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Prayers up to Bruins penalty box attendant who was stretchered off the ice after having the glass fall on him 🙏.


Twitter SUCKS with their 2:20 video limit so I had to edit this to make it fit. Here are my thoughts almost 24 hours after the Bruins’ elimination. It cuts off where I say goaltending is in a great spot right now and I’m excited for Swayman’s future..

We must not forget on this beautiful Sunday afternoon with the Bruins that there’s only 122 Days till NFL Football..

BREAKING: Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco LB/DB Ty Lee has committed to #UCLA and goes in-depth on why he chose the #Bruins.

Bruins Photo,Bruins Photo by Greg Biggins,Greg Biggins on twitter tweets Bruins Photo

Boston Bruins played without their top two defenseman, and came back to tie the series had 2-2. What a win! #NHLBruins.


Sportsnet was showing the handshakes between the Canes and Bruins. Bieksa A lot of respect in those handshakes. #LMAO.

Sara Civ
Sara Civ

Losing some battles, but winning the war: How the Hurricanes finally defeated the Bruins.

Thank you for proving my point, but since you want to go there. Since 1997 the Canes have been to the Conference Finals 4 times, and the Bruins have only been 3 times. So what exactly are you trying to prove. Stay mad..

Incredible job by Swayman as a ROOKIE. Seems all too familiar when the Bruins’ goalie is performing well but the rest of the team doesn’t show up….

“Bruins were eliminated in game 7, and now the Celtics are in a 9 point hole” What the fuck man.

Bruins Photo,Bruins Photo by Petrov McGuire,Petrov McGuire on twitter tweets Bruins Photo

Loved being with the Caniacs at game 7. See ya later Bruins. 12 more wins to go. Let’s go @Canes!.

@Steve_Dangle Not a question. I’m sorry, Steve. At least bruins and leafs fans finally have something in common this year.

This is like telling Jack Edwards enough with the Bruins chatter lmao.

Les accolades, les paroles des joueurs des Bruins à propos du futur de Patrice Bergeron… on dirait presqu’ils savent qu’il ne sera pas de retour! Mais où ira-t-il? La retraite? Je ne crois pas! 👀.

A grooming gang which inflicted a two-year rape ordeal on a girl received £435,643 in legal aid. Eight paedophiles drove the drugged teen to parks, flats and isolated spots where they raped her from the age of 14.

Imagine bring so reviled that you get NHL fans to not hate the Bruins for a few minutes..

Bruins for life 💛💙 This class has left their mark on our program and will be missed! Thank you for leaving program in a better place! ❤️.

Right stick up top. Shooters on their forehand. The five-forward design that produced the Game 4 winner..

5/14 Recap Got good news and bad news Bad: No sweep 😭 Good: We are fucking crushing it!! 🏒Bruins ML (+127) 2u🤦‍♂️ ⚾Cubs F5 u4 (-110) 1u💰💰 ⚾️Marlins ML (+104) 1u💰💰 ⚾️Cardinals ML (+101) 1u💰💰 🇩🇪Dortmund PK (+157) .5u💰💰 🇩🇪Dortmund (-115) 1u💰💰 #GamblingTwitter.

Definitely not the time to panic. The Canes play better at home. Rod is able to defend the Bruins top lines with his line changes. Boston takes advantage of this at home games in Boston. We need to figure out the powerplay though..

Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for tripping Hurricanes defenseman Brady Skjei in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference First Round on Saturday..

🎆💀🦀 Day 13 No more leafs, no more bruins, no more kings..

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Congrats to your Bruins that earned the recognition of great play this season! As a bonus, @CoachTiamson was also named district coach of the year! Here he is pictured with pitcher of the year, @manarchuck, who was standing on a stool for some reason.

Bruins Photo,Bruins Photo by Lake Braddock Baseball,Lake Braddock Baseball on twitter tweets Bruins Photo

the bruins are 2/9 on the powerplay tonight and it’s literally impossible to argue that any of the calls weren’t actual penalties.

T6 | The Bruins pot one on a Kyle Karros sac fly to re-establish the two-run lead. UCLA 3, Washington 1 #GoBruins.

How are the bars right now @ people who went to the Bruins game today gotta think everybody is completely melted.

these playoffs have had me want the bruins, leafs, kings and flames to win what the fuck is going on here I want this to end.

The Bruins have won one Stanley Cup in 50 years Their core has steadily regressed in 4 straight playoff appearances I hope we get the same urgency in Boston this offseason.

Good morning, the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Boston Bruins and are moving on to round 2 of the NHL playoffs. #TakeWarning.

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