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Browns’ DE Myles Garrett has been named the Week 1 NFLPA Community MVP after hosting his inaugural, two-day Back to School Kickoff for more than 250 kids who experience poverty in the Greater Cleveland area. He provided them with haircuts, hair styling and school supplies..

#Browns Photo,#Browns Photo by Adam Schefter,Adam Schefter on twitter tweets #Browns Photo

Circa Millions Picks (56-33-1 in 2021: 63%) Week 1: Falcons + Browns + Giants +6 Commandos Seahawks +.

Nick Chubb is the obvious answer. Sooo I’m going with Jacoby throwing a 25-yard touchdown pass to Coop, and the #Browns go up 10-0. 💯💯💯.

Makin Buffalo chicken dip for #Browns today ! Going to a party, I haven’t had to socialize with strangers in years! 😜.

@BestBarknCtown @Browns Beat the dog shit out of baker please !!!! I’m all for watching this.

@modelolover_ I root for the browns but the only football I really care about is tOSU.

@terrypluto Good work @terrypluto. I’m a regular listener to your podcast too. The only thing I know for sure about the Browns this season is it’ll be a wild ride. Like always..

I gotta go to the gym this morning to help me relax because there is nothing that stress me out yearly the way the combination of Cleveland Browns football and Fantasy football does.

“@amazon Alex, play Bone Thugs-n-Harmony!” . . . It’s @Browns gameday!! 🙌🏈.

Cause we let a poverty franchise like the Browns set the market. Complete ludacris..

The Ravens and Browns will never win a super bowl for the duration of these gigantic contracts. I really hope Baltimore gives Lamar the deal he wants next off season.

@ntrider825 @JoeYerdon I want Baker Mayfield to make the Browns look like fools. (well, moreso than they already do).

How to watch the Cleveland Browns take on the Carolina Panthers in 2022 season opener.

Simple handicaps: Ravens: Joe Flacco is not elite Patriots: Bill Belichick Browns: WTF (wrong team favored) Steelers: division dog and SB hangover Washington: Jaguars suck.

Just found out the browns game is unavailable in my area and let me tell you in fucking heated.

Fried eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, and fruit. Happy boys 🤣.

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Let’s go @Browns!!! @NickChubb21 about to show the world why he’s the top back in the nfl today! Let’s gooo 🏈 🐶!!!!.

#Browns Photo,#Browns Photo by Anthony DiGeronimo,Anthony DiGeronimo on twitter tweets #Browns Photo

Regardless of who your team is, can we all agree this is a special day? Ladies and gentlemen, the #NFL is back! But for me it’s time for the #Browns to eat!!!.

@NFL I got Saints, 49ers, Jaguars, Bengals, Browns, Colts, Ravens, Lions, Titans, Cardinals, Vikings, Chargers, Buccaneers.

Ima just take this week by week , if the Browns win , ima be happy , but if they lose , they will not get my blood pressure up this year , it is what it is 🤷🏾‍♂️🤨🤒.

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