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Ach, German headlines #Brexit #BrexitMayhem @theresa_may.

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@Peston @DLidington Astonishes me that he thinks the public has ANY remaining faith in politics in light of the ongoing shambles #BrexitMayhem.

🎶Never going to give it up, even if you vote it down 🎶 #BrexitMayhem.

Ach, German headlines #Brexit #BrexitMayhem @theresa_may.

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Remember: Since November the UK has only had 3 options on the table: #BrexitMayhem.

Perhaps May could look north of the border for some training. #brexitmayhem.

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Dr May 2001 feat. Snoop Mogg via @JOE_co_uk #BrexitMayhem.

Who believes the United Kingdom is currently politically in a state of complete shambles? #BrexitMayhem.

Idc, as long as I can still travel in and out the UK without a visa 🙄#BrexitMayhem.

Darth Vader - and a picture of a man with #BrexitMayhem.

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Brexit being two weeks away feels like the ultimate ‘oh shit, I haven’t revised for this exam’ anxiety dream #BrexitMayhem.

This sentence make sense but it does #BrexitMayhem 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Labour are backing May’s lousy BRINO deal, which will see it pass easily on its 3rd hearing. Brexit is cancelled. The stitch-up is complete. #BrexitMayhem.

I dropped my phone down the loo and was frantically trying to unsuccessfully post on whatsup & fb to say email me instead and guess what?The whole social network was down😂. Leaving my phone inside a bag of rice overnight now and hope for the best😥 #FacebookDown #BrexitMayhem.

One of most difficult things about #Brexit has been trying to explain to the bairns why Britain isn’t ‘friends’ with their European neighbours. It’s a difficult one to answer - especially when they have Scottish, English, Irish and Polish blood in their 😔 #BrexitMayhem.

Honestly, still very confused. No no deal is good, but everyone’s still fuming because there’s no way to ensure no deal given no deal being the default wossname and there’s no chance of an extension because of Farage & his Italian mate? #BrexitMayhem.

[email protected] to @cathynewman: “This is another meaningless vote from a House that is losing its I am extremely angry. I spent many many years fighting for my country in order to come back and help my country take the damn deal.” #BrexitMayhem #C4News.

Someone tell Theresa May what the word negotiate means that it’s not ignoring, bullying, threatening, demanding or blackmail . PS no one likes a sore loser. #BrexitMayhem #brexit.

It’s painful watching these politicians jeering and baying at each other like squabbling children. It’s just the future of the nation you’re deciding over at the moment. #brexitmayhem.

The #BrexitMayhem continues. So next up, are the MPs to get together voting to alter the vote on deciding the vote to amend the vote to finalise the terms of the vote to delaying the vote to signify the full agreement of the parliamentary vote to vote for Brexit? #BrexitVote.

Hey Diddle Diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed, To see such fun , And the dish ran away with the spoon. #BrexitMayhem.

So @TheLastLeg #IsItOkay to stockpile Beard Oil? I have a feeling that @adamhillscomedy may need it #BrexitMayhem.

Theresa May’s first words after tonight’s #BrexitMayhem really were ‘I repeat what I said before.’.

MPs have rejected no-deal Brexit by a majority of just 4 votes. #BrexitMayhem.

Theresa May has lost all of her authority with regards to Brexit, Tory MP James Gray tells @GaryGibbonBlog. We no longer respect what she has to say on the subject at all. #BrexitMayhem WATCH LIVE:.

Watch Channel 4 News live NOW from Westminster with MPs making the crucial votes within the hour that will help determine the future of this country. Will they vote to rule out the UK leaving the EU without a deal? Join the conversation: #BrexitMayhem.

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