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i swear people forget that britney was in a prison of her father’s design for the past 13 years. she missed the years when we were all terrible at instagram and used those tacky in-app filters. she’s feeling herself. let her be.

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🚨 Britney Spears anunciou, através de seu Instagram, que perdeu o bebê que estava esperando. Esse é um momento devastador para qualquer pai. […] Somos gratos por todo o seu apoio. Nós pedimos gentilmente por privacidade durante esse momento difícil..

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Can we take a minute to appreciate Bimini’s Britney-esque double denim red carpet moment 🔥 #BAFTATV.

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In that interview Harry exposes his past management while talking like he’s satisfied with the current one. Except. In the interview he says it was worse for women, exemplifying Britney Spears, he criticizes the way the media felt entitled to his personal life at a young age..

Today we find out that Britney’s manager used to be no one other than Jeff Azoff. This is huge..

Esta chica italoamericana también habla perfectamente español. Mira su talento, el escenario es suyo. Soleil y Britney= combo explosivo 🔥 #SoleArmy @BritneySSpain @britneyspears.

When Britney and Sam return from their current vacation, they will return as husband and wife..

britney spears da yakında kül olur kalbindeki zamanla diye tweet atar.

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BREAKING: Britney Spears revealed she has suffered a miscarriage a month after announcing she was pregnant with her miracle child..

Just because Harry… Dresses how he wants, paints his nails, is able to wave rainbow flags around DOES NOT MEAN HE IS FREE. Harry is with the same toxic management that held Britney Spears was. If you can’t hear him screaming I literally don’t know what to tell you. #freeharry.

In an Instagram post she wrote, “It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy.”.


Britney didn’t get to post like the other girlies when she was younger .. now she’s making up for it.

Las fotos que sube Britney me da años de vida, acabo de ver una donde se puso en pelotas y le puso un corazón para taparse ✨ la concha ✨.

#BritneySpears shares a glimpse of her wedding veil ahead of marriage with Sam Asghari.

i agree but the misogyny has always been like this look at any interviews of Britney or Gaga from their early careers.

This guy is the “Leave Britney alone!” guy of TikTok libs..

Britney it would mean a lot if you could please check Soleil out in this performance of your song Toxic @britneyspears #solearmy.


If Britney hired a professional to take naked photos of her y’all wouldn’t have a problem but her taste is tacky so she shouldn’t be allowed to live her life. Y’all are weird..

@ponnyponcho É a mesma coisa que dizer que a Selena impactou e vendeu mais que a Britney e Gaga kkkkk eh mole..

Debby Ryan in 16 wishes. Forever one of my favourite movies. @DebbyRyan 🥺♥️.

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Sigue celebrando su liberación o la perdimos? 🤔... Llamando al planeta ☎️.

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If you say Everytime by Britney Spears isn’t the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard you’re lying xxxx.


Britney grávida postando essas fotos pelada. Se ela não ligasse pros comentários, ok… enfim, espero que ela ao menos não esteja lendo. PS: tá gostosa viu, mamiiiiii.


Amo que a Britney posta uma foto pelada só com um coraçãozinho tapando a prikita depois um vídeo de uma mãe árabe levando um bolo pro filho árabe (uma parada mais emocionante) e depois mais uma foto segurando os peitos Todo um equilíbrio.

Ya es tradición que cada inicio de mes me hago alguna estupidez en el cabello. Veamos si quedo como espero, si no aplicaré la Britney, primer y único aviso..

Now are people seeing Britney is not okay? Geez. And to think she’s going to have another baby..

Britney told me that she is posting all these naked shots bc she wants @drake to beat up. You just gonna pass on the ass or what Drake.

Lo que no saben es que los Rapp y yo hicimos click el día que se me hizo fácil aventarme desde las escaleras para dar una entrada triunfal con una rola de Britney Spears a la peda. 😂.

en la voice del 2019, melanie hizo un cover de la canción toxic de britney spears. es lo mejor del mundo t amo flaca.

Eu sinto que ela ta falando comigo com o corpo, eu entendo essa língua mas talvez ela tenha me ensinado 😔✌️ vc é d+ te amo.

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