole thing for the entire time.

I’m honestly kinda glad Panic! is ending. Especially because Brendon Urie really has tainted the band’s legacy, and not just with the music either..

*Brendon Urie has stopped beating a horse that died 12 years ago.

Brendon Urie leaving Panic! At the Disco to focus on being a father is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. Period..

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