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The Rockets are trading Christian Wood to the Mavericks in exchange for the No. 26 overall pick, Boban Marjanovic, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke and Marquese Chriss, per @ShamsCharania.

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Sources: The Mavericks are sending Boban Marjanovic, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, Marquese Chriss and the No. 26 pick to the Rockets for Christian Wood..

Breaking: The Houston Rockets are trading Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks for the 26th pick in the 2022 draft, Boban Marjanovic, Trey Burke, Marquese Chriss and Sterling Brown, sources tell @wojespn..

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We pretend Brown v Board/Roe epitomized a SCOTUS that has stood to protect the rights of the marginalized & vulnerable. But that has rarely been true for the Court. For most of its history, it has consisted of elite white men upholding the power & privileges of elite white men..

Curry guarding Horford in the post and Jaylen Brown decides to throw up an airball floater….

Jaylen Brown Deserves better mane lol the only nig that came to hoop every game for them boys.

I also like Jalen Brown a tiny bit better than Tatum. Brown looks like he cares every single play.

Brown > Tatum Tatum strong and got a nice jumper, but half the time he’s trying to bait a foul. Once that isn’t working for him, he’s crying Jaylen just goes to work and never says a word.


@Johnny_vegas_ @ParIays What you laughing about your boy Jaylen Brown ain’t got the juice.

Jaylen brown just had Al horford on Steph in the paint and forced a drive That’s all ima say.

Brown and Tatum can’t throw basic entry passes to Horford when he got a guard on him so they over dribble and drive..

Jaylen Brown moment sold for $1,150 on Top Shot Dunk · 2/6/2022 · Holo Icon · S3 · #17 / 99 LE Buyer: runcornwaves Seller: BooshTK New floor: $1,289.


This nigga horford had curry down low and this nigga jaylen brown decide to shoot a floater into the nosebleeds, ggs.


Brown just took a heavily contested runner instead of giving it to Horford in the post vs Curry. This series is over lmao.

Horford has Curry guarding him in the paint and Brown drives and forces a shot over 2 people….

Curry is “guarding” Horford and Jaylen Brown shoots a runner that doesn’t touch the rim. The IQ of this team is whew lol.

Jaylen Brown really saw Horford had Curry on him and decided he needed to take the shot fucking joke.

@RyannRozayy Brown been playing better than Tatum all playoffs, they both gotta work on a few things and limit TOs.

Jalen Brown plays like he’s Michael Jordan one game and then turns into Smush Parker the next game. It’s fascinating..

Im a celtics fan…Jaylen Brown is not a good ball handler has no control wat so ever.

maple syrup, coffee, pancakes for two hash brown, egg yolk i will always love you 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼.

Wyden, Merkley, and Kate Brown refuse to condemn the violence against pro-life groups in Oregon, while attacking pro-lifers as extremists..

Brown (or any other guard) running into a dude on purpose 40 feet from the hoop should not be a foul call. Get that shit out of the game like the take foul..

‘Starve and shiver with Sunak’ is the reality for millions. The chancellor can – and must – stop it | Gordon Brown.

Verdade é que brown e tatum sentiram demais a final, sentiam a final de conferência antes, e esse ano já estavam calejados. Agora a final da nba é diferente, vence o time mais preparado ao emocional do que é essa final.

@JLin7 I’m not a big Curry guy. But have to admit — Anyone would sign for Curry’s career. Yeah he’s not the best defensive player. But Jim Brown wasn’t a great blocker either. Whether he’s top 8, 10 or 15, he’s up there..

Tatum bez punktów dotychczas w drugiej poł Całe szczęście Horford i Brown nie zawodzą.

End. Success or brown. Conscience is human. ؟? ٱونٱس ⁦ٱنٱس نمشے.

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Win or lose Brown needed this series to show he deserve the same recognition as Taytum.

I feel like Steph can handle these last 9 minutes with the ring on the line. Put him back in..

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