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Bronny James will decide on his college commitment at the end of the season and his top three are Ohio State, USC and Oregon, per @bylucaevans of the @latimes.

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REPORT: Bronny James’ top three choices for schools are Ohio State, USC and Oregon. He is set to make his decision once his senior season is over. 👀 (via @bylucaevans, ).

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LeBron James: “I think Bronny can go to any college he wants to. All I have to do is pick up the phone. If Bronny says he wants to go there, he’s good enough.” (via @billoram, ).

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@DraftExpress Bronny gonna sprout about like maybe another 2 inches. We’ll see what he looks like then. At this size there’s too many players either better or just as good as him. Can’t wait to see him play in college. He should go to a weaker school so he can have more freedom to learn..

Everyone has known Bronny is going to Ohio St since the summer.

About to show up to games in a full Bronny uniform if this happens 👑.

@614EditzDSGN So what’s it mean if he picks OSU? Means LeBron is really the coach as he’ll be in someone’s ear on how to best get Bronny the ball, etc! Great! 🙄.

Informa @bylucaevans que Bronny James seguiría su carrera en el básquet universitario. Los tres equipos que picaron en punta son Ohio State, USC y Oregon..

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Bronny James’ top three choices for schools are Ohio State, USC and Oregon. He is set to make his decision once his senior season is over..

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@iam_johnw Then his dad retires. Buys the Kings. Relocates them to. Columbus and drafts Bronny 3rd overall?.

@TheLakersReview Pels differ 24 pick to 25 cos were super good and we draft Bronny end of 1st RD.

Basketball Buckeyes desperately need another baller like Bronny..

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@_W1II_ Holtmann should be gone if he doesn’t get bronny like this is the easiest recruitment of all time.

Reports: Bronny James has been named McDonald’s All-American  #NBA #Basketball.


Y’all kill me. Dont no other yt kids get the hate Bronny does for their parents being successful and putting them in position to thrive. That’s what you supposed to do..

It’s insane to me the amount of people in the replies who you know have never watched one of Bronny’s games or Bronny play decide that this is only happening because of LeBrons name? Like what?.

@ARHoopScoop @TheBayeFall21 Imagine being Laden Blocker right now and knowing the only reason you weren’t selected was due to some kids daddy’s name this shit is disgusting Bronny is much worse than Laden and the rankings prove it.

#e_RadioUS LeBron James’ son Bronny named McDonald’s All-American: ‘So damn proud’.

Bronny James is a very good prospect but he has no reason being in the McDonald’s All American game this year, he’s not even top 25. Name recognition wins I guess!.

Just got off the phone with senior, he said he didn’t make one call. That was all Bronny doing. He did admit that he put a lil pressure on tho.

Nobody was gonna watch this game if Bronny wasn’t in it. Ratings gonna be the best they’ve been in years. Also, Bronny good enough to hold his own against the top HS players..

@MGRADS Bronny is good enough to be in this game right? Like he’s not taking the place of another kid way more deserving of the opportunity right?.


@TheBilliePayne Fair enough ……. So bronny the only player he should of made it over??.

Bronny James wouldn’t be an all-American if he was named bronny johnson or something 🤨 he’s a 4 star.

I’m glad Bron pulling strings for his son that’s what he suppose to do! Pull the strings and let Bronny do the work. We’ll hate and call it being spoon fed though smh 🤦🏽‍♂️.

Bronny James wouldn’t make the North South game in the Carolinas averaging 13 points a game‼️.

@HunchoDeee @amacgotswag He not one of the top 24 players in his class. Hell Bronny not either… but politics..

@freebandzchris_ they be trying to make it seem like bronny trash, like if you watch bro play young bull definitely got talent regardless of who his pops is.

I tried to fight the hype, but bronny is a hooper!! The boy is legit in his own right.

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